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  1. Hi all, OK now with a MH I need to figure out how to tow our Ford Explorer. It is AWD so can not use a tow-dolly as all 4 must be on the ground. Bummer, I thought that would be easy. So at the Tucson Escapade a few years back we saw the Blue Ox booth but as we were travel trailer people did not stop. Seems a number of companies make towing setups for one's toad. I am not wild about having the front end of the car removed temporarily and needing plates welded on and wondering if there are any suggestions from those of you with experience. Tnx.
  2. Hi all, We just upgraded from a travel trailer to a HR Invicta motor home today. Not ready to pick up for a week as the washer-dryer combo still needs to be installed. Questions on Multi seal the dealership was suggesting for tires. The sales guy was suggesting it was great at preventing flats, but I am leery about any liquid inside the tires as it seems it would throw them off balance. Also promoting EcoRVPro ExteriorShiled coating and MicrobeRepel inside. At first look it seems the interior may be a "Scotchgaurd-like" application that would not be very safe as it likely off gasses. Any ideas or suggestions from anyone?
  3. Hi all, In the light of the "new normal" and COVID we are feeling the need to be more self-sufficient (larger bathroom/laundry/kitchen etc.) and about to upgrade from our 19' fiberglass travel trailer to a 35' Tiffin diesel pusher. I have read that eh Safe-T-Stabiler for steering is a good addition for this short wheel-based rig. Any comments/suggestions on this? At the Tucson Escapade a few years back the safety seminars really got my attention. Cheers, Bruce Miller
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