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4 Corner Weights don't make sense


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This is my second DP and first with Tag. I had the DP weighed at my local DOT facility and the weights just don't make sense so looking for some guidance.

LF - 6700     RF - 6900

LD - 7750    RD - 8800

LT - 3650     RT - 2900

I'm thinking their brand new scales were not calibrated correctly.

Advice greatly appreciated - Richard

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Others will chime in....

So by the numbers, the right side weighs more than the left.  Not unusual if the kitchen and possible bath are on the same side.  Is this dry weights or do you have personal belongings on board?  1100-1200 lbs side to side isn't that bad out of balance.


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It would be very unusual if the sales were not working properly, but it may be worth contacting the scale operator to ask about it. My freest reaction was that your rig is right side heavy, until I looked at the tag weights. I then did a little math and find that the left side totals at 18,100 and the right at 18,600 which is not uncommon difference, side to side. This leads me to suspect that there is a significant difference in tire diameters, or that the air pressures in the tires are not correct. In particular I would take a hard look at the tag since the heavy tire on it could be carrying too much and so cause the difference between the two sides of the rear axle. Since the front is only 200# difference from side to side, that could very easily be accurate. 

If you only total the rear sets you have 11,400@ on the left and 11,700# on the right which is believable and it also is in like with the heavy side on the front. I think you need to look very closely at your tag axle tires. 

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Thanks - I'll look at the tire pressure. I've ordered new Beads Valve Core replacements. The old ones keep sticking open.

DP loaded except for clothes, some food - which will be minimal as WalMarts are always around, and the tools I normally carry.

Will be checking things out tomorrow. - Richard

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Another factor to consider is ride height being correct. If one corner is off it will affect weight distribution. I would have that checked before a second weigh session.


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Way back some years ago we had a Holiday Rambler on a Ford chassis. At a FMCA rally we had it weighed. Front left was way heavier. Had the generator, kitchen etc all up in that side/corner. Bad design. We took those figures and the paper work to the Holiday Rambler factory service center. They checked the numbers on their scales. They had no idea. Units were calculated not weighed. Result was a trip to a Ford dealer. They installed new heavier springs in the front. No cost to us.

Service guys told us that many manufacturers don't design RVs in house. Weights are estimated and the factory simply went by the "should be" calculations. That was back around 1997. So it's possible for each corner to have way/weigh different weights!!!!


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