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  1. Scheduled for this Saturday morning at Methodist Hospital in Houston med center. I'm in the high risk group, 72, AFib, diabetic and high blood pressure.
  2. Got our appointment here in Houston for this Saturday at Methodist Group.
  3. https://www.irv2.com/rvclassifieds/showcat.php?cat=22 http://www.trvnclassifieds.com/browse.php?cat=4&pg=1
  4. We have used TaxSlayer.com for years to do our taxes. Simple to use. It will walk you through the whole process. Information rolled forward year to year.
  5. Check out Big Bend State Park next to the National Park.
  6. We use the EFS card also. Have saved a lot of money in our travels. Great deal from a great company.
  7. What does your Owner's Manual say about Recreational Towing? Manual will tell if you can tow and how to.
  8. We have the Verizon 55+ plan for 2 phones. $90/month unlimited talk, text and data. Use phones as hot spots when traveling. Have Motorola Droid G7 phones.
  9. I used the app this afternoon with no problems.
  10. Which one? Interested if Sterling
  11. My experience has been the normal nozzle pumps were too tight to get into with fiver behind me. Now have motor home and always fuel at truck islands. My EFS debit card only works at truck pumps and I am not willing to give up the discount to fuel other side
  12. I removed the filler neck from my early Ford F250 diesel and cut out the little restriction ring. Had no problem after that using truck pumps when towing my trailer.
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