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  1. Steve from SoCal

    Hmm.........Old Goat again.

    Henry, Why are you welding the spacer? Just let it space the jaw, are you concerned about rock? Steve
  2. Steve from SoCal

    We have arrived at Dollytrolly’s Oasis

    Dave, It sounds like you found the right place at the right time. Rumor has it Mike was a cracker jack grease monkey in his day! Steve
  3. Steve from SoCal

    HDT Insurance

    I use Shelter Insurance, in Kansas I can use it as I like, tow anything. https://www.shelterinsurance.com/ Steve
  4. Steve from SoCal

    Remote Battery Terminal wire size?

    I have an Anderson connector on my truck as well, I used 2/0 cable to the batteries about 4-4 feet. My batteries are at the back of my truck and I ran 4/0 up the frame, 4/0 is though, 2/0 is just hard. I used some 1" hose as sleeve over the frame. I made up a charging plug with about 15" of cable for charging, I have 16' 2/0 jumper cables as well. Steve
  5. Steve from SoCal

    Trailer project

    Pretty serious trailer with Hendrickson beam suspension. Lookin good there Hauler. Steve
  6. Steve from SoCal

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    According to the Texas motor vehicle registration manual an RV registered truck can only tow a boat, camper or travel trailer. Vehicles to be Registered with Passenger License Plates Passenger license plates are issued to the following type vehicles, which contain living facilities: • Motor homes, • Permanently mounted camper units constructed on truck chassis, and • Reconstructed used trucks and buses converted to Motor Homes. Truck-tractor conversions that have fully self-contained accommodations for human habitation will be classified as a motor home and registered as a passenger vehicle, provided the vehicle will not be operated for commercial purposes. Such truck-tractors conversions may only pull a recreational vehicle (boat, travel trailer, camper). When converted truck-tractors are used for hire, or to pull trailers that represent commercial entities (racing vehicle trailer, competition horse trailer, vending trailer, etc.), they are subject to the laws for commercial vehicles, and should be registered with the appropriate license plates. Steve
  7. Steve from SoCal

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    I was reading the link TreyandSusan posted and found an interesting statement. Texas allows RV titled trucks and semi tractors to tow RV trailer, no mention of other types of trailers. From this one could infer that a utility, car or horse trailer can NOT be towed by a Texas RV big truck? Several folks here have mentioned using their trucks to tow other types of trailers, none in Texas. So Texas RV trucks are limited in the type of trailers they can tow. At least according to the letter of the law? Steve
  8. Steve from SoCal

    Ice maker in Samsung residential fridge

    I agree with gypsies, Is the fridge powered by an inverter constantly? Check the voltage to the fridge. I never hooked up my ice maker because they take a good deal of energy to make cubes. I use ice trays myself. What is the freezer temp set at? Steve
  9. Steve from SoCal

    Merry Christmas/ Happy Holidays

    Merry Christmas to one and all, may you have a healthy and happy New Year. Cheers, Steve
  10. Steve from SoCal

    Slide room design/ suppliers

    I am aware of that, are there other vendors with a better product? Steve
  11. Steve from SoCal

    Slide room design/ suppliers

    What companies slide assemblies are reliable and easily available. I am looking for either complete room sections or the mechanism for the rooms I construct. These are nothing special they don't need to be flat floor and, they are not very long 8.5'. The design includes 4 of that size, 3 are identical and one is deeper in opening. Steve
  12. Steve from SoCal

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Are you sure of that? A lot of clerks don't know the laws the enforce. https://www.tn.gov/safety/driver-services/commercial-driver-license/cdlalt_faqs.html Steve
  13. Steve from SoCal

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    Not according to this, https://www.colorado.gov/pacific/dmv/cdl-restrictions
  14. Steve from SoCal

    South Carolina State Transport Police encounter

    In many states you can self certify your medical for Interstate CDL operations. The federal mandate for med cards is for intrastate driving. Another thing about CDL Vs Exempt licenses, in most states an Exempt license is good for 5 years, a CDL is every 4 years. An exempt, class whatever or as some here call them "non commercial" CDL's that last one is an oxymoron but, are all you need. A CDL is type of drivers license not a class unto itself. Charlie, sounds like you were bobtail when you were pulled over? Think he would have bothered if you were pulling your camper? Steve
  15. Steve from SoCal

    Over the Hump to Tecopa Part 2

    A few comments here, I kinda went over the same thing in Tecopa V1.0 First; Chad and others the lower BAC levels and not being able to adjudicate a citation is federal and applies everywhere. This is the reason many have suggested a Class A exempt where they are available. I am not sure Nevada has an exempt class A? In the last thread I mentioned pre-trip inspections, this knowledge is essential for someone driving a big truck. A lot of truckers sad to say don't follow this very well either but, knowing your truck and how it works is the basis for ALL drivers. The systems on big trucks are not complex, the parts and pieces mostly easy to look at. There are a few dirty things to get to, a few hard things to get to(on some trucks) a lot harder. That said, finding a broken spring or a leaking hose before you get on the road is not only safer, it is usually less costly. The in cab air brake test is a vital check of the trucks brakes, doing it every morning or the first leg of a trip ensures the brakes function AND the compressor, governor and warring systems work. Cory, you mentioned 4 ten hour days, that is going to be like a blur. 10 four hour days would be much better. I was a flight instructor for many years, primary flight instruction is usually done in 1-2 hour blocks so as not to overload the student. In advanced training longer blocks are done but, while just getting the feel for how the controls work and what does what it can be overwhelming. The academic learning,knock yourself out, read the CDL book cover to cover, maybe a few times. The skill portion of the school at 10 hour blocks is going to be just enough to pass the test, not a rounded education. The fact is, any trucking company would have a new CDL holder go through training for several weeks to months before they were on their own. The quest for knowledge and betterment of oneself is admirable, I applaud your determination. Steve