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  1. Steve from SoCal

    Smart car running ruff after buying gas

    Is the gas cap sealing? A bad cap will set a CEL, as far as poor running, did the pump run slow when you filled up? I am a Mercedes guy with Xentry lap top but I have no knowledge of Smart Cars, generally the condition you describe could be a fuel pump or pressure transducer on a Mercedes. Coil pack and plugs would be a more constant miss, not sure the electronics on a Smart are Motronic? Steve
  2. Steve from SoCal


    So, You gona be tradin in the Dr Pepper for a Frappe? Duckin, Steve
  3. Steve from SoCal

    Off topic...sort of

    Somehow I don't think too many Volvo drivers need be concerned about that. Don't see Volvo's with kitty's. The ELD thing has raised the price of pre 2000 trucks though. Maybe the older Volvo's are "hot" somewhere? Naw, could you see any "respectable" outlaw trucker in a VOLVO!!!! Steve
  4. Steve from SoCal

    Proper Driver's License delima

    The way I read this you have some time constraint? Barring that issue, many Community Colleges have CDL classes that take a few weeks to complete. They provide a truck and trailer for testing and the cost is reasonable. Take the CDL test and down grade if you wish later. The CDL will require a permit and a medical but these are not costly. The instructors are often state approved examiners as well so the school is where you would test. This is the most cost effective and, the instructors are often retired truck drivers with great depth of knowledge. Steve
  5. Steve from SoCal

    Private rv not for hire

    California is one a few states that allow lane splitting. I have followed or been followed by cops on bikes splitting lanes on freeways and surface streets. There are a lot of folks who say lane splitting is crazy, IMHO it is FAR safer than being in a pack of cars. ANY signage on a big truck "could" be construed as some regulatory verbiage, a personal vehicle is just that, you don't see cars and pick ups with "not for hire". Just my 2 cents Steve
  6. Steve from SoCal

    Quartzsite, RV parks, big rigs, wife retiring.

    I flew into Quartzsite once to get a Beech 18, I'm good forever! Steve
  7. Steve from SoCal

    Remedial Question - Air Governor

    To add to Scrap's description, here is a bad picture of my dryer with a mini purge tank and governor. Steve
  8. Steve from SoCal

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Getting close, conforming test fit. Have to re position the fresh water fill neck, everything else is ready to fly. Steve
  9. Steve from SoCal

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    I looked at "Voyager" can you link the system you have? The number of active cameras would only be 4 at any given time, maybe three? Thanks, Steve
  10. Steve from SoCal

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Here is the tail on the truck, there is a door that will be wrapped between the outer panels above the yellow hitch plate. There is a bumper that goes below the back up lights across the entire back. Steve
  11. Steve from SoCal

    What's on the back of you truck?

    I got it off ebay, it is not the highest quality? 26.00 for 2X8 feet. It is as much an experiment and learning experience, I may try wrapping my rear bumper in chrome? The whole truck is going to the paint shop when everything is done and flight tested. The rear panels could easily be painted at that time, I do kinda like it, not as reflective as stainless and, it breaks up the monotony. I am doing the airline bracket now and will check the final fit up later today barring a T-storm. I shut off my three phase in storms, lost a pin and socket connector and three expensive fuses a while back. Steve
  12. Steve from SoCal

    What's on the back of you truck?

    Here is a rear panel with vinyl wrap, what do you think? Steve
  13. Steve from SoCal

    Cameras for truck/trailer

    Dash cams are popular as stand alone systems, on a multi channel video system in a truck are they the best choice? My truck is at the point where installing cameras and DVR for forward, side and rear view imaging is here. These are the camera positions I think I want? A dash cam for historical data, a hitch cam for loading/observation, a rear truck body cam and, rear trailer cam for historical/ real time observation. Perhaps a right side cam for blind spot observation? The above system would have 5 cameras, a 4 channel DVR could record all the historical data, the hitch cam being live data only. Video quality and focal length/field of view are different for a couple of the cameras and conditions, the hitch for example and, the rear body cameras. Backing up a wider field of view on the trailer than when recording on highway events? What do I want in cameras and how are the parameters of the cameras manipulated are considerations. I have no familiarity with CCTV or video cameras, this is all new to me. While I am not looking for broadcast quality, I do want a system that has good image quality and robust hardware. Price is secondary to performance but I don't need an over performing system either. I have no particular qualms with parts and pieces vs a complete system, no constraints on system type, hard wire systems seem to be a better choice for this use. What do I want and where do I find it? Steve
  14. Steve from SoCal

    What's on the back of you truck?

    I have a 1500 watt inverter at the rear of the truck, the receptacles are right behind door number 1. There is also an Anderson plug for jump starting there. Really the only thing missing is a wet line kit, the stuff I wonder about is not truck stuff, it is the gadgets and gizmos RV's have? Steve
  15. Steve from SoCal

    DPF DIY Service on D16

    A tap burner is not quite a wire EDM. I have an old Electro Arc machine, they are great for removing the broken carbide drill in the broken E-Z out in the broken bolt. Seems everybody starts with the most readily available means and go down the rabbit hole until there are no more ways to try. E-Z outs are pretty good on 3/8+ bolts where you can drill clean through the bolt, blind holes or smaller sizes are less successful. Welding a nut is a good option, wax when the bolt is still hot is a good idea too. It makes sense to try and remove the bolt in place IF there is good access and a bit of work to remove the part. Worst case you will have to find someone with a burner. Steve