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  1. I wonder if that trailer could be registered as an RV. Commercial trailers of 53' are common. ShortyO
  2. I thought even AGGIES knew not to go to Amarillo between Labor Day and Easter. ShortyO
  3. This may sound trivial but we have a heated mattress cover. It helps keep us warm while allowing the thermostat to be set very low at night. ShortyO
  4. That could have been me. ShortyO
  5. When I had my bed built I made sure there was no overlap of the excess length of the SMART on the drivers side. I figure a LEO coming up behind could not see that the car was slightly over 102" .
  6. My feeling about mpg: I enjoy the ride and feel that if I need to worry about fuel usage, I don't need to be doing this lifestyle. ShortyO
  7. We just rolled into home. Had a great time in Hutch. Saw some old friends and made some new ones. Looking forward to Crossville in April. ShortyO
  8. geodog1

    Hitch Failures

    One must be made aware of the fact that the "Binkley" head was originally designed as a head to be used on "Yard Tugs" not as a road hitch. JMTCW ShortyO
  9. I have ordered from Mouser Electronics in the past. Delphi connectors are now APTIV ShortyO
  10. That problem can be avoided with an upgrade to MORryde IS. ShortyO
  11. Registered and waitinhjg ShortyO
  12. US 385 in Oklahoma might be a little rough. AVOID US 285 between Carlsbad, NM and Ft. Stocktoon, Texas. It is HORRIBLE> ShortyO
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