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Having someone move the Fifth Wheel for me


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I'm hoping to full time soon with a twist and looking for advice/comments. I'm not a camper in the sense that I won't be moving around alot. I do like to move, however, so I'm thinking the RV is the best option for my future so I don't have to pack and repack each time I'm ready to move on. It may be once or twice a year. I was thinking of getting a Fifth Wheel and hiring a company to move it for me when I'm ready. I have a car, but I don't have the truck to pull it. I'm thinking that paying someone to move it for me once in a while is much less expensive than buying the truck which I currently don't have. I work remote so I'll be working full time. I considered a motorhome but then I would have to tow my car on a dolly and from what I've read, that comes with more headaches than I may be willing to deal with. Has anyone ever done something like this? Your thoughts and comments are much appreciated. 

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Have you looked into where you are going to park your 5th wheel? Cities tend not to have RV parks. You can sometimes find a short term space in a mobile home park. Smaller towns sometimes have RV parks but they seldom let you stay six months at a time. Public parks seldom let you stay more than two weeks. Private RV parks tend to  rent seasonal sites if you will be in an area for their season. But, that pretty much limits you to being south for the winter and north for the summer--which you would need to do anyway unless your rig is exceptionally well insulated. To me, finding a place to park your rig is just as important as how you will move it.

Linda Sand

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Some long-term RV parks require you to possess a tow  vehicle if you are living in a towable trailer.  I'd bet virtually all RV sales and service stores maintain a list of moving companies for RV's. You can even rent a truck set-up for towing a 5er if you wish.

https://rvshare.com/   also has a moving section.

You can expect to pay about $5 per loaded mile for a move in todays current conditions.

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You might want to consider a small Class C motorhome or a Class B.  Then you wouldn't really need a car and you could easily drive from place to place yourself.

Do you know that your present car needs to be towed on a dolly?  Many do not. You can just use a tow bar behind the motorhome. . easier than a dolly.  However, even if you used a dolly and you only move 2-3x/year that's not a big deal. I'm sure you could have someone from the RV park help you with the dolly if that would be an issue.


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I suggest that you investigate the companies that will move a fifth wheel before you get too far. If you have not done so, visit some large RV dealerships and perhaps an RV show or two in order to get a feel for what RVs are available and what they cost. If you are thinking that this will save you a lot of money, that is not likely to be true and particularly if you pay someone to move the RV any significant distance several times a year. How much RV experience have you had? If the answer is none, then you might be wise to rent one first, just to get some feel for what you are undertaking. As for buying something that is motorized and then towing a car, I don't know what you have been reading, but there are many of us here and literally thousands of RV folks who do that and don't consider it to be a headache. When I first towed with my motorhome the thing that surprised me most was just how easy it was. 

Good travelin !...............Kirk

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Thanks. I definitely know my car has to be on a dolly, I have researched that. That is the concern for me if I have a motorhome is having to deal with that. As I age, it will be harder for me to put it on the dolly and take it off. I am considering a class C but it won't necessarily be small. I'll be taking 4 cats with me so that in itself presents challenges (litter boxes etc) so I have to consider that. They are all old and will adjust as they have moved with me several times. This may be easier for them as they will then always be in their own space once we set down somewhere. Plus I work remotely so I'll be inside at least 9 hours a day and don't want to get too claustrophobic if its too small even though its just me and the cats. 

I didn't think it would be less expensive necessarily, even if I only move once or twice a year, but maybe just easier. That's why I'm looking for input. All options are still on the table. I have started to look, including today I just came from an RV show. I'm considering my best options. I have a good remote job which will allow me to do this financially and geographically, but I feel like I have one shot at this so I want to make the best choice based on an informed decision. Thanks!

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