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  1. JPL

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    Treeed Thanks for that update. The only reason I called it a tornado was because the Lady I talked to at the front desk told me it was a tornado. Hope things are getting back to normal. Hope you didn't have any problems. Again thanks and hope and pray that tonight will be more quiet. Pat The Old Sailor
  2. JPL

    Tornado Hits Deer Run

    A tornado went thru DR last night and it damaged a few campers and injured one person. At this time 1056 DST they are w/o power. I don't know extent of damages to the Park because they were still trying to get a handle on things. Told them our prayers are with them and wished them good luck. Were any of the HDT's there? Hopefully things will be better. Pat The Old Sailor
  3. JPL

    Becoming Hermits

    Shirley and I are at home in Chesapeake va. I have been busy in the shop doing a helm chair project for a boat Finished it Fridsy. Finished a rocket Launcher project for a boat today. Working on a Tackle cabinet for a 54" Sport fisherman. Told him I'm retired so the end date is not known but by the end of May. A welding project building a steel fence to keep a dog in a room. End date not given. Same reason as above. The last project is a Family Bible Table being built and almost done. Promised it By Mothers Day. Only need a couple of hours to finish it. Did a couple of truck preps for the ECR but we aren't going to make it. Hope by the time I'm done we can go somewhere. I'm past ready. I was in Lowes yesterday and I was the only one wearing a mask and gloves. I think I was the only person I met over 70. Could that be the reason? Anyway let use all stay safe. Pat The Old Sailor
  4. Carl I think you made the right decision . We will not be there. Our thoughts and prayers will be with all of the folks that will be there. So have a great HAPPY HOUR and we will see all of you next year. If anyone gets to the Tidewater Va area let us know. Would love to see them and offer a visit to the Navy base. Pat The Old Sailor
  5. All Sometime the picture is one you don't want to see! Pat The Old Sailor
  6. Randy Knowing you, I know that this non Electrician will be able to understand you presentation. Really looking forward to both. Hope you'll had a great winter down there but you really missed one of the mildest winters I can remember. Pat The Old Sailor The Old Sailor
  7. aknavy Are you navy? retired, active or just like the nav? I'm retired after 30 and have been retired since 1995. So welcome to the Dark Side?! We'll be at the rally with our Old 98 610 low budget and proud of it! So you will be welcome at the Pat's Pride anytime. Especially at Happy Hour or anytime in between. We'll be right next to the bath house so stop by anytime. Pat The Old Sailor
  8. trimster I would send some pics but my computer knowledge is VERY limited. It's just like they mount a big 5th wheel to our trucks only we use a smaller hitch. Someone will send you some pics. Pat The Old Sailor
  9. Kevin Enjoyed the phone con. Sounds like it is at least OK. We have had a very mild winter. Hope March doesn't treat us bad. Pat The Old Sailor
  10. trimster Hitch to a plate (at least 1/2"bolted). Plate to the frame using existing bolt holes (grade 8 bolts in both places)I know it won't be quite that simple but that should give you a place to start.Unless you have the capability to drill holes in a steel plate so it will line up with the holes in the frame you may want to look around to find someone with a mag base drill who will help. Where are you located? It's very doable You just nee to find the right help. Pat The Old Sailor
  11. Kevin Great talking to you! Pictures will fellow. What is the weather out there? Take Care Pat The Old Sailor
  12. All good things must end and I hope for Kim and Rolando that now they really can enjoy a real retirement. She has always been helpful to the max and now we get to meet some new people. Looking forward to meeting them. Can't wait for the middle of April! Pat The Old Sailor
  13. Signed up and ready to roll but I guess I'll have to wait a few more weeks. Roger will see you at the rally! Did anybody see the finish of the Big D 500? What a ending and glad that Newman is OK? They haven't really said how serious his injuries are. Prayers out to him and his family. Looking forward to seeing old friends and making new ones. Pat The Old Sailor
  14. Roger Sorry about the bad news buy really happy about the good news! will see you there. Pat The Old Sailor
  15. Carl Shirley said she would love to go but I'm not sure about myself. I guess it would depend upon the daily sch. Any word about the playhouse? Thanks Pat The Old Sailor
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