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  1. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Yep, we're planning on being there as it stands now... I might even have something installed and running by then!
  2. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    Al, I have a 2013 Volvo 730 and my thought is to mount a small tablet (7"-10") in the main switch area where some folks mount the backup camera. Yes, the tablet will be able to run other apps too, but depending on your tablet you may only be able to have one visible at a time like on a phone. My intention is to be able to have custom gauges with custom alert levels for the critical items like air pressure, coolant temp, and exhaust gas temp. I want an alarm when I hit 80 PSI of pressure, not 60. I like to watch the EGT when I stop to let things cool down a bit when I make a stop. I'd like to be able to load music on the tablet and stream from there rather than my phone. Those are just a few of the things I am thinking to do with mine. Shawn
  3. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    I agree with you guys, and that is one of the great things about the Torque app, you can customize it any way you like it. Small gauges, big gauges, just numbers, bar graphs, etc, etc... Additionally, you can define at what point a gauge alerts. Want air pressure to alert at 80PSI? You can do that. Want coolant temp to alert at 200 deg? You can do that too. I don't know what options the Silverleaf product has and I'm not knocking that product at all, but Torque seems to have a much broader user base and more customizability.
  4. Monitoring your rig on a tablet

    So a while ago I started a quest for an app to give me the ability to use a tablet to build gauges to monitor items like exhaust gas temp, coolant temp, boost pressure, etc. I know a lot of these already have hard gauges or the ability to put one or two of them on the LCD, but I was looking for something with the ability to be customized. Silverleaf appears to be the only option of a software-based solution, but it didn't seem to offer the customization and layout that I was looking for. I came across a popular app called Torque Pro, but it only worked on cars/trucks with OBD II ports. I found on their forums that they had been talking about some time about supporting the J1939 protocol that most of us have on the newer trucks, but it hadn't come to fruition. Well, after reading one of the other posts today about reading codes from the computer, it prompted me to check back on the forums at Torque and low and behold the J1939 support is going into beta testing tomorrow!! Not sure what adapters will be supported, but perhaps the BlueFire adapters available on Amazon might be a good choice. Here is an example of what you might set up on a tablet. What do you think??
  5. On Board Diagnostics

    If your rig and scangauge both talk J1939 and the only issue is the connector, then I would think it would do the trick. If your rig talks ODB II and your scangauge talks J1939 then I think you are out of luck.
  6. Fluids for power steering

    Steve, According to the Volvo service guide, you should use trans fluid. Same as my 2013 VNL730. Power Steering Reservoir: The power steering fluid reservoir is filled with Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF) Dexron® III for the power steering system. https://volvotrucks.vg-emedia.com/ProductDetail.aspx?ProductId=7418&GroupId=593
  7. Hdt financing

    When we initially purchased our Volvo 730 I didn't want to try and find someone to finance what was a commercial vehicle or outlay the cash from our savings to purchase the truck, so we took out a personal loan through USAA for the purchase with the idea that we would refinance once the truck was titled as a Motorhome. Even with our excellent credit the refinance turned out to be a bit more challenging than I had expected. When we took out the initial loan USAA had said they would be able to convert the personal loan to a secured RV loan once the truck was titled as such. Turns out that wasn't really true... So off I go, contacting lenders to see if anyone would finance us at a reasonable interest rate. Alliant Credit Union, RV Lending Group, Xtreme Motorcoaches, Commercial Fleet Financing and our local credit union all said "no" because we don't fit into their little box of a motorhome and they can't look up the vehicle in the NADA guide. I then tried to see if we could get a better interest rate on a personal loan and pay off perhaps half the balance from savings. Nope, no luck there either... Some of the interest rates were lower, but after the fees were added in it was worse than what we had. I was feeling a bit discouraged at that point and was about to throw in the towel when I came across Lightstream. I submitted the application and supporting income documentation online Monday afternoon, answered some additional questions they had about what the money was going to be used for on Tuesday and had a check in the bank this morning for almost the complete outstanding balance of the truck. AND the loan isn't secured by the truck so we don't have to show a lienholder on the title! The net result was a reduction in the interest rate from 10.99% to 4.74%!! Not sure if this would work out for everyone as credit and income situations are certainly unique, but these folks were great to deal with and would be worth checking out if you are considering financing an HDT.
  8. Can't believe this was available!

    Those would both be awesome!
  9. Can't believe this was available!

    Nope, no personalized plates for commercial vehicles is SD. I couldn't even get one when it was a Private Truck.
  10. Can't believe this was available!

    With so many of us domiciled in SD, I was amazed someone hadn't already snatched this up! Once I had the truck re-titled as a Converted Motorhome, I could do the personalized plate.

    Great news! Isn't it refreshing when you have a pleasant experience at the DMV??!
  12. Toyhauler Garage Use/Usage

    So we don't have a toy hauler, but I did TONS of research on them as I needed a separate space for my office and for all the other flexibility reasons you mentioned. If you are building a NH or SpaceCraft, you will have cart blanche to set up the floor plan however you like it, but IMHO, the DRV JX450 (floorplan below) was the only way to go. It was a standard 5th wheel layout with a garage, where all the others were big compromises in the main living area. The trade-off was that it was only a 10' garage, but that was big enough for us. Good luck on your quest, and I'll be very interested to see what you end up doing, especially if it's a SpaceCraft or NH.
  13. Box Truck insurance

    Have you tried the folks over at Miller Insurance yet? http://www.millerrvinsurance.com
  14. 2016 DRV Atlanta 43 Weight

    Ahh, gotcha... Yes, that makes sense and it will be something that I will consider doing. I am going to implement the easier items first and see how close we can get to the 20% mark. I'm not excited about going to the trouble/expense of moving that fresh water tank if I can avoid it. My experience with previous trailers has been that it is rarely an easy job for something like that. If anyone with a larger DRV trailer has experience otherwise, I would love to hear about it. You bring up another good point about the structural capability of the unit to handle redistributed weight. This is something I would certainly take up with DRV before making a change like that to see if they had any advice other than "we don't recommend it"...
  15. 2016 DRV Atlanta 43 Weight

    Thanks for the offer! It's a good point, and yes, our holding tanks are forward of the axles so we could use them for ballast. I'm less excited about that though being as I am right at my GVWR for the trailer overall. Additionally, we aren't having any stability issues, and I like to keep about 1/3 of a tank of fresh water on board for emergencies. Personally, I am going to start with moving some heavy loads around and the RVH DRV Pinbox and see where that gets us. After that, I may consider having Henry add the bounce absorbers to my ET hitch.