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  1. Sorry we sidetracked your questions, it's the fun side of us I think. Back to your questions. I think most folks use liquid dish-washer soap in the both black and gray tank to remove grease and gunk. I do the same as others have stated they do for their black tank, allow it to fill ~ 1/2 way and add liquid diswasher detergent (some folks have used premixed water and Spic N Span) before beginning the days drive. I only do that once a year and our 20 yr old liquid level gauges read as designed.
  2. Too much of that stuff will kill a human.
  3. Some auto/pickup insurance companies have a clause in the policy/contract to cover whatever you are towing as long as they are attached together. To me that means while driving too. Only your insurance company policy has the correct information. Get out your policy and read the fine print. To me that satisfies my state's legal requirement to have liability insurance, however I only have a 24' cargo trailer licensed for on-road use. Side note; We decided to drop full-coverage on DW's 1997 Jeep GC to liability only since neither of us had a wreck on our record. Two weeks later she hit a patch of black ice in a curve, spun around and was rear-ended by a HDT that sandwiched the Jeep between it and another car. Jeep was only worth about $3,500. Your loss would be 7X that if you were to hit black ice_ or anything else that totaled your trailer. Then you get to buy a replacement. As ricko said, shop around for a better insurance rate.
  4. Keep In mind I'm an amateur at anything slightly complex. I think you will need to first transfer your laptop files to a USB drive, then from that USB drive onto your laptop.
  5. Well, we know everything on the internet must be true_👎 Woodson's may be next to Boyd's @ (unnamed) 24.573 -81.735 it's very dense housing on Stock Island now.
  6. Sounds like Woodson's trailer park may disappear: https://thebluepaper.com/mobile-home-park-evictions-residents-file-suit-claiming-fraud-by-new-owners/ Apparently Boyd's is a different location.
  7. In 2014, at Pensacola NAS we met a retired Navy woman full-timing in a CL B.
  8. FWIW, The roadside assistance program through SafeRide offered by FMCA has risen effective Feb 1 2020: Never worry about RV travel again - just $129 for towable RVs and $159 for motorized RVs!" Hope the same thing doesn't happen to Escapees. I've already returned to Good Sam ERS.
  9. In the sake of accuracy, there are NO civilian RV parks actually on the island of Key West, Boyd's is on Stock island.
  10. It is a compilation of every post in every thread you have subscribed to since your last visit to that thread. It is IMO a handy tool, you know within 24 hrs of your last visit if you have been referred to or asked a question. This an example: Escapees Discussion Forum Hi Ray,IN, Here's the new content from your followed items for the past day. — Escapees Discussion Forum Topics 2 items (See all) Ray,IN replied to a topic Norcold 1200 Interior light Gremlins or playful leprechauns with an early start? Hah! Remove board=total reset. I never would have though of that. Oddly enough I removed the battery from DW's phone yesterday to reset her phone.It worked,battery was draining to 0 in 4 hrs, now normal again. Sometimes the KISS principle does work. Pat & Pete replied to a topic Norcold 1200 Interior light KISS ... True , Ray . I feel fortunate to have stumbled on that simply solution . Now to see if I can remember it for the next time . LOL
  11. Perhaps now obsolete technology, but I have a I/O Magic 3.5" HD enclosure . It uses a brick for power instead of USB. I have a 1TB Seagate HD installed.
  12. A non-contact voltage tester is your friend, they are quick, inexpensive and good for making a cursory test to see if voltage is present. When you locate where voltage disappears, then it's time to actually test with a direct contact voltmeter, before laying hands or tools on any wiring. If a break in a wire that is hidden is suspected, a tone generator wire tracer can be useful.
  13. Some people go to a farm supply store to buy a replacement 12v water pump, much cheaper for the exact model number, than an RV store.
  14. Ray,IN

    BlueFire scanner

    There are many threads about the bluefire here. Amazon bluefire. Most owners use a tablet. Some are negative, most are positive. One thread dives into the technical side.
  15. Ray,IN

    RV Marrress

    Either of those will be heavier than a standard mattress, if weight matters. I doubt anyone could feel a piano hinge through any full-thickness mattress.
  16. Staying in the keys saves a 4 hr drive to Key West. Key West has the best sunsets I've ever witnessed. You would want to take the all-day trip to Ft. Jefferson national park too. Here is a list of campgrounds in the keys. In April there is a better chance of finding a site. Retired military may camp on the Navy base. It is the only RV camping at the island of Key West.(and Sigsbee island-owned by the Navy, which connects to KW.) Tip; fill your fuel tanks before you leave the mainland, fuel is about $1 higher at Key West.
  17. Since this happens only when on shore power, an effective and lowest cost method is to simply use a set of jumper cables between battery banks..
  18. This is what I carried and used when we owned 5ers:https://www.harborfreight.com/12V-DC-Transfer-Pump-290-GPH-63324.html Steel pump head, approved for drinking water and almost anything else liquid.
  19. Actually that happens when the valve is opened rapidly, it's not how many turn open. What happens is, the safety flow restriction valve senses the pressure imbalance/excessive flow rate and closes. Closing the valve for a few seconds then slowly reopening restores gas flow. Wrknrvr, The control voltage at the thermostat is measured in millivolts, a tiny bit of corrosion can break the continuity,
  20. Perhaps the valve assembly is leaking enough the pump cannot build pressure. Check out this video. There is no need to buy the entire pump if only the valve assy. has failed. Afterthought, the valve assy may simply be held open with a calcium/lime buildup from non-use. A disassembly and inspection and cleaning with vinegar costs nothing but time.
  21. Gremlins or playful leprechauns with an early start? Hah! Remove board=total reset. I never would have though of that. Oddly enough I removed the battery from DW's phone yesterday to reset her phone.It worked,battery was draining to 0 in 4 hrs, now normal again. Sometimes the KISS principle does work.
  22. I'm happy you solved the problem, not so happy it's going to cost you. Thanks for the update.
  23. Back to your Tundra's towing capacity. You stated 10,000 lbs., that is the maximum the loaded trailer can weigh-assuming you do not have the truck loaded to capacity. All new trailers sold advertise the unloaded weight, which may not include aftermarket options the selling dealer installs. That is meaningless to you unless you plan to tow the trailer empty of food-stuffs, clothes, etc. This travel trailer weight calculator may prove useful.
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