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  1. Steve from SoCal


    What Mark is saying is true, The actual number of trucks being used as legitimate RV's is tiny. The clerk at the DMV office you go to register very likely has never encountered the situation before. Because these transactions are so rare they are often aware of them only by a studied applicant, armed with the state code. The same issue is valid for DMV, Cops and, other government workers. Big 5er Phil's advice about having a book of statutes and rules to educate the random officials you may encounter is really the most straight forward way to present your case on the road. I dealing with DMV folks, I have found using the states own DMV and, revenue code were most helpful. In my case the clerks learned about the entire process from ME. Steve
  2. Steve from SoCal

    Let’s Discuss Harbor Freight

    I like Georgia am a tool snob, that said I too have some HF unmentionables. Actually I have a LOT of HF stuff in review. The cheap small angle grinders are disposable I have gone thru many, hammer drills for concrete anchors OK for 1/2 and under, sawsall takes a lickin and keeps on tickin, 10.00 battery drill great value. I use a 1/2 ton 120 volt winch on a small overhead crane, I have a 50 ton hyd press that is well made, the larger horizontal bandsaw, it is not in the class of my DoAll's but is portable and works OK. I have 3/4 and 1 inch earthquake air impacts, they are well made, not sure of durability in hard daily use, for my needs they are great. In addition I have some impact sockets, adapters and, big 18-24" crescent wrenches. These have all been pretty good tools. I still prefer Snap-on for wrenches, chrome sockets, hand tools in general. Harbor Freight had a store in Reseda, Ca long ago that was their first? retail store. I used to buy Peterson Vise grips there, cheapest place in the day. The hand tools they sole were as bad a could be, as someone on another forum says "tool resembling objects" they have come a long way. The reality is, Snap-on, Proto, etc are still made to high standards. The cheap tools have become far closer to high quality tools because of manufacturing improvements. So even cheap tools today are far better than they were 10 years ago, and light years better than the crooked wrenches of 30 years ago. Steve
  3. Steve from SoCal


    Phil, This subject comes up often, the gross violations are easy to see. What or IF are the tolerances on length limits? A 45' trailer as an example being towed by a truck with an OAL of say 65' 5"? The letter of the law is 65' where would "most" LEO's write a cite? Like speed, a mile or two over IS a violation that most won't cite. Steve
  4. Steve from SoCal

    Will there be a day?

    Chuck, I agree about insane rules, however tourism is a major lobby in the state as well. The other thing is they can regulate stuff inside the state, feel good legislation. There may be a day when old RV's are not welcome, personally it just doesn't seem to be a major source of contention. RV's are exempt from CARB mandates could that change, yes, will it not likely. Steve
  5. Steve from SoCal

    Will there be a day?

    Crazy as the Pols are in California, tourism is a huge industry. In real numbers there just isn't enough big RV's to worry about. They may be crazy, they are not stupid. Steve
  6. Steve from SoCal

    Engine Trouble Saga

    Good read Chad, I know with CAT platinum you can get 4 year warranty does Cummins offer something comparable? I have an older truck as well and, the idea of going through it top to bottom Vs buying a newer model is a hot topic on trucker forums. Personally I chose a pre-emission truck knowing full well I would be facing some major work at some point. Short of buying a glider with an older driveline rebuilding makes the most sense to me. Yea that is a hard pill to swallow but, it's done deal now. The new trucks have some real advantages I don't deny that, for the RV user however they also are more costly in up keep and, seem to have not yet solved some significant issues. The market for pre-emission trucks shows that, then there is the pre-eld trucks. The relative simplicity of pre-emission engines and, durability of our trucks points to them soldering on for millions of miles and decades of service if one chooses to. T2's are already becoming "classics" on the road. I have some ideas for a body on your truck, more integrated like the body on my 387. Steve
  7. Steve from SoCal

    75 ft 18 in overall length

    Phil, Please explain, traffic violations are infractions? Does a city/county attorney have to elevate to file misdemeanor charges? In Kansas and California you can't get a jury trial for a traffic ticket. Steve
  8. Steve from SoCal

    75 ft 18 in overall length

    Phil, I believe it IS the commercial motor carrier handbook, the funny thing is they show a PU towing a camper and boat as the double tow bumper pull example. This is what I found on a quick search, http://sdtruckinfo.com/docs/mchandbook_chap4.pdf Steve
  9. Steve from SoCal

    75 ft 18 in overall length

    I have never traveled in South Dakota and out of curiosity I just looked at their truck MC handbook, dated 2007. There are a couple things that stand out, it clearly states weight violations are misdemeanors with no such mention of length violations? The answer to that may lie in the actual statute, there is NO length limit for a semi tractor semi trailer and trailer combination. The 75' limit is showing a bumper pulled double trailer combination. A semi tractor drawing a semi trailer with either another semi trailer and dolly or trailer behind it has no length limit or restriction. There are a couple catches, each trailer must be 45' max and the two trailers together have a 81'6" max length. Steve
  10. Steve from SoCal

    75 ft 18 in overall length

    While I am NOT an attorney my sister is, an over length infraction is an administrative law. As such unless the vehicle was a danger to others or was driven recklessly the idea that misdemeanor charges are filed would be nil. There is another aspect of this, divisible load. Since the combination vehicle is three units and could easily be separated, law enforcement could compel the operator to separate the combination. An over length ticket my hurt the wallet of the operator it is not a jail able offence on its own. The LEO could even be a jerk and tow one unit, that would add extra cost and aggravation. There is still no "criminal aspect" to the violation. This is like having dark tinted windows, not allowed but not a criminal statute. Steve
  11. Steve from SoCal

    Indianapolis IN sucky roads.

    Be aware of lane restriction for three axle vehicles. While MH designation may give you some latitude, lane restrictions are easy violations for cops. That is one of the big pluses of being a single rear axle truck, no worries about that and split speed limits. Steve
  12. Steve from SoCal

    Dropped Trailer-Segue

    Reading this confirmed what I have always though, there really is no practical way to unhitch from an actively burning trailer. At least one where the fire is towards the hitch area. I carry two ten pound extinguishers and they may work on a small fire but face it, that is only IF you see it and can get to the flame source. My hitch is closer to the rear of the sleeper than many and the heat alone would be an issue in short order. I do have one point to ponder, my truck has a 25 gallon water tank. The water pump is no fire pump but a spray head with 3 GPM may cool the nose of the trailer enough to prevent the truck from burning up? I think I will ad a 50' hose and spray head to the truck just for good measure.
  13. Steve from SoCal

    Finally Did it! Dropped Fiver!

    I agree, things like hooking up a trailer should be completed without fail every time from rote memory. There is an old saying about pilots who have landed gear up. It is an adage that doesn't ring true, committing critical checks to rote memory eliminates potential missed steps. Always do the same thing and in the same order. As in on short final in a fixed gear airplane, gear check down and welded. Also, please folks, every time you start a leg on a trip do a tug test. There are enough jerks out there to demand that these days. Make it a routine item and you will do it instinctively. Steve
  14. Steve from SoCal

    CAT ECM Issue

    Won't speculate on what happened, you should confirm the CAT guy has a CAT approved laptop and licensed software. Cloned computers and software usually works but, there could be some com port or parity errors. These issues generally would not allow the devices to communicate at all. If it is any consolation, I had several Fanuc CNC controls blow serial ports on download Memory is not immune from failure, look into a refurbished ECM. Steve
  15. Dave, You are having a blast pimpin out that hood! You AND Newt need CAT hats. Steve