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  1. Shawn Patterson

    OT: Table Saws

    I had an old Craftsman that I retired and went to a Rigid and I have used a number of Delta machines over the years as well... I would go with a Grizzly G0771Z or G0833P if I had it do all over again, especially if you have a dust collection system. The cabinet saw design is so much better at keeping things tidy and Grizzly is very well regarded and gives you a lot of bang for the buck. Another thing would be to wire it for 220v if you can. https://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-10-Hybrid-Table-Saw-with-T-Shaped-Fence/G0771Z https://www.grizzly.com/products/Grizzly-10-Hybrid-Table-Saw-with-Riving-Knife-Polar-Bear-Series/G0833P
  2. Shawn Patterson

    Volvo running warm

    I had the exact same issue with my 2013 730 with the D13. After having a coolant drain/flush/fill it runs cool as a cucumber now. I had the same thoughts about all the other above mentioned possible issues but I decided to start with the easiest thing first and chase mechanical issues if that didn't work. Good luck!
  3. Shawn Patterson

    Dangerous to the wallet reading RV Forums:)!

    It's awesome to hear about what other folks are doing! We went with the Sensored Life MarCell unit for monitoring our trailer while we are out and the dog is home alone. It monitors Power, Temperature, and Humidity and can do water using optional wireless sensors. It has its own cellular service through Verison that runs $100 a year, which is less than a SIM and an additional line would cost. They are running a deal on the cost of the unit right now at $169 https://www.sensoredlife.com/#/promotions?pid=SPRINGPROMO3008
  4. Shawn Patterson

    Price of Diesel fuel

    Sam's Club Card is the way to go IMHO... - 5% back on Fuel (up to $6K/Yr, and a few small restrictions) - 3% back on Restaurants and Travel (campgrounds count as Travel!) - 1% back on everything else A big thanks to Nawaa's and Kahanamoku's for cluing us in on this!
  5. Shawn Patterson

    Semi's and movies

    Yep +1 on Wolf Creek Pass! My favorite trucking song.
  6. Shawn Patterson

    Hmm (1)

    Looks to me like that might fit a truck that hasn't been singled without needing to extend the frame... The ET Shortie?
  7. Shawn Patterson

    Went for a ride today - SRC System

    FYI, disconnecting the speed sensor didn't remove the derate from my 2013 730 with a D13. It got me going again, but I was all the way to the floor and down to 45 MPH on some of the hills on eastbound I-40 heading toward Nashville. Replacing both NOx sensors and the DEF filter solved the issue for me but it wasn't cheap.
  8. Shawn Patterson

    Jackalopee install

    I agree that mounting in the jockey box is probably best, but I was really pressed for time when I was mounting mine, so I went this route, and since it has been working fine, there it has stayed. I used the load-lock bracket that was already on the cab and mounted a piece of aluminum to that bracket. Then the Jackalopee was bolted to the aluminum. I did have some issues with water infiltration in the beginning, but some 100% silicone on the top two cable glands where the cable enters and on the threads/base of the glands themselves and the problem was solved. I did not put any silicone on the bottom glands and this seems to have worked out fine. I occasionally get a tiny bit of condensation inside the unit when it is cold out, but it is rare and it always dissipates once things warm up. Additionally, I wanted to have the 12V power supplied to the unit but I didn't want to tap directly at the batteries, so since I was already running wire to the cab for the brake controller, I just used a 10/3 SOOW cord and tapped onto the battery studs that are shown in the 3rd picture. I installed a 20A fuse on the hot side right at the post for safety and ran the positive, negative and the brake controller output back to the Jackalopee. I doubt I'm getting a lot of extra amperage out of this setup, but at least it is something. .
  9. Shawn Patterson

    insurance michigan

    Before we went full-time we lived in Michigan and went through Miller Insurance. They were great!
  10. Shawn Patterson

    Dash cluster rebuild

    Here is what I got back from Southern Electronics: Shawn , Based on the information provided, we will repair: 2013 Volvo VNL 730 Cluster for $275 . This quote is all-inclusive — we never surprise you with extra fees. You get: » FREE UPS ground shipping both ways (within contiguous 48 states) » All labor for a complete overhaul of the instruments, including any recommended updates » All parts » One-year warranty on your entire cluster or module repair » Lens polishing. Note we can't remove heavy scratches, hazing or damage from spray cleaners.
  11. Shawn Patterson

    Best Heated Water Hose

    Camco hose has been working well for us also...
  12. Shawn Patterson

    Dash cluster rebuild

    Phil, You and I were talking about that a while back. The place I had found online was https://www.taninautoelectronix.com/VOLVO-VNL-Semi-Truck-Gauge-Cluster-Repair-p/volvo_semi_repair.htm $170 to replace all the stepper motors, $99 for the lighting, $99 for the speaker I also just sent a quote request to Southern Electronics at https://www.instrumentclusters.com/instrument-cluster-repair
  13. Shawn Patterson

    Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Well, our travel schedule is a little haphazard right now. We are on the waitlist for a spot at Deer Run for the ECR currently as we weren't sure if we were going to be able to make it and didn't want to lock up a spot if we weren't. Regardless, I will keep this post updated as my build continues. Just waiting to hear how the Beta testing is going with Torque. Shawn
  14. Shawn Patterson

    Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Yep, we're planning on being there as it stands now... I might even have something installed and running by then!
  15. Shawn Patterson

    Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Al, I have a 2013 Volvo 730 and my thought is to mount a small tablet (7"-10") in the main switch area where some folks mount the backup camera. Yes, the tablet will be able to run other apps too, but depending on your tablet you may only be able to have one visible at a time like on a phone. My intention is to be able to have custom gauges with custom alert levels for the critical items like air pressure, coolant temp, and exhaust gas temp. I want an alarm when I hit 80 PSI of pressure, not 60. I like to watch the EGT when I stop to let things cool down a bit when I make a stop. I'd like to be able to load music on the tablet and stream from there rather than my phone. Those are just a few of the things I am thinking to do with mine. Shawn