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Foldable solar charger


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With that big a panel I also need a controller. What is neat about this is folds ups and put away easily. Fridge not running. I usually just run a cord and a simple trickle charger. Just not practical here and be here till next summer. Also a large panel I would have build something to mount it to. Maybe one day I will get a drom box and then, yes, larger panel

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With winter coming I would use at least a 100 watt panel. That should give you enough to keep  4 batteries nicely charged. A PWM solar controller would be fine. Some wire to connect everything and you have spend only a bit more than that other panel you were looking at. Lots more power.

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Make sure you have a charge controller, either built in, or add on.  without one  many cheaper solar panels will actually drain the battery at night, and not help you at all. Also if you are going to use an mppt charger which I would recommend try and get a panel that is at least 24V it will do a much better job charging off peak.

I really like these


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