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Hi all,


OK now with a MH I need to figure out how to tow our Ford Explorer.

It is AWD so can not use a tow-dolly as all 4 must be on the ground.  Bummer, I thought that would be easy.

So at the Tucson Escapade a few years back we saw the Blue Ox booth but as we were travel trailer people did not stop.

Seems a number of companies make towing setups for one's toad.

I am not wild about having the front end of the car removed temporarily and needing plates welded on and wondering if there are any suggestions from those of you with experience.





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I do believe, if I recall correctly (though I'm a fifth wheeler) that the transmission has to be disengaged in some fashion?  Not "putting it neutral" as I think that'll burn out the transmission.  Again, no experience, but I file things away.

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Removing the front end is probably not as drastic as you think it is.  The parts typically removed are just plastic cosmetic pieces such as the grill and bumper covers, etc.  And a few small bolts or christmas tree pins hold these parts in place.

But the really important question is:  is your Explorer able to be flat towed?  If 4 wheel drive with a neutral setting on the 4x4 system, probably so.  If AWD, probably not.  It should be in your owners manual.

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5 minutes ago, folivier said:

with a neutral setting on the 4x4 system

Just to clarify to others, the 4x4 neutral is NOT the same as the drive transmission neutral.  This 4x4 neutral is the equivalent of disconnecting the transmission as I stated early.  And Folivier is correct -- make sure the vehicle supports flat-towing.  Many do not.

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