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  1. JPL

    Hurricane Florence

    Randy We are riding it out here at the house. 4 days ago it sounded like I would get underway but it's turn south changed that. Winds up to 40-45 and 3-5" of rain and we stay here. Chet is on the water but I don't know how much the water will rise around his place. Glad you are feeling better so take it easy and we'll see each other soon. We are going back up to Williamsburg at the end of the month for a week or 2. Take care. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. JPL

    Oil Change

    For oil changes I use a plastic roll under the bed storage bin. It is light, has wheels, and will hold 15/20 gallons. It doesn't leak. Comes with a lid and I just put the old oil in 5gal buckets and take it to Advance. Used the same one for several years. Pat The Old Sailor
  3. JPL

    New drom box designed

    Brad The Box really looks good. When do you expect it? Hope everything is going good. We are going up to Williamsburg tomorrow for a week. Will do nothing and enjoy every minute. Hope to see you on your next trip. Take care. Pat The Old Sailor
  4. JPL

    Sick Cummins N14+ in Rexburg Idaho

    Dave I had a issue with the fan and took the ECM off and sent it out to Colorado and had it rebuilt. Been back on the engine for a year and a half and "knock on wood" no problems. I have a 98 610 w/n14. so I'm following you with keen interest. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. JPL

    Upper Bunk Storage cabinet complete

    Brad it looks really professional. You did a great job and it will be a big plus. Hope everything is going fine. Have the fires died down any? Be safe and see you soon. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. JPL

    HDT in Virginia

    DA I was in Roanoke last weekend and came thru Lynchburg. Just give me a call if you want. Pat The Old Sailor
  7. JPL

    The end of the beginning

    Steve That is one Sweet Pete. You have done a great job. As Jack said you started with a fine looking truck and you have ended up with a real winner. Congrats! Pat The Old Sailor
  8. JPL

    OT - Coronary Artery Disease

    Randy Just want you to know we're thinking of you and our prayers are with you both. Now that you have learned the lesson IRT calling 911 we all should take that to HEART! I went through what you have just done but my need for stints isn't there yet but if I feel like you described I'll call 911! So get better and we'll see you soon. Pat The Old Sailor
  9. JPL

    HDT in Virginia

    DA I use to tow with a 550 but have been towing with the Volvo for over 7 years. I would never go back to a little truck. My story is somewhat the same as Randy's. But I got lucky when we bought the Pats Pride aka a 1998 610 Volvo. I live in a HOA but I have a shop in the back that they HATE. I am able to keep the 5er(43') and the Pride here also. Only because it is titled as a Motor Home. It is a RV. I dreamed of converting a single axle Volvo to a MH but the state is really hard to deal with. I never got as far as Randy did. I could never get anybody to talk to me. So when this truck came on Escapees for sale (May 2011) I called him. It was in Minn and I asked him to fax me a copy of the title. I took it to DMV and they said they would honor the MH title. So I had him drive down with it. He was here on Sunday and gave me a 9 hr driving course. We sealed the deal the next day and he flew back to Minn. We have been towing with it ever since. Now as far as converting one in Va. If the truck has never been titled in Va you stand a chance. But as Randy said they may make a issue if there isn't something over the old location of the Fifth Wheel hitch. On our truck the tow box covers that area but I don't know how a inspector would go with that. Where do you live In Va? We are in Chesapeake. I know of 2 other HDT's in Va. Our truck is a 1998. It was bought when it came off a 4 year lease with 400k Bob bought it and had it singled. and the tow box built and then towed a 5er for 9 years and a 150k miles. We bought it from him so we are the 3rd owners. Now we have 590k on it. If you want to ask any question's call me at 757-646-1686. Love to talk trucks with you. Pat The Old Sailor
  10. JPL

    Short Trip Finally Ends

    All It's taken almost 3 months but the check finally arrived from Highland Ridge. The repairs were completed in mid June and we had to pay the repair shop before we could get the 5er back. 2 months later we get the check. I was told that HR was waiting on Lippert to send them the check but as of yet hasn't. Finally after several! phone calls HR told me they would send us the money and HR would get it back from Lippert. Hope it works out for them. Now we can put to rest the spring hanger failure. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. JPL

    Red Flyer interior progress

    MsChrissi Looking at your work I see the interior of boats that I've worked on and help build. The boats are built on the outer banks of NC in Wanchesse. They are true craftsman and you are in their elite class. The work you are doing is truly High Dollar Interior work. Since the rest of the work resembles a boat I can't wait to see the work you do in the head! Pat The Old Sailor
  12. JPL

    TPMS, or not

    noteven i planed on putting a set of shields over my wheels just to prevent the issues you are talking about. Our current 5er came with some shielding and a blowout didn't cause any floor damage. Containment is the cure! i made some idea dwg's myself. may at some point upgrade.I would hve payed extra for a installed upgrade from the factory if it were avb. Oh well. leave it to the consumer to do there engineering. PM me if you want. Pat The Old Sailor
  13. JPL

    Welding box to rv plug

    alan0043 Just remember when you wire to the panel box you are getting 1 pole 120 volts amped and wired to whatever amperage you need. As stated before our RV's don't like 220 power! They get indigestion. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. JPL

    Forum member sighting.

    Dennis That sure hurt but how many miles? I would say your fine tuning is d close! Have a safe trip. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. JPL


    Solo That is really a great looking Rig. Have been able to use it yet? Where is home? I'm going to try and get on that facebook page. Pat The Old Sailor4