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  1. Your comments on these 2 issues are very much appreciated. First issue: While driving my HDT to the truck repair shop for a diagnosis on the Truck ABS Telltale, it would not turn off, I encountered the following intermittent issue. The CAUTION Telltale illuminated and the engine RPM dropped to idle and I had NO throttle response. This condition would continue for a short period and without any input the CAUTION Telltale would turn off and I would regain throttle response. This intermittent issue continued all the way to the shop. I reported this intermittent condition to my truck repair shop. The fault code from the diagnosis was PID:91 FMI: - Pedal position sensor. Current too low or short circuit caused by undervoltage. The shop installed a new throttle pedal assembly, checked batteries and replaced one battery. The fault code was cleared. I drove the truck back to the storage yard and replaced the other three batteries. Days later I started to take the truck out from the storage yard and the intermittent issue, described above, returned. Has anyone encountered this issue? What caused the issue? How was the issue corrected? Second issue: Before leaving the storage yard I did a System Diagnostic test, using the Graphic Display Controls, and the following text was displayed in the Graphic Display (bottom left-hand corner of the instrument cluster). Line 1: Cluster Self Test Mode Line 2: SW ID : 8.80 What does this mean?
  2. I'm sorry for the inconvenience this has caused you. I just tested the link below and it should work for you. It's not what I had in mind but it will do. Let me know if you encounter issues viewing the 18 images. https://imgur.com/a/lCtooFO
  3. Ok, I found the problem. Its been a long day on my side. I'm going to fix the link.
  4. Second Chance, Click on the link but open it in a new window or tab. I just try it an it work. Al
  5. Location: Flagstaff, AZ Model: SportChassis FL60 Crew Cab 4X2 Truck RWD VIN#: FVAB9AL11HH35334 Milage: 39,397. This is correct, see attached image of the Numbered imagesodometer. Reason for the sell: No longer being utilized. Asking: $24,000 This truck has been in storage most of its life and that is the reason for the low milage of this 20 year old. Fluids, filters and tires were recently replaced. No person has ever smoked inside. The Arizona Certificate of Title is clean, no liens. Look at the images and email me if you have questions and/or if you need additional images. The right side of the windshield, adjacent to the pillar, has a rock chip that has started a crack, not in direct view of the driver and the front fiberglass air dam, below the bumper, has a crack. See images attached of these two areas. A brief description of the truck: Engine: Caterpillar CFE-300HT (Turbo CAT) Transmission: Allison 6 speed automatic Exhaust brake Twin 45 gallon fuel tanks Wheels: Alcoa Alum 19.5 Tires: 245/70R19.5 Headache rack, load lights, air ride cab and Bostrom air ride front seats, rear seat converts to a sleeping platform, power window, tilt and telescoping steering wheel, deflatable rear suspension for lowering bed during hookup, power and heated mirrors, receiver hitch for bumper pulls, 7-Way & trailer plugs, brake controller, storage compartments on each side of bed, and TrailerSaver Air Ride 5th Wheel hitch. Images: https://alastorga.imgur.com/all/?third_party=1
  6. Hi Chad - Booked our reservation this morning. See you in June, Al & Joan Al and Joan 1999 VNL610 w/DD S60 and Eaton Super 10 2005 28’ New Horizons
  7. Responded on August 5 with PM. No reply to date. Is it still available?
  8. Hi Chad - Booked our reservation this morning. Teal color T-shirt with black lettering would make a nice contrast. Joan will not be attending the painting/coloring class this year. See you in June, Al & Joan .
  9. This is to let you know, in case you are tracking how many have committed to attend, that I just made a reservation.
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