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  1. We've had DirecTV DNS for >7 years and have never been asked to recertify our eligibility. We get local channels at our "home base" in south TX. Some people claim that if you have DNS you're not supposed to get local channels, but we've always had ours and we have changed the service address a couple of times over the 7 years. However, in recent years we've left the address set for our home base even when we were traveling because I was always nervous that someone would try to shut down our locals. However, I can't advise you with respect any changes to the DirecTV TOS.
  2. Where Do You Get Your MH Serviced Whilst Traveling

    Our experience has been that these are a case-by-case situation. Some won't work on MH's, some won't although most will help with fairly minor things. Occasionally, we've had to search for a local heavy truck repair facility to resolve more complex problems. If you have a DP you can also usually get help at a CAT or Cummins facility of which there are quite a few. And it you have a Freightliner chassis, they have numerous service facilities also.
  3. Where Do You Get Your MH Serviced Whilst Traveling

    The typical oil change interval on a DP is 15,000 miles or one year. We usually have everything serviced in the spring at our local shop and don't anticipate needing service again that year other than for unforeseen repairs. We haven't used Speedco but I know lots of others have. Speedco is now owned by Love's and I've read some unfavorable reviews about what some see as changes since the acquisition. Since I don't have personal knowledge, I'd be curious to hear what others say about this.
  4. We took a half day birding/nature tour of the ranch and really enjoyed it. Well worth the cost IMO.
  5. At the time I made my post the discussion had been about streaming video, not displaying stored content. There are a number of ways to display stored content; personally I use PLEX to a Roku for that purpose. Sorry if my post offended you; that was no the intention.
  6. This is a widely repeated claim but very few of the people repeating it don't have any idea how complicated it would be to try to implement it. I have yet to ever see anyone provide actual evidence of this having happened to them. All the reports are of the kind where "my friend told me that is what the RV park told him." Chromecast does NOT involve a transfer of information from your computer or phone to your TV. That's how Miracasting works and Apple TV can work in that manner, but not Chromecast. With Chromecast, your computer or phone "tells" your TV where to look on the internet for the video you want to watch. The Chromecast device on the TV then initiates the connection to the video and streams it. You may have thought you tested it but I suspect you really hadn't disconnected your WAN. It simply doesn't work that way.
  7. Even a not-so-high-quality image will often work. I print out checks that have been scanned and emailed to me and then use my cell phone camera to deposit them.
  8. Sometimes one access point might result in a higher speed connection than another, depending on load. In such a case, if you can connect to all of them and analyze the results you might be better off. Many (most?) parks these days give the same SSID to all the access points. Despite this, devices such as WiFiRangers allow you to see the different MAC addresses of each AP which enables you to choose the one you wish to connect to.
  9. Google has a $300 discount on the Pixel 2 through the end of March. I bought mine through Verizon with the discount. Compared to my Galaxy S7 the Pixel is much faster to respond to commands and the battery life is far, far better than on any Samsung phone I've ever owned. It took a couple of days to get used to Google's implementation of Android architecture, but it wasn't a big deal.
  10. Microsoft Mail

    Why not use Gmail as your mail client on your computer as well as on your phone? That's what I've done and I really like the fact that if I delete emails from the phone they are automatically deleted from the pc. Also, Gmail's search function is far better IMO than Outlook's and makes it possible for me to easily locate emails from several years ago (I keep and don't delete most incoming emails). Presumably, you understand that you don't have to be using a Gmail address in order to access your emails using the Gmail website and/or app.
  11. The HR24 was the last "pre-Genie" DVR. It should work well for your purposes. HR24
  12. Instant Pot Recall

    The devices recalled aren't even pressure cookers. They are essentially slow cookers/casseroles. However, FWIW, I would speculate that Instant Pot (IP) might well be suffering from a more general problem with some of its temperature controls. Last September I replaced a failed IP pressure cooker with a new one. Within a few weeks it was obvious that the new pot had a defective thermostat and couldn't properly operate as a slow cooker. In January, after multiple emails and phone conversations IP shipped me replacement. Unfortunately, the thermostat on this pot failed in its first use as a slow cooker. To my surprise IP shipped me a 2nd replacement unit without asking more than a few questions. Made me think there was a bigger problem than just my failed pot. I just unpacked the "2nd replacement" today and it tested out Ok both in pressure and slow cook modes. When I get my courage up, I'll risk cooking a dinner in it!
  13. It all depends on how much security you wish to have. As with pretty much any router, using a WiFiRanger results in Network Address Translation (NAT) which means that the externally visible IP addresses of your devices aren't their actual addresses on your internal network. You can always add protection in addition to that. Personally, I run Kaspersky Internet Security on my computers which provides a bi-directional firewall. In addition I use Malwarebytes Professional. Safesurf is sort of a "VPN light". If you are worried about someone seeing your network traffic, as conceivably could be the case if you were using a campground wifi, Safesurf encrypts your data and sends it up the secure "pipe" that every WiFiRanger router creates for itself to connect with the main WiFiRanger server in Idaho. It's not a "true VPN" but it has a similar affect. When you use Safesurf your devices will have IP addresses that identify them as being in Idaho. I hope this answers your question. Each person has to decide how much security they think is necessary to protect their own information. Joel (AKA docj)
  14. X2. We own a smart Samsung UHD TV with very disappointing software. We get far better performance from the Roku we connected to it. Next time I'll save the ~$50 and buy a dumb TV.
  15. I think it is far more likely that your neighbor was doing something like using Kodi to stream illicitly obtained material. When you connect to the kind of peer-sharing sites that support that sort of thing, anything can happen. There is absolutely no reason to scare people with unsubstantiated references such as this. Streaming through the major streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon, Hulu should be free of any risks to your device.
  16. School Shootings - The New Generation

    One of the most current studies of gun ownership in the US (Trends in gun ownership in the US) shows that the 300 million guns are held by ~31% of the population (~100 million people). Only ~15% of the population says it has an interest in hunting. Some owners are, no doubt, using them for sport shooting other than hunting, but it's a pretty good bet that many are owned by people with no recreational uses for them. These, then, primarily are held by people who own them for self defense against unspecified threats. In other words, those guns are owned primarily to kill or injure people, even if such use is intended to be defensive. As for the discussion in this thread relating to cars and guns, I am puzzled why the comparison seems to center on banning either of them. We don't ban vehicles because people get in accidents, but we do remove the right to use a vehicle from those who can't operate them in a manner which respects the rights of others and society at large. If gun ownership was licensed and registered as is vehicle ownership, would it not be possible to take away the rights of ownership from those who didn't use them responsibly? I don't think any reading of the 2nd Amendment makes it impossible to require licensing and registration; it's simply a position which the NRA won't discuss. I realize that this position would make it possible for someone to engage in a mass shooting before his right to own a gun was revoked, but, at least, it would require him having to have demonstrated some minimal level of competence with a firearm before he was allowed to purchase one. We allow people to drive cars until such time as they demonstrate they aren't responsible enough to do so; I think the same analogy with guns is a reasonable one.
  17. Jurry Summons

    With Terri's help, I did the same thing last year, with the same positive outcome. Not something to worry about.
  18. Domicile/Tax Question

    Just to be very clear, we have been asked by exactly ONE credit card company with respect to wanting an address other than our SD PMB. We gave that CC company our daughter's Maryland address and they were totally satisfied. They didn't care whose address it was, all they wanted was an address they could use to fill in a blank on a form. IMHO, don't overwork that issue. It's not as serious as you may think. It's happened once to us in ~8 years of full-timing.
  19. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    I'm glad someone finally said this. My usual fill is ~50-60 gallons which, at today's prices is ~$150-160. Five to ten cents a gallon, therefore, represents a savings of ~$3-6 which IMO is not enough to cause me to go anywhere other than the most convenient place to fill up. Furthermore, at ~8 mpg, if I have to go even a couple of miles out of the way to fuel then I will have spent all the potential savings, anyway. My personal experience has been that the major truck stops are no more than 5-10 cents more expensive than other stations in their vicinity. I'm not denying that you can probably use GasBuddy to find a station with even lower prices a few miles away, but that's when the "8 mpg realism" enters the equation.
  20. PILOT / Flying J ....YES!

    With all due respect, I think you're making a generalization about Murphy/Walmart stations that sure isn't true of several I can point to in our area. I don't consider them any better than average gas stations with regard to access for my MH and I sure wouldn't want to count on fueling at one without inspecting it first
  21. FT Cooking/Baking

    I've attached a floor plan of our MH with the kitchen size noted. At nearly 9 feet in length it pretty much dwarfs the kitchens you see in most MH's today. The angled cabinet that holds the sink provides an enormous counter behind the sink that easily handles the Breville and the Cuisinart. The KitchenAid mixer sits in the other corner. All cabinets are fully accessible with the slide in. The cooktop has a fitted Corian cover that allows it to fully function as counter space. These days we pretty much do all our "stovetop" cooking on an induction burner that sits on the stove covers. The microwave convection oven is located on the wall above the cooktop.
  22. FT Cooking/Baking

    Here's how we deal with that concern, but I have to admit there are only 40 jars in the racks, not 48!
  23. FT Cooking/Baking

    I know that some here won't approve, but we travel with our (very) large KitchenAid mixer, the Cuisinart and a Breville Smart Oven all out on the counter in their normal positions. We've made plenty of hard stops and but their weight on the Corian counters they don't move. Sure, if we run into a brick wall I suspect they'll move a bit, but that probably won't be the worst of our problems! We did learn, however, that the coffee grinder isn't something we want to leave out while in motion. Having to pick up hundreds of coffee beans off the floor wasn't something we wanted to repeat often!
  24. FT Cooking/Baking

    For whatever reason, most newer MH's seem to really skimp on the amount of kitchen counter and work area. In many coaches the available work surface appears to primarily be the covered stovetop and the sink (with sink covers installed). That would be totally unacceptable to us. Our MH has a kitchen nearly as big as many residential ones. With a residential fridge and lots of storage we have all the sugar, flour, etc, that we can possible need. I have 48 spice jars in racks on a wall and our appliances line the counter. We like cooking (and eating) and don't see any reason why what and how we cook has to be altered just because we're full-timers. We rarely go out for dinner except for special occasions; we can make anything we want and it often tastes better than what we can buy at a restaurant!
  25. Mine didn't have the "switch" but the app on my phone said to go to "Import" on the laptop and would expect that the mobile device would be listed as one of the Import options. Which is exactly where mine attempt bogged down. I had my phone on the same wifi as the laptop but the phone never showed as a device to import from.