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National General now Owned by Allstate Insurance

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Any of you fulltimers that have National General RV insurance got a renewal notice saying it is now an Allstate company and you have to fill out an address questionnaire?
They want to know if your RV is housed at your permanent address, that for us would be Escapee's Rainbow Drive. If you say no, they want you to give an address where it is stored. We have never run into that before. I didn't know Allstate had bought National General Insurance. Doing a little research Allstate bought National General in 2021.

I also found a company I hadn't heard of before "Roamly" RV insurance. Supposedly Roamly was created by RV owners.
RV insurance for us fulltimers can be a little problematic with a few companies offering good fulltime coverage.

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We have had National General RV insurance since 2017 and this is the first time they have ever asked about the address where our RV is stored or housed. The wife said she got a notice our policy would be expiring soon so she logged on to our account to renew it and see if our rate stayed the same or went up. That's when she got into this questionnaire about the  address of where our RV was stored.

I have never liked Allstate Insurance since back in 1975 when they refused to insure our car because we were in the military.

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Well we got it straightened out. Apparently it had something to do with the Wife trying to log in to the web site and our policy with her cell phone. The web site thought she was applying for a new policy.

Anyway I found out our premium went down for 2023, a lot, most likely something to do with our credit score and we have never had a claim. I still don't like Allstate.

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