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  1. My new Porter Cable is tank-less and 120 VAC. New rig is off for what I hope a quick warranty repair-fix. The microwave only runs off of shore power and not also the generator as needed. Also the windscreen is apparently leaking at the top and we had 2+ cups of standing water on the inside in the "trough" of the windscreen.
  2. We are heading to Quartzsite with our new MH. Last time in the area with a 19' TT we stayed in a commercial slot just north of town. Now Plumosa Road is beckoning...100 gal fresh water tanks and on board generator with the new ~35' rig.
  3. Awesome, Just received my Porter Cable from Amazon!
  4. Tnx all! Seems no way to change my "log in" name as were initially were in a 16' Scamp fiberglass trailer. Now have a 19' Escape fiberglass and now a new Holiday rambler Invicta (gasser). Big wheels 235/80 R 22.5 Michelins like diesel pusher are 110 PSI. So all of the suggestions have been great. Given Ford restricts out 4 down TOAD (Fore Explorer) to 65 MPH that is well within the range of the MH tires which max out at 75 MPH The Escapees people are simply AWESOME with the depth and breadth of knowledge. I may go initially with a thankless model with 120 VAC then see how it goes. Next I need to add the TST system for 6 wheels. Cheers all,
  5. Hi all, New to our class A motorhome. Having attending the Escapade a few years back in Tucson and re-reading the RVers Ultimate Survival Guide tires are one of the most critical links for travel saftery. It does seem far too many big rigs I have seen on the road are really traveling faster that tires are rated and as speeds increase above 70 MPH the load rating decreases. Scary. In any case I need to buy a compressor so I can keep the tires correctly topped up. Our small 12 VDC compressor used for our 19' travel trailer will not do the job. What do folks use as a compressor? I am also going to install a TST temp and pressure monitoring system. Bat Dude
  6. Having lived int eh "jungle" in Central America for 25 years we did not have TV or anything beyond what we needed for our conservation work and daily needs. So we will not likely fill the new MH with over the top "Stuff. As it is this thing came with 2 more TVs than we wanted/needed but no option NOT to have them. We may remove the one in the bedroom and use that space for something else. Always amazed seeing the pile of "toys" some rigs have piled outside their rigs, many seem never to be used. OTH if folks are full-timing they do need to carry everything with them even if they only use it infrequently. Tnx again for all of the good tips.
  7. So far I have been unable to connect to the WI-FI Ranger control panel. Sent multiple requests to support indicating neither of the 2 methods they indicate actually work. The Support reply was transparently parroting back that I should try one of the 2 methods I had noted DID NOT work. So did not read my issue??? So no joy so far. Also on our Alpine radio/tuner/cntrl panel in the Invicta if the WI-FI ranger is powered on the FM signal form our desired radio station is very static filled. When powered off the FM signal is clean and crisp. So perhaps this "add on" will be of no use to me.
  8. Bummer noteven, no ice maker so can not have "single malt" on board... well could drink it neat. Heat sink idea of fermented barely grainy however does sound good.
  9. That is is addictive and always something new to buy to make life more enjoyable. And of course the SKPs we have met along the way!
  10. Tnx, Guess I will get used to having all the power I need on the road.
  11. Hi all, Since we have graduated to a MH from our TT I am wondering about the standard 110 VAC fridge. When moving along the road, run the inverter or generator? The sales guy indicated if it is really warm in the couch he always ran his generator and the internal AC units when traveling. Seems like a not so great idea. But it is not propane and should not cause an issue pulling into fuel stops. In our TT we always used used 12 v DC setting for travel days and then when plugged in that topped up the batteries again. On a new learning curve with the MH
  12. Wi_Fi Ranger came with our new HR Invicta along with the Winegard 360° antenna. Not sure the Wi_Fi Ranger will actually help anything with our Verizon Hot Spot. If the signal is weak there will be nothing much to "amplify" and we never ever use RV park Wi-Fi for security reasons. Anyone have any thing on the use of Wi-Fi Ranger?
  13. Tnx all, Great suggestions. We added the rubberized shelf liner and seems good. Now we need to figure out what to do with all the extra space. 😉 Mostly the "basement" will be empty, aside from my plein air easel, panels and p;painting supplies. Moved from our travel trailer were a patio mat, 2 chairs and small table and tools. Based on the safety seminars at the Tucson Escapade years back best not to overload these area and increase weight.
  14. Hi all, Well we up-sized from a 19' Escape fiberglass TT to a new Holiday Rambler Invicta. Wife is trying to figure out best way to have dishes (Corning ware) set for travel In the TT they were in a cabinet under the sink in a corrugated box with cardboard dividers between the varied plate sizes and bowls. There are only 2 of us so the set of 4 works well. We are not used to this much space. Nice cabinet over the sink with a movable shelf. Clearly we do not want dishes rattling around. Under the sink is another cabinet. More than enough space for the Instant Pot and blender/food processor. Pots and pans will go under the stove easily. So any suggestions for coffee cups, dishes and bowls welcomed. We have about a week before our first short shakedown trip here in Mich. Then in mid Nov we head to the SW from Michigan and will not return likely until the end of May. We are planing on a combination of boondocking (Death Valley and Quartzsite) and commercial campgrounds. Likely a SKP park or two. We know small trailers very well but this big rig... will take us some time. Aslo what do most find useful for the "basement" storage? Milk crates or something to keep stuff in place. Cheers all, Bat Dude
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