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eu3000 not rv ready


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ok so many of us use a honda 3000. but it only comes factory with a  utility plug.

why not a rv 30 amp plug?

sad they are different dia so would need to drill out said hole in the gen “dash” to fit the rv plug.

has any done this?

just connect right?

my thinking is to have a clean look and not having to find out a dog took off with a “dog bone” adaptor.

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4 minutes ago, Kirk W said:

No.   I just did and see that something new has been added!



That plug isn't new.  It has been on the 3000 watt Honda for many years.  I had one 5 or 6 years ago with that plug and used the adapter previously linked to connect to my RV.  I also had a parallel kit so I could run mine and my neighbors 3000 watt gennies together and use a regular RV 50 amp plug.  I finally got rid of the 3000 watt after the second time I threw my back out trying to move it in and out of my old pick up bed. 

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seeing as up to today i have never had a reason to use the generic twist lock, but thanks to how a political party is in favor of turning off the juice here in ca. 

i now have a reason to use it. up till today it has always been only for the rv.

and my thinking on this was no “adapter” just plug and be happy. ( less things to go bad/lose)

but now this is the second time this season, they have turned off the flow. and say more to come. ( winter on the way)  so now have to link up to my house.

but can not buy the items i need due to power out over a large area. at just under $5.usd a gallon  (can you say price gouging) can not afford to drive 100 miles ( one way) to find a hardware store open.

boon docking is good. but not for the stick-n-brick house.

but i did find out my eu3000. on eico, with limited load did last over night on less than a full tank. (14 hr work night).

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