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  1. Is this still available? If so Where and how much?
  2. I am sorry for the late responses. I made an offer, they never answered. So my only thought is they are not really interested in a deal. I am looking specifically for a toyhauler. I will be transporting a CAN AM ryker and a Harley.
  3. The exterior door side would be nice. They had some decent photos of the interior. Floor plan is similar to what I have. Just think it would be a decent upgrade for when we retire. My only concern was the age
  4. The photos on their site ( external) just show the front back and off door side, I requested photos of the door side yesterday. My tow vehicle is a 2014 F450
  5. I have a question. I currently have a 2019 Puma Unleashed 381FTB that we have been out in 3 times for three day weekends. We are about a year from retirement and are getting ready to full time. The question I have is, I found a 2011 New Horizons toyhauler for sale at the New Horizons factory. This unit has been reconditioned by the factory and from the photos looks good. I know that the Puma I currently have is entry level but is also new. So would it be an upgrade to move from this 2019 Puma to a 2011New Horizon? The asking price is right and actually my Puma is paid for and the NADA value of my unit is slightly more than the asking price of the New Horizons.
  6. we have a 2019 Palomino Puma toy hauler and love it. It is not a full time unit, but it is reasonably priced a capable for what it is used for.
  7. Not new to RVing, but getting ready for retirement. Currently have a 2019 Puma unleashed 381 5th wheel toy hauler and a 2014 F350 dually. We plan on doing some extended trips once we retire. I have been looking at HDTs. But not knowing what to look for. I have been looking at sites like Ryder and Penske. Found some units at what look like a reasonable price, but not sure if that is the place to look for a unit to have converted or not.
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