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What's the best modification you've made to your rig?

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I mean, was adding a toilet wand or the hot water re-circulator the best modification?

How about converting unused space under your kitchen bench seats to hold documents?

Morryde suspension changes? New, higher range tires?

How about that windshield washer pump that spays out the back of your rig onto tailgaters?

I realize that some modifications come from necessity and not from "this will make my rig worth more" point of view.


What's the one that you got the best bang for the buck?

For me, adding in the spray nozzle near the toilet was a big win, well that and changing the shower head....

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Oh my.  This could get fun.  I need those spray nozzles on the back bumper....

I think my favorite mod so far has to be the BluDot brake system, which converts electric/hydraulic brakes to air/hydraulic.  Obviously, they don't work for most folks, but they were a lot of bang for the buck.

A close second would be adding a bunch of d-rings to the walls of the garage area.  I put them every 16", on the studs, and near the floor, and at 1' and 2' above, on the wall.  Great for tying down chairs, step ladder, etc.

One more thing, extra mud flaps.  I made oversize mud flaps from horse stall mats, plus added a full width "hula skirt" under the rear bumper.  It's nearly eliminated stone chips on the trailer.

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I like the idea of the "D" rings!  I usually have stuff just bouncing around.

I'm considering the hot water re-circulator for the shower like what some of the Motor homes have:

Shower miser

It sure would save some water boondocking, but it seems that it would warm up the fresh water tank and possible over fill it if connected to city water.

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I added a carry basket to the back of the trailer. It fits into the 2" receiver. I put a clamp on it to keep it from flopping about as we travel.  I can't say that it's not still flopping about because the camera doesn't see it out the back...

A hardwired, progressive industries power monitor was a good add as well.

I recently added a battery monitor that attempts to tell me the SOC and current draw..

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We're doing all sorts of mods to our Reflection. The first major one was a water softener. Currently the water softener and the two (large) filters are in a very large tub in the front of the pickup's bed. After we get back to The Ranch this fall I'm going to add a cargo shelf at the rear, mounted in the small receiver spot. That will hold the water softener stuff and maybe a few other small items.

Thursday I installed a breaker in the line from the solar panel to the solar controller. That's more of an on-off switch, but it will still provide some protection. The Furrion solar controller now serves as a very large paperweight, as it has been replaced by a similar Victron one.

The plan is to replace the existing solar panel with four residential ones, 400W each, and the two 12v 100AH LiFePO4 batteries with two 24v 200AH LiFePO4 batteries. A 24v to 12v converter will also be added. The biggest item will be a Victron MultiPlus II unit.

I'm currently laying out how it will all fit. It is MUCH cheaper to erase a few lines on a piece of paper than to move a heavy piece of equipment.

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In addition to our water softener and PI power monitor,

a Vizio sound bar that was the most economical addition to our RV. We also installed La Crosse technologies remote temperature sensors so we can monitor the temps in the cargo bay and elsewhere. We added recirculating fans inside our Dometic absorption fridge, that has made a big difference.

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Our 5th wheel is older and I have made quite a few modifications.  We mostly boondock. The ones that made the biggest difference  are solar, 1400ah @12v LifeP04 batteries, mini split and a residential refrigerator. I also have an HDT that has 100 gallon waste and fresh water tanks.

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In order of impact/importance to us (sort of...):

  • Replaced OEM mattress with Tuft & Needle foam mattress
  • MORryde independent suspension with disc brakes
  • LiFePO4 batteries (already had solar) to support the residential fridge
  • Washer & dryer (vented)
  • Replaced sleeper sofa with Ekornes Stressless recliners
  • Replaced theater seats with Lambright dual reclining loveseat
  • Replaced cooktop with combo induction/LP unit (and removed LP oven - we use the convection microwave for baking)
  • Replaced dinette chairs with storage ottomans (same width as table so still seats 4)
  • Installed water leak detectors in strategic locations (part of YoLink smart RV system)
  • Quick-connect setup in utility bay for flushing black tank
  • Sonos Beam (Gen 2) sound bar with Sub Mini in entertainment center

Those are the major ones I can think of now.


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I literally have ten pages (typed out) that document all the modifications I have made to my rig and I’ve only owned it since May of last year.  The biggest/best changes were a complete solar, battery, inverter system with 3390 watts of solar, dual Victron Quattro 5KVA inverter chargers and 1080 amp hours of Battle Born lithium batteries with a bunch of other bells and whistles.  Next would be a Flex Armor roof and Continental 235R17.5 tires.  We also had the floor plan customized to meet our needs better.  It is a very unique DRV MX450 Full House Toy Hauler.  I think I have pretty much done everything I can to it to make it fit our needs and traveling style the best that I can.

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Caveat, our Nash 17 is 22 feet long and very well insulated.  Last year the OEM air conditioner (A/C) gave up and we replaced it with a RecPro /Houghton 15,000 BTU non ducted air conditioner/heat pump (A/C). I can begin to tell you how much quieter the Houghton is than the old OEM A/C.  I then modified the power cord from the A/C by cutting the power cord I would say about 2 feet coming out of the trailer’s breaker box and wired this end into this a single gang non-metallic square cable box, The other end of the power cord from the A/C that was cut I put on a on a 15-amp male plug so when we have 30-amp available I just leave the A/C plugged into the single gang .  Why cut the power code?

The modification went further in that we bought a 15-amp outside extension cord and ran it out through the existing power cord door to the outside of the trailer.  All we do now is if we are mooch docking or running off our Honda EU 2000i generator is unplug the modified A/C male plug from the single gang that is wired to the breaker box on the trailer, plug that modified male plug in the female side of the extension cord and then to a normal household plug or the generator.   After setting the frig and hot water heater to run off propane we can run the A/C off a normal 15-amp AC household outlet or the Honda. We even can stop lunch and plug the modified power cord from the A/C into our 2,000 watt “Solar Generator” and have A/C while we are stopped.

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