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  1. And so it begins...HDT search, ECR, destination full time.

    Well, Anybody with a Mustang in their avatar may want to consider ole yeller Steve
  2. Boondocking for HDT with 40' plus RV

    Did you give em an overwidth prize? Not like something you can miss in the mirrors. Steve
  3. Project progress

    That is a very nice bed, I really like the QD design. Steve
  4. who has commercial California registration

    I can't answer your question directly, I just did a quick what's it on the DMV website. Using a 2011 truck with a single rear axle and a combination weight of 40K registration was 1288.00 based on a value of 24K The DMV will register the truck, you will not have to have a Ca or USDOT number to register, now how that plays out long term IDK. Because California considers ALL trucks commercial you would need a CDL and either elog or local exemption. On edit I think you will need to join a testing consortium Steve
  5. FB, HDT did I miss something

    Friends don't let friends Facebook, I know I am an outlier here, social media is a time sink that I have no interest in. Some of my friends and family have tried to lure me into the abyss, just not for me. The revelations about data harvesting just makes me thank the Lord, I remain a Luddite. Steve
  6. Old, Lazy & two much too do......

    I'll have a couple of whatever Dolly is drinking! Steve
  7. And so it begins...HDT search, ECR, destination full time.

    I have a 387 and, while there are some great deals on late 387's with ultrashifts be aware of the dismal fate of 09-13 Cummins engines. I had considered a few later trucks but, the emission issues with the engines available in 387's are the worst, post 14 engines seem to have better systems. I also personally prefer Cat engines, my truck is a short nose 387, they were available in 120 and 112" cabs until 2009. The small Cat's C12 and C13 bridge engines are really robust and have good power/ easy maintenance. The down side is most of the short nose 387's have a ton of miles on them. There is or was a 2001 387 that was delivered by Kenny Doonan as a single axle RV hauler a guy in upstate NY had last year for sale. The truck was a C12 with a Freedom Line with low miles under 200K since new. I offered 28K, he was looking for 34K? I don't know if he still has it but I think he may. Steve
  8. Barndominiums / Texas / Retirement

    Cory, The "price" of a pole building is about one third of the cost of the finished structure in general. You could skip some things or DIY but things like site prep, utilities etc are out of most peoples area of knowledge. If you really want to go down that rabbit hole try this place, there are many multi page threads of just what you are considering. https://www.garagejournal.com/forum/forumdisplay.php?s=&daysprune=-1&f=7
  9. How long will a HDT last?

    Old Peterbilts don't die, they just keep on truckin. I hope Mr Spooner does too. Steve
  10. Pilot/Flying J Credit Card

    I am of the same ilk as Gary, the PFJ, Loves etc. are generally higher than the stations off the highway. I use gas buddy if I travel and find gas prices vary widely in just a few miles. Some places you can't get into but, many have a diesel pump out in the open. Steve
  11. Engine Brake and "stop" lights.

    What Darryl said, Newer trucks IIRC 2009+ do activate the brake lights with engine braking. Steve
  12. Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Unless the rear axle is from an old truck the hubs should be hub-centric, you can see 5 nub at the base of the wheel studs. Steve
  13. Up and Down Vibration at Speed

    Has anyone looked at the transmission yoke and tailshaft for wear? Steve
  14. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    Wow Lance, My first almost full size bike was a Bultaco Sherpa 100, I have had Sherpa S and T's and a Pursang Steve
  15. Is moving axle 10" worth the effort

    It is a LOT of work to re position the suspension, you will need a driveshaft, probably new air lines etc. Steve