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  1. IGU windows may be filled with air:https://www.thespruce.com/fogged-windows-repair-options-1822911 Wonder if the process to introduce Argon through the drilled hole in the glass wrkndr posted would work with this process?
  2. Yes CO is very near the same weight as ambient air, it will slowly rise if nothing disturbs still air. Just walking through a room will mix CO into ambient air, causing it to remain at any/all levels. Mine are at 5' from floor, except bedroom is 3' from floor. Gently exhale directly into a CO detector and see what happens. Yes I know the difference.
  3. Yep, borrow one from someone you know that owns a TT or 5er.
  4. corrected spelling, thanks pod. What can I say_I've got old creaky fingers. Linda, it does sound better. HEY! I clicked the link, the price dropped to $797 w/free shipping.
  5. For those with solar systems, this may be a good deal: Renogy LifePo 100A battery $809.99
  6. Good catch, thanks for correcting me. I used 6V in my calculation.
  7. Battle Born batteries are 100A, it requires 200A to equal 1.2KW = 2 LifePO batteries completely discharged.
  8. The USPS website is kinda screwed up. When I registered via the link AL F provided, it said my user name has to be at least 8 characters long. I had already input my user name, which was too short. No way to change that. I went to the official USPS home page and my log-in, with too-short user name, was already signed up, and works. Then I clicked the link to informed delivery and it also worked.
  9. A year too late for me, oh well, I've been considering a new flat model anyway.
  10. That's what I bought and used when my 'stat for the Fantastic Fan quit working.
  11. I have never camped in them, but I've read good things about NM state parks. Most are at high elevations, which may rule them out. You will be within 40 miles of a hospital, as 70% of NM population lives within 40 miles of a state park.
  12. I made it a point to become acquainted with our local postmaster and our regular mail carrier. When I want a hold or forward placed on my mail I phone her and make the request. I have never use the USPS website. Our main has never been mishandled by my method. AL F, The identity verification is where you are required to submit your mobile phone #. I just repeated the process and noticed the option to have a code snail-mailed to me, which is then submitted in place of a mobile phone #. I selected mail verification, we shall see what happens.
  13. This causes me to consider clicking the option of pausing updates for 7 days after release. Then again, I may be just spitting into the wind.
  14. Salton Sea; the complete story: https://www.usatoday.com/pages/interactives/salton-sea/california-far-from-solutions-as-salton-sea-crisis-looms/ other references: https://duckduckgo.com/?q=Salton+sea&t=ffcm&ia=web
  15. I must do that every other year. Last year I used aerosol waterproof grease instead of oil. The antenna still turns freely, so no grease perhaps even next year.
  16. I agree, and if one were to experience a roll-over or crash that did move the heater, it is the least of the resulting problems.
  17. The USPS website will not allow me to sign up for informed delivery, I do not have a mobile phone.
  18. Ray,IN


    Given the replies she received, this may be a moment of truth for her, or as a professor once said, " that was a significant emotional event." It will take time for her to process all the information, and I expect her return after that happens.
  19. Thanks for the education vern. It's been almost 55 years since college science classes. https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/gas-density-d_158.html I also see Argon is a better insulator than air, with Xenon being the best: https://www.engineeringtoolbox.com/gas-density-d_158.html I think this is a new player in the RV fogged window repair business: Precision  Glass After that,IMO these are DIY dual pane window repair kits I've been considering: https://foggywindowrepairkits.com/foggy-window-seal-repair-kit/ or https://www.daverootrvglassrepair.com/window-repair-kits.html
  20. Sailun is not connected to Cooper Tire. Sailun makes auto and trailer tires in China, They moved truck tire production to Vietnam 3 years ago.
  21. I think I once read MX used to use it as a sewage lagoon?
  22. Please explain how you plan to remove the air from between the panes and then fill with gas? would it involve a vacuum pump capable of then adding whatever gas you chose without breaking the vacuum?
  23. Those are some of the reasons we'll never visit the left coast again.
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