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  1. AndyR

    Highway 50 Colorado

    It’s an awesome ride. There will usually be elk and deer on the road between Gunnison and Sargents this time of year.
  2. Work has been getting in the way and I haven’t had time to jump on here and thank everyone for the all the input. Great information, as usual! The fuel filter was dirty so I changed it out and went ahead and swapped out the air filter as well. Clean fuel and air, makes for a happier engine. Who would have guessed? I also believe I didn’t start out with as much fuel as I thought. Took Blueflame’s advise and dipped the tanks. Right was at 14” and the left was at 9”. Don’t know if that’s normal or not and I won’t put any thought to it because the left side cap was just sitting there an
  3. I dipped the tanks tonight and it looks like the gauge should be accurate. No sign of water or sediment. The fuel filter looks dirty to me so I’ll swap it out tomorrow night and go fill it up to get more accurate numbers. you might be right in the money about making something out of nothing, plenty of other things around here to work on without creating something. thanks for the new term, lie-o-meter, is new to me Andy
  4. All good questions and more info I should have shared. 65 most of the way at 1400 rpm. Tires are new and aired up. I have a monitor and didn’t notice any excessive tire temps so I don’t think I have a break dragging but I’ll check that for sure. The bed is 10’ from dorm to hitch but it shows the same mileage bobtail. thanks for the help andy.
  5. No smoke at all and it does look like the original turbo. I took it to our local Mack shop because they're the only shop in town that will work on a Volvo. The mechanic that looked at it said new injectors but his boss heard that and checked in to it and said he didn't think injectors.
  6. We were finally able to get out and take a trip last week. Went from Colorado Springs to Custer, SD for a few days. This was our first trip with the truck and I loved it except for the fuel consumption. 2011 Volvo 730, D 13 set at 435 HP, 3.55 gears, I shift with 707k miles. I was towing 19k. and the truck weighed in by itself at 21k so total package was 40k. That’s pretty good with the cipherin’ right there! We like the road less traveled when we can and avoid Denver at all costs so we went east and then north through eastern Colorado and western Nebraska so we had plenty of wind.
  7. AndyR

    Volvo Sleeper Project

    Yes, the 730 has the top bunk. The table will fold in to a bunk as well. We’ll probably keep it set up as a table most of the time unless the dog would ride better on it as a bed. Our dog is huge but he fits well in the spot just in front of the bunk.
  8. AndyR


    Yep, it's a nice truck and I hope I can sell it soon but the Volvo is so much more fun! stay safe out there
  9. AndyR


    we're right at $1500 a year. $250 deductible and our 1mil. umbrella policy covers us as well because we have everything with one company. NOT inexpensive at all, but for us, cheap peace of mind.
  10. AndyR


    That's a simple question with a, not so simple, answer. I'm new to this as well and what I found is (most) probable not all, companies want to insure both truck and trailer. At least the companies I checked with on the resource guide were telling me that. It also depends on the state you are located in. I'm in Colorado and the locations plays a role in it as well. I ended up staying with State Farm but they put it on a commercial policy and it ended up costing the same as my 2016 F450 for the amount of coverage. I can drive when I want, where I want for as long as I want as well. Some c
  11. AndyR

    Volvo Sleeper Project

    I've been checking their site every day for over a month. Don't know how i missed it. I'll contact them, thanks for the help. Andy
  12. Trying to get a few things done on the truck so I’m ready when we’re able to move around again. One of the projects I’d like to do is remove the mattress and install the workstation. Been looking around and most wrecking yards are telling me they aren’t interested is parting out a sleeper so, finding the table lifter is more difficult than I expected it to be. Maybe once we’re over all this craziness and we can get back to normal, I might have better luck. Until then, I’m interested in some input from the experts. Maybe I could build my own table and support because I really don’t ev
  13. Thanks for sharing this. I heard last night about the Safari being cancelled. Was heading out next week to spend a week on the rocks. Hopefully this mess will go away soon!
  14. Just order a couple pair. thanks for the info
  15. I agree on the Michelins. I’ll check out some BFG’s.
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