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  1. I also use "TripWizard" with Big Rig filter. It has not yet failed me on big rig access, but there are big rig friendly sites (Few) that are not posted when I find them. The only problem Ihave had was 12 digits (after the decimal) on expenses which it would calculate. ShortyO
  2. When you start looking at code readers check blue-firellc ShortyO
  3. geodog1

    Hood Removal

    I had my hood repainted two years ago in Chama, NM. Local paint shop removed the hood and painted it in their car paint booth. ShortyO
  4. geodog1


    We need lots of Di-hydrogen Monoxide in Lake Mead ShortryO
  5. But then the only market for the trailer would be an HDT owner. ShortyO
  6. TES> I had a trailer sideswipe my vehicle while parked in an RV park. The trailer was a 5ttth wheel being pulled with an LGT> ShortyO
  7. Did you buy aN HDT that was converted to an RV and a Toyhauler traille?. If so the licensing de;pends upon your state of domicile. In Texas all you need to drive the truck is a Class C license and not a Commercial license. ShortyO
  8. geodog1

    Neck pain

    It sounds to me like you need to replace the seat with a Knoedler Air Chief, ShortyO
  9. My boxes are all from RKI. ShortyO
  10. The Blu-Dot system is an air actuator which uses the truch air brake system to actuate the trailer hydraulic brakes. The Direct Link will work with your manual lever. It will work just fine on your truk. ShortyO
  11. geodog1

    My Bed design

    The nicest thing about a Smart is you con heat and cool the drivers compartment and stay dry when it rains. ShortryO
  12. Have a great rally!! We will be there in 2022. ShortyO
  13. I live in Midland and have a VNKL 630 registered as a motorhome, insured with American National. ShortyO
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