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  1. If the virus were to be found here in southern Louisiana in crawfish, well we'd just have to close our borders and suffer the consequences. While we enjoy our crawfish....
  2. Unless the person delivering your package has just coughed or sneezed on the box.
  3. I've been on Red Pocket (which uses ATT) for 2 months now and have been pleased. No contract, cheaper than ATT's plans. Does have a family plan which I'm on with 4 phones.
  4. Did you post your FT on the www.foreforums.com owners website? Might get more interest there.
  5. Or look at Tigers, a bit less expensive: https://www.tigervehicles.com
  6. You might also want to consider joining RVGolfclub and/or Harvest Hosts. Both have arrangements with either golf courses or wineries, museums, farms, etc. that allow you to dry camp for 1 night. Even though we don't golf we've stayed at a few courses and enjoyed a nice quiet night and often a nice meal at the clubhouse.
  7. Would you sell just the 2 panels? How old are they? I'm near Baton Rouge just off I-10
  8. Look at Hwy. 375 just north of El Paso. I've taken it a few times, there is an area with a climb but not bad. It avoids the worst of I-10 through EP.
  9. One thing if you haven't already done this is to turn off all automatic updates for your computers, apps, and phones. Only update them over wifi. Some of these updates can be pretty large. BTW we did Millenicom also.
  10. We are on our way back home now, left Louisiana on May 13 and entered Alaska on June 11. The only reservation we made before leaving was at Teklanika inside Denali. Everything else we either just pulled in or called a day ahead. Keep in mind that most commercial campgrounds in Canada and Alaska are gravel parking lots with few amenities. Some are pretty narrow but doable. We have a 36' motorhome towing a truck. We traveled solo since our traveling companions had to cancel, but we had a great time by ourselves. Lots to see and do. We did the Alcan going up and the Cassiar coming back. The northern part of the Cassiar is mostly narrow chip seal with no lane markings. Below Jade it gets better. Pay attention to frost heaves, you'll quickly learn how to spot them. Very few are marked and can cause damage. We've seen a number of trailers and even fifth wheels with suspension damage, but I would imagine they were driving much faster than we did. We drove mostly 50mph and down to 30 or so when in an area with many frost heaves. We also found 45 was a good speed when in heavy heaves which allowed us to slow down quicker. Keep in mind that you can always park the RV and fly home for a week or 2 if needed. Get the Milepost ahead of time to learn how to use it, it is somewhat confusing and not totally accurate. We found numerous errors, but it's still the best guide around.
  11. Orca, glad you mentioned the wider swing-out of your trailer. At a tight campground near Denali a guy pulling a long 5th wheel hit my truck (which was fortunately parked in front of my MH and protecting it!) and caused $2000 damage because he didn't watch his turn. But my dash cam caught it all.
  12. Last night while traveling down the Cassiar highway in northern BC Canada we pulled into a rest area in the heavy rain. Parked, got out of my seat, took a shower while my DW was preparing dinner. Read some then went to sleep in a nice warm motorhome. All this without having to exit the motorhome. The next morning I did my normal walk around and we drove off. That is one of the reasons why I enjoy traveling in a motorhome!
  13. I bought this printer just for the motorhome: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B079QRKWLX/ref=ppx_yo_dt_b_search_asin_title?ie=UTF8&psc=1 It's about the smallest laser printer. For data storage I use portable HDDs, they're pretty cheap now and small enough to have quite a few 1-2 Tb drives stored away.
  14. Think about this: when you first get to a parking space your awareness of surroundings is fresh. So it is safer to back in. But when you get to your car if you have to back out, you unlock the door, load your groceries, etc. get in, buckle up, start the engine, then back out. Your awareness of the surroundings is stale, things have changed. I always back into a parking spot unless it is not possible.
  15. I've had good success using the Inficon Whisper but it does take a little technique. Also be careful holding the water hose piece to your ear, possibility for a ruptured eardrum.
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