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  1. JPL

    Roadside assistance

    Good Sams for us . Have had the 5er and truck towed. Tires on 5er changed. Good service but during weekends you might have to wait a little while because people and trucks only break down at the most inopportune time. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. BL I would also ck the shackle brackets. I had a bracket break both legs and it put my axle rubbing the front axle. At the time it was under warranty so it was fixed. I had all 4 cut off and replaced with heavier brackets and welded plates on the brackets to box them for added strength. So far there has't been any problems and I do ck them whenever we stop. I had replaced the orig bolts and shackle plates with the Moride heavy shackles and haven't had any problems. I also Installed the Moride 4000 Equalizer. Also added shocks with welded brackets. The frame was a Lipper. Always check! Pat The Old Sailor
  3. JPL

    Totally Off Topic - Just Need Some Smart Ideas

    See you can find out what you need to know right here on our favorite forum!!! Pat The Old Sailor
  4. JPL

    New battery time....

    I would just go to the best deal. I changed last year and I try to change every 2 years. I only carry 3. I don't buy the high dollar batteries but I only ask for 2 years out of the battries that I do Buy.
  5. Last summer I replaced the springs with 3500 lb springs, added a MoRide 4000 center, the wet bolt kit with the brz bushings and the heavy duty side plates that hold the springs on, and welded brackets to the axles and frame for the Monroe shocks that I added. Then changed the 16" tires for 16 ply 17.5 tires and wheels. i was really able to feel a big difference in the ride. I can't speak to any bushing problems but I've greased them twice since we got back last fall after our trip. The test with the 5er was a 6000 mile run from Va Beach to Las Vegas via The balloon fest in Abq NM. Easy tow but I hope to add disk brakes when the comptroller OK's the funds.So with the little info that I can give I would go with the brz bushings that I KNOW gets grease. This spring I had issues with the Lippert spring hangers but that was another story that I noted Memorial Day weekend. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. JPL

    Davco filter

    Chuck I went thru this same thing this past spring. As long as the engine is running it will work itself back up as it gets to filtering the fuel. I was in the panic mode myself because it started to drop down and i was afraid that it would run out of fuel but 7000 miles later it's still running and filtering like it's suppose to... Pat The Old Sailor
  7. JPL

    If Anyone Interested

    Carl Wasn't the second KW at the Rally this Spring? Pat The Old Sailor
  8. JPL

    Diesel is $2.77 at Walmart in Hutchinson

    I just came back up I 95 from Myrtle Beach this morning and Diesel was $3.39 at the truck stop just into North Carolina on the south end of Carolina. So it just goes to show you how much the truck stops (I think it was Loves) are over charging. I never fuel at a truck stop anyway. Pat The Old Sailor
  9. JPL

    East Coast Rally Rumor

    Our reservations were made before we left Crossville! Love the rally because of everything that You and Donna do to make it the great event it is. See you'll in the spring hopefully without the snow! Pat The Old Sailor
  10. JPL

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    ARGO I think we get there 22 Oct and leave 27th. Maybe hookup on sat. My cell# is in this post so call me and maybe we can at least have a quickie get together. Hate being that close and not being able to at least say Hi! I've been busy all week putting a clutch in my 99 Ford Ranger and it fought us every step. I have never seen a clutch disk that was so badly worn away. But it is now running. i even had to face the flywheel on my lathe. The flywheel is only a little less than 13". i didn't have a choice because every shop I called couldn't do it on Friday. So I cut it fri night and we installed it yesterday.Test drove it last night and celebrated a successful underway with a healthy Makers Mark on the rocks! A very smooth Bourbon. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. JPL

    Lesson learned today.

    Thanks! We finished putting a clutch in the 99 Ranger last night. To the Ford dealer Monday. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. Snow We had it at the ECR in late April so it doesn't seem to matter were you are for our Rallies you just might see some kind of unwanted weather. Is it to early to think Spring? Just think of those people down in Fla and points North. Mike is something to stay away from. Our Prayers are with them. Pat The Old Sailor
  13. JPL


    From the sounds of things I got lucky, the refrigerator didn't fall out when they replaced the slide floor. It was on the other side. Mesa Ridge. If you have a 5er or a RV you will have problems and at the most inopportune time. I think Murphy had something to do with it. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. JPL

    Maryland HDTers, Guidance (licensing and Registration)

    SJ I retired in 95 w/30. Worked at NOB till 2015 for a contractor. Now just playing but not enough on the road. The last 2 years we have had a big trip in the fall but not this year. Really would like to be somewhere other than down here in Chesapeake but we leave for Myrtle Beach next fri (without the 5er) if MB is still there. But life is good. If you have health you have everything. If you ever get down this way touch base or just call anytime. I talk Navy, trucks, wood working, machine shop, RVing or anything else! Be safe up there in the Swamp. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. JPL

    Professional Soldering

    Heat is like electricity you don't see it till you feel it! Pat The Old Sailor