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  1. Jim Great job! Now when are you coming East? Pat The Old Sailor
  2. JPL

    Big 5er

    Phil If You go east will you get to the coast? if you get close to Va Beach/Norfolk give me a call and I'll take you on a tour of the worlds largest Naval Base! Even within a few hundred miles let me know. We do keep DP on ice!!! Glad you are working again at something you enjoy and that someone is paying as they should. 757-646-1686. The cell is on most of the time except when it's off! Pat The Old Sailor
  3. Chet glad that job is behind you. They try to make it as hard as they can. The engineers should have to fix everything they design at least once. Might make designing a little easier. I really like your pump. I worked on a friends boat that hadn't been started in over 5 years. I had to get rid of 155 gals of diesel. It took 2 days to hear the engine run. 91 Cummins 300 horse.. The boat is a 33' 1988 Wellcraft. Hope everything is doing OK with you'll. Take care and be safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  4. JPL

    Jon Short's Project

    What is the story of the blue Nova Racecar? Pat The Old Sailor
  5. I still talk cu in's cause I don't know liters. How Big is a 454? Pat The Old Sailor
  6. JPL

    98 VNL cruise control

    SOLO318 My 98 is exactly like yours and I had some ecm problems. I sent it out to Colorado and had it rebuilt. Cost a 1/3 of a new one. don't have address but can locate if needed. Pat The O;d Sailor
  7. Great shops! I sure would love to have that surface grinder and that long bed lathe. My Bridgeport and Rockwell lathe will just have to do. i hope i can post some pictures of my small shop if I can figure out how. When I retired from the Navy I thought I would teach at a HS or Comm collage a machine shop program but they don't exist any more. My HS Machine Shop teacher would be heart broken. I still miss Mr. Roades. Jefferson High School Roanoke Va. Class Of 1965. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. JPL

    Engine Swap - OT for HDT

    Pappy, Randy Thanks for the info but it seems that this 19 V has everybody at a standstill. but i keep looking and maybe I'll find something the Comptroller will let me bring home! My shop would love to have a new (old) toy to play with. On a different note i ordered a set of disk brakes that are suppose to be here this coming week. I still need to order the second axle set. Just trying to get all the parts and hope to have them installed by mid summer. Maybe by then we'll be able to get out some where. Randy do you have a CG up around you that you go to occasionally? I haven't been on the Forum in a week so Hope everybody is safe and feeling well! Pat The Old Sailor
  9. JPL

    Jon Short's Project

    Great looking bed. Fine looking truck. When do you plan on your first trip? Pat The Old Sailor
  10. JPL

    ECR Do-Over

    I would really like to just get out! Great place to start. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. Yea Roger do you want a true answer? I think you are normal for a Freightliner Guy! Pat The Old Sailor
  12. JPL

    Engine Swap - OT for HDT

    Randy What a great project! Just keep working on it and before you know it you'll be done. In a hurry! Now if anybody out there has a A Model Ford Coupe (29-31) body that is my #1 bucket list project. Body condition is not real important. Can anybody put this 73 year young Old Sailor on his project? Anyway Randy your 30 year o;d project looks like it came off of the showroom floor. Great job and keep it up. Will see you soon.Can I go for a ride? Pat The Old Sailor
  13. JPL

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    Treeed Thanks for that update. The only reason I called it a tornado was because the Lady I talked to at the front desk told me it was a tornado. Hope things are getting back to normal. Hope you didn't have any problems. Again thanks and hope and pray that tonight will be more quiet. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. JPL

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    A tornado went thru DR last night and it damaged a few campers and injured one person. At this time 1056 DST they are w/o power. I don't know extent of damages to the Park because they were still trying to get a handle on things. Told them our prayers are with them and wished them good luck. Were any of the HDT's there? Hopefully things will be better. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. JPL

    Becoming Hermits

    Shirley and I are at home in Chesapeake va. I have been busy in the shop doing a helm chair project for a boat Finished it Fridsy. Finished a rocket Launcher project for a boat today. Working on a Tackle cabinet for a 54" Sport fisherman. Told him I'm retired so the end date is not known but by the end of May. A welding project building a steel fence to keep a dog in a room. End date not given. Same reason as above. The last project is a Family Bible Table being built and almost done. Promised it By Mothers Day. Only need a couple of hours to finish it. Did a couple of truck preps for the ECR but we aren't going to make it. Hope by the time I'm done we can go somewhere. I'm past ready. I was in Lowes yesterday and I was the only one wearing a mask and gloves. I think I was the only person I met over 70. Could that be the reason? Anyway let use all stay safe. Pat The Old Sailor
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