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  1. Why I prefer having my peterbilt

    In Va the light will blink yellow before it turns. Gives you time to start to slow down. Lesson learned you can never be to careful!! Pat The Old Sailor
  2. Aftermarket cruise control

    Ronbo Thanks! Pat The Old Sailor
  3. PM cost these days

    Padraic I have a 98 610 and we live down here in Chesapeake. Ours has a N14. What part of Northers Va? Are you fixing to get back on the road? Hope you can find a shop that will treat you right. Keep us posted. Pat The Old Sailor
  4. Aftermarket cruise control

    I've got a 98 N14 Cummins in our 610 and I sure would like to see the video. How do I get to it? Thanks, Pat The Old Sailor
  5. Gas or Diesel

    In 2003 I got our 1st 5er. A 31' Sunnybrook. Towed it with a 3500 Chev w/6.5. 3 years later got a 99 f550. Then got a 37 Cardinal. Then in 2011 got the Volvo 610. Got the 43' Mesa Ridge in 2015. Totaled it in 2017. The only saving me was 19k of Volvo truck. Then got a 2017 43' Mesa Ridge. After towing with it for 7 years and especially after our western run last Sept, Oct, and Nov 6k miles in 8 wks the truck really shined going up those mountains in the far left lane and going down on the other side w/jake brake. What a safe feeling. And the temp never even got warm I can see over what ever is in front of me. And it is built to STOP 80K So it is a personal choice. But once you climb in the cab of a big Diesel truck you know that is what you want to tow with. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. residential fridge install question

    Our 2017 Mesa Ridge came with a Frigidaire Residential and on our 8 wk 6k out west trip in Sept it really made the trip more enjoyable. The extra room in both the frig and the freezer really helped but I'll say the ice maker got the biggest workout! It really made the toddy for the body a lot easier to make! And it was always ready. Pat The Old Sailor
  7. Big day tomorrow!!

    Tom Don't worry there will be plenty of things you can blow your money on! We have had our 98 610 for 7 years now and I remember the 1st time I climbed up into the cab. What a feeling. So glad you made it home safe and sound. Where is home? ECR in Apr? Hope to see you on the road. Be Safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. First loading of the smart

    Rickeieio That is why you test and then weld. One Step at a time. You'll get there. Sounds ike you have a plan. Just be careful! Pat The Old Sailor
  9. Last Words of Advice - Pulling the Trigger

    Mark Really nice looking truck! Be safe on the trip home. That smile will last a long time. Hope to see you at the ECR. Pat The Old Sailor
  10. Trip Preps Complete

    Update We made our run out west and had a great trip. Almost 8 weeks.Left on the 21st of Sept and got back the 12th of Nov. Saw some beautiful country But had a transmission issue in Roanoke Va on day 2. Got back on the road on 25th of Sept and never looked back. If you are in the area of Roanoke and need help Western Branch Diesel is the place to go! Great people. I had to get towed to the shop and it cost me $400. When we got bask we had a check waiting on us from Good Sams for the whole $400. Talk About Happy! No help with the trans issue($1200) I just wanted to comment about the running gear changes we made before we left. I am really glad we added the shocks. That unto itself made the towing much better and I know it was a lot easier on the 5er. The bouncing issue I had was really stopped and the MORide 4000 really made for a much better ride. The wet bolt kit was also installed but I didn't notice any issues so I'll say they helped keep things greased. The 17.5" tires gave a real good solid feel. I just felt better with them and I did run 6-7 MPH more with them than I did on Our trip last year to the Keys. There were 16" wheels on it before. So after all of this was done I will say it was worth the work and the expense. I was able to do all of the work at the house so my labor cost was very low. All the parts cost about $600. So I believe I made a good investment . We will be at the ECR and hope to get by Roanoke without any problems! Pat The Old Sailor
  11. Big day tomorrow!!

    Tom Welcome to our side! You will really enjoy towing. It is such a difference. I towed with a 550 Ford for 5 years and for the lase 7 years have been towing with our 98 610 with a N14 Cummins and the super 10. we currently have a 43' Mesa Ridge. We are full time but now that we are retired we are on the road for longer periods of time. I will never tow with a little truck again. Where is home? You sure would be welcome at the ECR in Crossville Tenn.April 21st. Have a safe trip home and hope to see you on the road. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. Semi Build Published By Truck Camper Magazine

    Cotreker Really enjoyed the article about your truck! The first camper we had was a 8' cab over. The camper was new (1970) but i put it on a 62 Ford F100 with a 292 and a 3 speed trans. I was stationed in San Diego going to a navy B School. We lived it it the last 3 weeks we were there, Then (Nov 1970)headed to San Fran then back down to I-40 and back to Norfolk. There was no heat in it a ICEBOX and a porta Potty. We had some great time times with it. But now we have a 98 610 Volvo and tow a 43' Mesa Ridge 5er. We really have enjoyed towing a 5er for the last 14 years. Almost 7 with the Volvo. So I know the feeling you get when you climb up into the cab! It's really hard to hide the Smile! So enjoy your great looking rig and if you get out our way Va beach Va. give us a call!! Be safe and God Bless. Pat The Old Sailor
  13. Anybody going to Tampa?

    I would be tickled to see 60 Degrees! We haven't been out of the 20's for so long I can't remember when. 9 or 10 tonight and even lower tomorrow night. But the people north of the Mason dixon line I feel for you. And the people in Boston really need a blast of 50 degrees. Here in Va we hope to get to Monday and 49. So no matter where you are it could be worse! Stay warm and be safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. Anybody going to Tampa?

    Randy Just to make you feel better we had 14 1/2" of the white stuff last night and this morning. Pats Pride is still covered as well as her car and my Ranger. It's 20 outside with a low of 17 tonight. So if you aren't covered with snow be Happy!! Hope you are enjoying Fla. They are calling for the low 50's Monday. But single digits sat nite. Think Spring!! Be safe and God Bless. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. East Coast Rally December Update

    Just got off the phone with Kim at Deer Run. She just got back from Fla last night. Made our reservations for the ECR in Apr. She said that all sites were booked but not all confirmed. So if you are planning on going you should call her ASAP. Here on the coast of Va they are calling for 5-10" of snow. So if you are on the road wherever you are be safe. Pat The Old Sailor