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  1. JPL

    Last ECR Update

    Te weather here was good today and got some stuff done on the 5er. Getting ready to roll next Thursday. Hope we don't see snow this year! Not a bad winter here on the Va coast. Safe travels to everyone and will see you'll next week. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. Randy I've got the plug and will see You at the Rally. Pat The Old Sailor
  3. iddy Pictures are always welcome. Nice looking truck. You will have great times with it! But then again there are also the bad and expensive times. Lets hope the good out number the Bad! Pat The Old Sailor
  4. JPL

    knee replacement

    Mr Cobb From one vet to another, "Good Luck and thoughts and prayers are with you. Please keep up with the post. I'm 72 and retired Navy. My knees let me know what I can Do and can't do but so far I make it through. I have had some hearing issues and some eyeglasses issues with the Hampton Va VA and so far good results. Hope you issues work out in your favor. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. Troy As in road tracks! It took a while but I got the picture. I put another comment on your Va Truck topic so hope you get a chance to see it. Keep looking and talking to DMV. A truck will come your way. Come out to the ECR even for only a couple of days. Hope to see you and maybe the next time thru Lburg I'll call you. Pat The Old Sailor
  6. JPL

    HDT in Virginia

    Troy When you look at a truck IF it hasn't been previously titled in Va you have a chance to get it titled. But IF it has previously been titled in Va as a working truck you are out of luck. Just take a copy of the truck to DMV and have them put the "verdict" on it. Again you might be able to find a shop/truck trailer repair that can change/retitle a vehicle. Hope you have good luck but just let me know how things are going. You have my #. Since you are close to Lynchburg you might stop by the truck body shop right on 460 on the east side of Lynchburg. Big building with a fenced in yard with truck bodies along the fence.I think it just across from the small airport. Pat The Old Sailor
  7. JPL

    HDT in Virginia

    Troy I would not buy a truck till Va looked at the title and said they would title it as a MH. Even then be careful because they can Forget they ever talked to you. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. JPL


    Phil A month and a little bit! You can make it to the ECR. Enjoy!! Pat The Old Sailor
  9. Troy I live in Chesapeake and have had my 610 for almost 8 years. Where has the time gone? Anyway it is titled as a MH. Only because it had the MH title coming out of Minnesota. i wanted to convert my own truck but the state won't let you. If it has been titled in Va as a truck, the state won't let you retitle it. You might be able to get it done if a shop has the ability/permit to retitle trucks/trailers. i really looked into this when i started looking and all i got was non returned calls.I do keep the truck here at the house with the the 5er(2017 43' Mesa Ridge) so for me parking isn't a issue. There is another HDT within 20 miles. He is also a Volvo. Where are you located? Do you go straight or turn left? I'm retired Navy and was born and raised in Roanoke. If you want to talk just pm me .I'll be at the ECR next month. I use to tow with a 550 but after towing with the Volvo I would never go back to a toy truck. Hope you are able to find the right truck. Pat The Old Sailor
  10. JPL

    FT Noobs seek Mentors

    Chad and Jen We aren't full timing but since we fully retired 3 years ago from a defense contractor and from the Navy in 1995 after 30 Years we are on the road a lot but not as much as we would like. We are down in Chesapeake Va so if you get down this way give us a call. We will be at the ECR so hope you can make it there in April. Till we meet be safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. I've made the reservations now all I have to do is register! April can't come quick enough. And Carl I'll want a T. Pat The Old Sailor
  12. GW Usually when your shoulder hurts for so long it is the Rotator. I had the op, 6 wks sling, 6 wks PT and no problems since the op in 08. It will put one arm down. If you go the op way listen and do what the doc tells you to do!! Pat The Old Sailor
  13. Brad looking forward to it! Pat
  14. JPL

    N14 Cummins Jake Has Issues

    A&J I do have a super 10 so I'll try that. M&B I will get some electrical cleaner and try that. D&R You have given me a great list to check and I will go thru that list. T o all thanks for the info and things to check. Now if one of them will only help! Thanks Again, Pat The Old Sailor
  15. I have a 1998 VNL with the N14 Cummins and have had it since 2011. The Jake has always come on whenever I lifted off the throttle if it was on. Now with it on and I lift it doesn't come on. Sometimes it will but usually no Jake. Does this sound like a electrical issue? Any help/ideas are welcome! Thanks Pat The Old Sailor
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