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  1. At this moment we are at the Escapee's in Livingston, camped in the older part, everyone seems to be wearing masks, practicing good SD. Even the people walking their dogs may not be wearing a mask but have it with them in case they stop to talk, but always at a distance. Using the laundry facilities everyone is being responsible seems like. These sites are a little closer together but still plenty of room to keep away from each other. The park volunteers are doing a great job and everyone seems to be following the rules. Now maybe the local Walmart isn't as good with people practicing SD and u
  2. yes. we are setting here in the Livingston escapees park, I can sign-in but selecting anything i keep getting a 404 error
  3. Yes i was having the same issue. Was trying to get to Smart Weigh and started to get that error and random characters and scrambled data elsewhere. Still not totally ok. Was worse accessing from my Iphone,desktop is a little better but still some problems
  4. With us going fulltime its going to be a problem doing maint myself. For my Cummins I can get the 3 Mopar filter package for @ $100 off Amazon, 2 fuel filters and the oil filter, then 11 qts of Shell Rotella T6 at a lot of different places. But what to do with the used oil and old filter discards. You got to have a change pan and all the stuff that goes along with it. A lot of campgrounds do not want you working on your vehicles. Silly people discarding their old oil and fuel filters in the trash. In our case the fuel filters last about 15,000 miles between changes about the same time as
  5. South Central Texas, Austin and surrounding area, is becoming more popular with winter folks. Obviously its not the Florida coast, but some people find it more economical than Florida. Bastrop TX, 25 miles southeast of Austin is building RV campgrounds faster than you can count, and older parks are expanding. Kerrville Tx just west of San Antonio, is another place catering to winter RVers. There is still plenty to do and see all within easy driving distance of Austin, San Antonio San Marcos areas. Or if you prefer the Texas gulf coast is still cheaper than a lot of places in FLA, so they tell
  6. Hey Kirk, We have 2 Cummins diesel trucks. Most of the time we are in warmer climates, Texas winter, Northern states summer. Of our trucks, One is driven a lot and the other sits a lot. In my mind it isn't so much the diesel fuel going bad as it is the microbial problem growing in biodiesel. If i use a diesel fuel treatment it is Power Service Products which carries a Cummins Engine endorsement, usually listed on the container just to keep the microbes at bay. The 2500 diesel truck that sits a lot ,I only keep the tank half full and when down to 1/4 put some in to bring it back up to 1/2.
  8. Thank you for posting, we are right there with you thinking the same thing. In our case we re-estimated our income for 2020 and found we will be over the cut off limit for a subsidy. Don't forget to add the stimulus money the gov sent you to your income for 2020. So for Nov, Dec we would have to pay full rate for health insurance @ $1500-2000 / month. Wife retires Oct 6, health coverage ends Oct 31. Now the Wife's COBRA through her former employer is actually lower @ $ 1000-1100 / month. So we will go with her former employer COBRA plan for Nov, Dec. Then for 2021 our estimated in
  9. Just my thoughts coming from a position of owning TTs and 5er. Its not a race setting up or tearing down. The job is what it is no matter what type of RV you have.. I take my time doing the tasks, As soon as you start trying to do things faster or take short cuts, that is when you will forget and damage something. With our TT, yes we had lift bars and the weight distributed hitch and manual stabilizing jacks. It just took a little longer for either task. With our 5er, its the companion hitch and pin. I carry a step stool from harbor freight so I can reach up and over the truck rear dual f
  10. We have visited Galveston Island many times from the Austin area, as we could get there in 3.5-4 hours for a 4 day weekend. Love it there. Have stayed at Dellanera right off the beach for a week or so, Jamaica Beach and Galveston Island Rv Resort 1/2 mile or so from the beach. Kept the RV and Truck washed at least once a week, saw no signs of excessive corrosion, but it is a concern and you have to be aware of it. Yes I have seen vehicles and RVs parked right on the beach, not a good idea.
  11. Being mobile is good if your job or training / education dictates you being mobile. But living fulltime in an RV can be just as expensive as a stix and bricks home or apartment. You really have to work at it to make it cheaper and with very minimal debt. You want to stay mobile, OK. What do you say people, 80-85% of RVs, regardless of manufacturer, all use the same appliances, microwave/convection oven, water heater, AC units, refrigerator, stove, so on and so forth. Most of the manufactures, on new units, have a one year warranty on appliances. A lot of these items fail often new an
  12. I can echo what Kirk said, Texas is a huge state, from Dallas/Ft Worth north area down to Big Bend on the border, or Lakeview in the east with large pine forest to El Paso desert terrain in the west. Or the gulf coast, Galveston, Port Aransas down to Corpus Christi. Central Texas, Austin area is where we are now. There are lots of RV parks and Campgrounds in the Austin area, Bastrop, Kerrville, Johnson City, Fredricksburg, Texas Hill Country, San Marcos, and farther south like San Antonio, on and on. Yup the Escapee's park just north of Houston at Livingston is a nice park and very reaso
  13. Thanks, I was able to find a web site ehealth.healthsherpa.com where I can plug in our data and it comes back with multiple plans, and data for each plan, and monthly costs. We do qualify for a subsidy because we will be just under the 64K cut off when the wife retires and stops work in Oct and we lose our healthcare Oct 31. All of the plans it comes back with are HMO plans through Blue Cross Blue Shield of Texas, ranging from $180 - $1200 per month, based on what deductible we choose and the coverage we want. Now that may not be so bad. Here's what I am thinking, we will do some travelin
  14. The wife and I just went fulltime. She retires in Oct and we lose our healthcare Oct 31 so we are looking. I just turned 64 and the wife is 62, no major pre-existing conditions. We need some coverage for at least a year until i turn 65 and things change again with me going on Medicare. We have lived in Texas for 17 years with a stix and bricks, now fulltime. We have changed our address to Escapee's Livingston. I will tell you we are totally frustrated and fed up with weeding through all the crap. All we wanted was to get some quotes from different insurance providers with coverage informa
  15. i might do just that, thanks. she has the ability to take a pic of a check with her phone for deposit purposes, I cant do that with my bank. But then again I dont get hardly any checks written to me for deposit.
  16. Convenience mainly, we'll be traveling through the Escapees park in Livingston from time to time. We don't need to establish Texas residency since we have lived in Texas for several years. Right now my bank accounts are with First National Bank of Bastrop Texas. Its a local bank only. I doubt we will come back to Bastrop once we leave. For those RVers changing their residency to Texas and using an Escapees mailing address it would be helpful in establishing their Texas residency to move their banking. But you could have your banking anywhere. My wife will probably keep her Bank of America acc
  17. We just changed ranks to fulltime. We have been members of Escapee's for a while now, also the Texas Escapee's chapter, reading, learning and lurking on the Escapee's site . We have lived near Bastrop Texas for 17 years. We have been going through this transition for over a year. We have the RV rig we want. Listed the house in July and got an offer in one day, and now we are in the final closing. Since July 4th we have been living fulltime in the RV in the back yard to keep the house clean and get rid of the final furniture we have left. Come Aug 1st this Saturday we will pull the RV over to a
  18. Timely as we are going through this right now so i second what Kirk has said. It is much easier if you have already been living in Texas. We have lived in Bastrop County for 17 years. House is in the closing phase and we have been living in the RV in our back yard. Come Aug 1st we'll move the RV temporarily to a new long term RV park that just opened up near Bastrop (Bellamont RV Park) so the wife can finish out her last 2 months before retirement. We already have our new Escapee's mailing address in Livingston. All we need to do is put in a change of address to our local post office, then go
  19. Great! Congratulations! Now on to the fun! HAHAHA! When I took my driving test we were driving the streets of Austin, 4 lane divided street elevated grass median with concrete curbs. We came upon an auto accident and they had the street closed. We just sat there with the 4 way flashers on. It was going to be awhile, We were the first vehicle in line, the testing instructor ask me if I thought I could move up to the first crossover and use it to make a U turn into the southbound lanes. He said don't worry I'm not going to grade you on a U turn. With a 53 foot rig I took up all the Northbou
  20. I was a little concerned about it too in the beginning. Yes there are some Texas DPS testing locations that do not see this RV issue all that often so there is some confusion at some of the DPS testing facilities. Turns out I didn't have anything to be concerned about. I used two different testing facilities. The local small office DPS where I took the written test, it was easy, the driving test at the Austin / Pflugerville DPS mega center was just as easy, 20 minutes tops. You have to lose 32 points in the driving test to fail. You have to be a real klutz to lose that many points. Don't
  21. My .02. Looking for our 5th wheel we took a year to pick one. We had Montana, Jayco and Solitude in mind. After reading Trailer Life for over a year, rarely did we see any complaints about the Solitude. Reading as guests the forums for Montana, Jayco and Grand Design Solitude, weeding out the BS from the truth we narrowed our list to Jayco and Solitude. Well at the Austin Texas RV show we fell in love with the Solitude S Class. It had everything we wanted and did not want. We ended up with 30% off MSRP and bought the 2019 Solitude S Class 3350RL in February of 2018. That model is now discontin
  22. Steven@146

    block heater

    I am new around here but just an FYI for the Ram Cummins, when we bought our 2019 3500 here in Texas it did not have the plug in cord for the block heater. From what I read all Ram Cummins engines have the block heater installed, they just don't give you the plugin cord. For our travels up to Northern Indiana for the holidays, Instead of paying the dealership a high price for the option (which is the cord), I got one off Amazon for a few dollars and just plugged it into the block heater and ran the cord out through the grill. Works great! And yes I usually leave it plugged in all n
  23. Well Hello Class of 2020. The Wife and I will be joining ya'll next year. Currently we live 8 miles from Bastrop Texas near Austin. I am retired, Wife will next year in Sept. We will put the house on the market in spring and hope to have it sold before May. Still have to get rid of a lot of stuff yet but we are working on it. We are not new to RVing just will be new to the fulltime lifestyle. We purchased in February a new fulltime living capable 37 foot 5th wheel and new 1 Ton truck to pull it. We will live in the RV here till Sept then travel up to Northern Indiana and Ohio where the rest o
  24. I am new to the forum but thought I would relate my experience since I just received my Class A Non-CDL Exempt. Yes there is still confusion at the different DPS offices but I got through it with a little problem that was resolved quickly. My rig 2018 Ram 3500 GVWR 14,000#, RV 2019 5th wheel GVWR 16,800# March 2019 - I had all the forms filled out a head of time. Paid $11 and took the written test at the DPS office in Bastrop. The Special Requirements and the Combinations test were both required and passed. They gave me a form and instructions how to schedule the Skills Test online b
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