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  1. Have a great rally!! We will be there in 2022. ShortyO
  2. I live in Midland and have a VNKL 630 registered as a motorhome, insured with American National. ShortyO
  3. geodog1


    Rick, That is quite a $$ span. Personally I am running Yokohama RY 617 on the toter. And right now have 6 years with no signs of ageing. ShortyO
  4. Don't feel like an "outsider looking in". This group is very open , understanding and welocmeing. They will treat you as one of them ShotryO
  5. Brian, Here is my agent: Debbie Stevens 432-561-9213 Her office is in Midland an she can write a policy for any Texas resident. L. D. Osborn
  6. For close to the same money as ScanGauge D look at bluefire-llc.com. Many more display options.Needs a tablet or laptop. ShortyO
  7. geodog1

    Dream Truck

    Proud for you!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe the next time you come to West Texas it won't snow and I won't have 3 broken ribs. ShortyO
  8. Contact: Kelly McDowell 417-887-4990 ext 4405 That is American National home office in Springfield, MO. Shortyo
  9. I have a Volvo registered as a motorhome and live in Texas. That being said I am insured by American National with no "Bobtail" restrictions. I believe there is an American National agent registered as a Commercial Member of ESCAPEES Geodog
  10. geodog1

    RV appliances

    For a refrigerator replacement I would recommend finding a residential type which will "fit" in the available space. For the others I have no recommendations ShortyO
  11. I wonder if that trailer could be registered as an RV. Commercial trailers of 53' are common. ShortyO
  12. I thought even AGGIES knew not to go to Amarillo between Labor Day and Easter. ShortyO
  13. This may sound trivial but we have a heated mattress cover. It helps keep us warm while allowing the thermostat to be set very low at night. ShortyO
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