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  1. I see it, don't know of any polishers I'll ask around? Could use my shop if the fair won't allow that kind of thing. I was thinking of painting my wheels cause they are really dingy. How many trucks you guys think would want in? Steve
  2. Rubber air lines are better. Plastic air lines are more of a problem in cold temps they become brittle. The sun is hard on any plastic or rubber "most" rubber air lines are several layers. The outer layer is subject to the harsh conditions while the inner tube is protected. Urban areas have more smog that also contributes to decay in both materials. My air lines use quick disconnects at both ends, I store the lines in the truck when not in use. I have a set of plastic airlines that have been in a box for many years and they seem like new. Exposure to sun and widely ranging temps are the main degrader, stretching is also a factor in wear. Steve
  3. Are they plastic or rubber? Plastic ones 3 years in the sun is about when I would change, rubber no cracking OK. You do a pretrip so when you check the air lines see how flexible they are. Most airlines fail at points where the hose has hardened. Steve
  4. Best bang for the buck, Harbor Freight truck crane with either a hand winch or electric
  5. Steve from SoCal


    I have a similar issue with working on my trailer (Kentucky) anyway, I have a scaffold that I have been using. It is kinda clunky, I am in the process of developing a scaffold using pallet racking that will have two deck levels. The top level can be as high as 10' with safety railing. Steve
  6. I have a 1996 Teton that I removed the fridge, heaters and micro from. None of these have any ANSI or registered testing lab certs as RV. I just looked up ANSI/RV and it seems the RV industry association RVIA is the source of this certification. That is a trade group not a regulatory body. Perhaps a call to your state rep ? Steve
  7. If cooking is an issue, get a small grill and put it in the jockey box. My lil Weber Q grill fits nicely, just keep the propane outside the cab. Steve
  8. Steve from SoCal


    Pretty likely, outside of finished units sold through dealers MDT trucks are like HDT trucks outside of most lending institutions have data on. The body upfitters that make tow rigs are listed, they usually come at a steep price. Have you tried small banks/ credit unions? Steve
  9. Careful there Dave, You're besmirching Dolly Trolly's magic elixir. As John Lee Hooker wrote (no relation I assume)I'll have one bourbon, one scotch, one beer. Steve
  10. Do you tow a 5th wheel or gooseneck trailer now? How wide and steep on the stairs?
  11. Only toll roads I have been on are turnpikes, ill, Ind, Ks. They have all taken my money gladly with nary a hitch
  12. I ain't Phil but I betcha the plate has to be clearly visible. Just put on the outside of the basket
  13. yep, You need to have access to a scale and some weight
  14. Kenopolis lake is nice, some say nicest in Kansas. https://ksoutdoors.com/State-Parks/Locations/Kanopolis
  15. Dave, A few years ago a company that does full semi trailer wraps used my shop to do a few overflow trailers. They wrapped trailers with rivets or more correctly hucks, anyway they used a small heat gun and it looked like it was painted on. The guys told me the life of vinyl is estimated to be 7 years. Steve
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