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Patching ladder crew holes

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Depending roof material and hole size you can get several size roofing screws with a rubber washer. If the roof is aluminum you could replace the screw with stainless keeping the steel washer and rubber. You can also just by rubber washers or o rings and ss washers and sheet metal svrews. If you do remember the ss screw brake off very easy and need a pilot hole much bigger than expected. That and your choice of sealant should take care of the problem.

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Sorry, didn't make this clear. Rear cap area. Teton used a 3 piece ladder due to rear awning. Center section comes out. I removed the lower secion. I left the top section. Good hand hold to come off of straight ladder.

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For the roof eternabond tape and for the fiberglass either little bondo or gel coat.  When I put a new ladder on our Teton I went to a fiberglass repair shop and had them mix a little jar of gel coat to match the color.  Filled the old holes then sanded it down even and buffed it out.  Bondo and a some touch up paint might also work.

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