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What kind of electrical cleaner should I use on pin connectors

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Caig DeoxIT is some seriously good stuff. The contact enhancer can do a good job of reviving intermittent contacts, after a proper cleaning. Of course, nothing will fix a poor mechanical connection, other than just fixing it. Highly recommended. Jay


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Vern, I've used Deoxit and it worked fine HOWEVER it took a while as it seemed sooooooooo expensive for a tightwad like myself lol. I use it on my RV, Toad and Trailer connectors a couple times each season...Back when I was practicing I used a lot of I believe it was CRC electronic contact spray cleaner which did a god job of cleaning. Hey I go back to the old contact TV channel switch tuners lol


 John T

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On 6/26/2023 at 1:10 PM, Lou Schneider said:

If it's better to use less, then it must be best to not use it at all, right?


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I was given a pint can of DeoxIT about 50 years ago by an uncle who was an electrican, still have about 1/3 can. Doubt I'll live long enough to empty the can. It wasn't full when I received it.

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