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  1. California CDL

    John, I am familiar with "private carriers" my USDOT is as one. If you look at the Cal FAQ for MCP they actually say either for business or private use. https://www.dmv.ca.gov/portal/dmv/?1dmy&urile=wcm:path:/dmv_content_en/dmv/vehindustry/mcp/mcpfaq#whodoes Steve
  2. California CDL

    The confusion with California law is that the exemptions for authority etc are clearly worded under 26001 GVWR. All class 7-8 trucks have higher GVWR's. Because California states that ALL trucks are commercial by license statutes and, then exempts class 6 and under, tells me they DON'T allow that exemption for class 7-8 trucks. That is the issue I mentioned above, the only change the DMV and CADOT could do without legislative change is to include the bigger trucks in the commercial exemption for personal use. There is at this time no provision to exclude them from the MCP program at the state level. I am not sure how the DMV or state would rule on the matter, they seem to have no exceptions for heavy trucks to be used as private vehicles, going as far an mentioning carriers of personal property subject to MCP rules. Steve
  3. California CDL

    Bronc, Having just read the California commercial vehicle PDF, I see a problem for you and the other trucks in Calif. The exemption that Chad cites is in the PDF and, it says motor trucks used solely to tow RV's and utility trailers. That part is OK with the Bronco on the deck? The problem is it also states the exemption is only for trucks with GVWR under 26001. In reading the California statutes there is NO exemption for class 7 or 8 trucks period. That is registration, then MCP info is grayer, the CADOT says that all vehicles carrying their own goods (except campers) The major problem I see with all the California rules and regs are they exclude campers but, limit the exemption to class 6 and below. In reading the laws, the only thing that may be a consideration is extending the exemption to class 7-8 trucks? Steve
  4. California CDL

    Bronco, Have you considered going before an administrative law judge? Your truck is easily recognized as a "Toy" with the absence of a gray area in the California statute case law could go far to either clarify or nullify your claim. You Do take the chance of loosing BUT, with an RV hitch, body work and all you can argue the recreational aspect. California is willing to recognize a passenger bus as an RV, they cite an exemption for trucks hauling RV's, the next step is to codify that status. That everything from Ranchero's and El Camino's to class 8 trucks are commercial shows the state has not reviewed the statute in decades. Maybe a fresh case will change that mindset. The last case I am aware of was heard at least 15 years ago and, it was poorly presented. Steve
  5. Texas Class A road test with one ton and fifthwheel?

    For a class A license, not testing in an air braked vehicle puts a restriction on the license, there is NO air brake endorsement. To remove the restriction would require you to demonstrate air brake inspection and operations to license authorities. Steve
  6. Attention Visitors and Lurkers - Please Read and Respond to this Request

    Bill, I am confused, with this being your first post on the forums how were you "disrespected"? The MDT option is valid, there are some very capable MDT trucks, they are as costly or more costly than many HDT trucks. That is one of the more reasonable debating points, buying something like an RV hauler is a choice full of options. The HDT option has few true crew cab options, the MDT option with a crew cab has that option, that is a big point of contention for many. Most MDT t rucks are not considered RV's and depending on where you are domiciled could have an impact on how you are licensed and what your fees will be. There are no one size fits all in trucks hence the wide array of offerings. The heavier class 6 MDT trucks are often class 7 trucks with down rated equipment, your insistence on staying with a class 6 truck limits your options IMHO. With a 15K trailer ANY class 5 or 6 truck would be more than enough, the limiting issues would be in power and braking. It is your choice, no one is able to make your choice for you. The folks on the forums are relaying their own experiences and, many here have gone through the fleet from 3/4 or 1 ton pick ups incrementally to HDT or MDT trucks. Your trailer weight is a consideration along with future plans like a heavier trailer, where you plan to travel and, what your budget is. Travel in the mountains with a heavy trailer will be slower and more stressful on a low powered truck, yes it will haul the trailer but, work hard pulling grades. That is one of the biggest complaints of MDT trucks, they don't have the power options of the heavier trucks. Class 6 trucks will have hydraulic brakes and, some will have transmission brakes instead of engine brakes for down hill speed control. Many class 6 trucks were not designed as air ride bodies and the air suspension is not as well integrated as the semi tractors. Last, buying a prepackaged MDT is like buying a pick up, you get what the manufacture offers. If that is what you want, go for it. The cab and chassis options offer much greater choice at nearly comparable price but, you do the leg work and, spec the features YOU want. Steve
  7. Aftermarket cruise control

    In many cases the brake light switch IS the problem, they are cheap and pretty easy to change. Steve
  8. Highway Patrol - The reason why......

    I agree with John, I have actually successfully contested a citation by mail. Many locations pay officers to appear in court, most don't pay to respond to trials by mail. One thing about big trucks we are ignoring, the idea that we are outlaw trucks. Phil has a pretty good nose for these kind of operations. When a cop sees a big truck with no markings and wonders what gives? If you have a camper that is registered to you along with the truck, that explains it, a trailer with a paper plate or no plate? A truck and trailer registered to an LLC? There are a few gotcha's that can find you talking to Johnny Law along side of the road. In any case having the correct license is all that is needed, no CDL. I had a California class A exempt for a long time, I had to get a CDL for my business, all things considered I would prefer an exempt license. In California two things a lot of out of staters ignore are the split speed limit and lane restriction. Steve
  9. Update of Bed Build

    How much does it weigh? Out in Hesperia about every other place has a loader or skid steer. I wouldn't be surprised if someone near by didn't have a forklift. Are the struts between the wheels outside the tire track? Do the Egyptian thing with blocks and jacks, once on the ground, roll it over with a couple trucks. I can tell you from painting airplanes, being on your back under the object to paint is just miserable. Steve
  10. Update of Bed Build

    John, If you have something that lifted that bed on the truck, you should be able to roll it over. It looks a bit flimsy but, tip it on its side and, pull it over with forks under it or sling from above. Is that 3x3 structural? What does it weigh? You could even roll it like a wrecker righting a trailer, one pulling, one belaying. Steve
  11. Update of Bed Build

    I have painted several airplanes and, I second the pressure pot. If you do spray paint ANY thing with isocyanates "hardener" please wear a supplied air respirator or better yet full face mask. Silly question, why don't you flip the body over to paint the underside? Steve
  12. Setting dates of the National HDT Rally, how is it done?

    Dave, Would going 84 down to Provo, across to 70 and, at Grand Junction take US 50 right into Hutch help? Steve
  13. Another HDT spotted today, 1-5-2018.

    My shop is literally next to the UP mainline from the west coast to Kansas City. I have either gotten more deaf or immune to the noise. In L.A. my house is under the departure routing from LAX and with several other airports near by airplanes are a constant. In Kansas the lack of air traffic was hard to adjust to, the trains I guess are trying to keep me alive, here comes one now!!! Steve
  14. Chevy volt battery questions

    That is an option. I personally want to stay away from having different fuel systems, that was one reason for going all electric in the Teton. Propane, gas and, other fuels add more complexity not to mention having to source them. The KISS approach make sense, it minimizes the possibility that you run out or forget to refuel. Steve
  15. Chevy volt battery questions

    I have a 48 volt phantom system in my truck right now. With 4 starting batteries, I am looking at adding a 48 volt alternator to the truck. This will be a hillbilly battery apu. Using a dedicated inverter for my fridge, another for microwave, HVAC and, power receptacles. I was considering using a Volt battery bank in my Teton but, I think I am going to skip right to the 48' project trailer. In RV systems 12 volt DC is a default standard. For folks that are looking to do high power battery banks that may be a blind hole to go down. Glenn's example of the mini split is eye opening, at 6 amps on 120 volts that is a mere 720 watts. Using a battery bank to provide RV wide AC service is where I plan to go. My own idea is to use the Volt charger logic and garage power supply, the inverters would only power the various circuits. The garage charger is 240 volt 30 or 50 amp, using an RV plug on a 50 amp pedestal would give you full charging capacity. With a deep enough reserve even a 30 amp service would work with the time demand constant of an RV. Having a generator then becomes an option. Even a small portable capable of providing 240 service would work albeit slowly Think of your battery bank as a reservoir, your inverters as power generators, even at low flow over time the water rises, the flow of water is constant, demand changes over time. Even a 30 amp 120 shore power plug supplies 1800 continuous watts, with just a few KW of reserve you can live unimpeded. Add some solar and you could possibly be totally independent. One thing I want to incorporate is a UPS plug so the battery bank can serve as a back up power source to a home or shop. Steve