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  1. JPL

    Proper Driver's License delima

    SC Are you retired now? Where u be? If around tidewater give me a call. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. JPL

    Short Trip

    Update We took off for the 4th by leaving on the 2nd. The 5er towed straight and no problems encountered. It was only a short trip to the CG but no issues. Got back and ck'ed the mail box for a ck from Highland Ridge and found none. That doesn't surprise me. Guess I'll have to call them tomorrow and remind them. Looks like one more posting. Stay tuned. Pat The Old Sailor
  3. JPL

    Update of Bed Build

    VF That truck really looks great! Memories started the day you picked the truck up and I'm Sure you'll have many many more now that the hard work is done. So be safe and if you get on this side of the Mississippi give us a call! Pat The Old Sailor
  4. JPL

    Proper Driver's License delima

    Second Chance Were you a 05? Just wondering. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. JPL

    Replacement backup monitor

    Ronbo Are you replacing the whole system? I like the 4 camera system with the recorder. Do you know anyone who has used that system or are you going to try it? I'll be watching. Hope everything works out. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. JPL

    2001 Truck

    lappir I had a line go bad at the fitting on the bottom of the pass side tank. Found it after I had just filled up. Got a new hose made and then it took 2 of us to change the hose. I was like the boy with the finger in the dike. Didn't loose a pint of fuel. I don't think I could have done it by myself. So hope you have good luck. Pat The Old Sailor
  7. JPL

    Sick Cummins N14+ in Rexburg Idaho

    Strawdog I am following you close cause I've got a 98 610 w/n14. 580k. Hope you can get it fixed without spending an arm and a leg. Good luck and God Bless. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. JPL

    Counting my blessings: Hook, line, and big HP.

    More blessings! The bad things can happen at a good time and place and you got both at the same time. Glad everything is as it should be. be safe and keep the faith! Pat The Old Sailor
  9. JPL

    First Day deck progress

    Lance Interesting that you are using plate to create your base while most choose tubing. Looks good to me though! Keep up the good looking work and keep posting pictures. Be safe and don't over do it because of a short window. Pat The Old Sailor
  10. JPL

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    Roger Even with new trucks (to us or new model year) there are still problems that we just have to overcome. Just a little hill in life to climb! Making air is sweet. I sure enjoyed the trip we took so keep it fixed we may want to do another road trip next year. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. JPL

    New front oil caps - simple 30 min job but...

    Brad Sounds like you got back to SD only to find issues. But I sure like your fix! I had a cap covering the whole hub but I took them off and now they are in plain sight. A visual insp is done everyday. Hope to avoid any issues. But I do like your covers. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. JPL

    Cab or Windshield Leak?

    Carl Can't help you much IRT the leak but it sounds like you are headed up the coast and if you get close to Va. Beach or I95 up our way just let us know. 757-646-1686. Pat The Old Sailor
  13. JPL

    Update of Bed Build

    John A really great looking bed/truck. Hope your first trip turns out to be the first of many memory making trips! Pat The Old Sailor
  14. JPL

    Transfer RV registration to South Dakota

    remoanmdiris I'm not familiar with SD but I bought a truck from a forum HDT man in Minn and had him fax me a copy of the title and took it to DMV and they said they would honor the MH title. Get the persons name so if someone else tells you no go back to them. We live in Va. Good luck! Pat The Old Sailor
  15. JPL

    Steering gearbox replacement cost on a Volvo?

    BL I had a leak and I pulled the old one off and replaced it with a used one. The important thing to remember is the alighnment of the spline on the box so that the wheel is in the correct position. Another route is to pull the box off and send it to Southern Powertrain in Charlette NC and have them rebuild it. Can you put your truck down for a week or so? Try 800 541 2791. They say 1 day service. Not knowing where you live there maybe a shop close to you that does that kind of repair/rebuild. When we replaced my steering box it tool a hour to get the used one off of the donater truck, a 1/2 hour to get my old box off and almost a hour to reinstall the used box on my truck. I have a 98 610 and contrary to what the dealer tells you most of the steering boxes will fit. We used the pitman arm that was on the donater. I've had that used box in the truck for almost 2 years. I gave $350 for the box. Pat The Old Sailor