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  1. We just bought our MDT as well, getting it delivered next week and looking. Would you guys say it's beneficial to have the hauler and the rV on the same insurance together wherever you choose?
  2. New owner of a 5th wheel and of course I'm sold on the benefits of using an HDT over a LDT, and the price savings over MDT's. As I said though we've bought our 5th wheel and are living in it now, and loving it, even though we do not have a truck yet. We had the 5th wheel delivered from FL (purchase) to TX (holiday season location), but when we want to relocate in Feb we really want to have our own tow vehicle. We're looking at commercial HDT's for sale in the Houston area so we can easily get our hands on a truck and start modifications necessary to really pull the house. What I'm looking
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