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Getting Off The Road Temporarily


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First time here, Just joined Escapees et al!


Here's my situation. Thoroughly planned to try full timing RV lifestyle. As departure date approached I realized I was not prepared and decided to keep my rental for a few more months. THEN owner decided to sell and I got a 30 day notice and had to bail out Dec 15. Was already slated for a month long gem show in Quartzsite so no sense in renting another place quite yet.


I should add I make turquoise jewelry and sell online, and do quite well! But not being prepared I was unable to build my stock where it should be and so far have made slow strides in making a shop in my Airstream. Almost there but financial damage done....


I would benefit with 1-3 month lay over in a home/shop of some sort to pound out production.


BUT I am having no luck finding any sort of rental that is less than 6 months and most 1 year. Most don't allow RV's to be parked either..... Even contacted some commercial industrial sites but same thing.


Any clues of where I could rent some even simple shop space and park/live in my RV? I'm in Tucson and Gem Show has gobbled up ALL the rentals that appeal to me... I'd like to stay in SW AZ, CA, NM, TX.......


Ever have to leave the road for a month or 3 and get something done? 





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2 hours ago, SWharton said:

Try looking at Gold Canyon, there are some RV parks with Casitas, same thing in TX at Retama Village(?)

In this case "casita" means a tiny house or shed on the same lot as your RV. You would live in the RV and use the casita as your shop. Some Escapee co-ops have casitas but they are not always available to the renter so be sure you know about that when choosing a place.

Linda Sand

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19 minutes ago, Twotoes said:

Check with the Escapees Co-Op in Benson just south of Tucson. They have many RV sites with Casitas and many leaseholders put their site in the rental pool. You may luck out. 

A renter will not be able to use the owner's casitas.  However, they have a maintenance pole barn that you might be able to take your things there to work on.  You won't be able to leave anything in the though.  People come in and out of it all day long.

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30 minutes ago, 2gypsies said:

Rent a small storage facility for your shop. Stay in a nearby RV park.  I don't believe any of the Escapee co-ops let renters use the casitas.  The owners have their private property in them.

I don't think the storage unit would have an electric plug, usually just a fluorescent light..

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13 minutes ago, 2gypsies said:

A renter will not be able to use the owner's casitas. 

I have stayed on rental pool sites at Escapee coop parks many times and most of the parks and have not seen any that allow the lot renter to use any of the structures on the lot. Those usually have things belonging to the lot owner stored in them and I think would be locked, although I haven't ever tried to get into one since it wasn't open to my use. 

There might be something around Quartzsite that you could rent, especially in the off season. 

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Happy Trails in Surprise, AZ has rental lots, they are full now but start becoming available in March/April. Many are covered and some have a small storage room that you are allowed to use.

happytrailsproperties.com is the website where the homeowners that are renting directly

Surprise Realty has other rentals, make sure you ask for one that has a shed(with AC) and is covered.

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4 hours ago, aztex said:

I just joined and am not sure bout the Escapees Co-op sites! Any further info?

While many/most of the lots that are in the rental pool at the Escapee co-op parks do have sheds of some type on them, it would be most unusual for the shed to be available for use by a short term renter. If you should choose to get a lot there of your own, then you could have your shop in it.  The Original Ranch in NM currently had 6 available lots. 

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3 hours ago, Twotoes said:

I have stayed at the Co-Op in Benson and was using the storage shed on my rental lot. I also know that many owners will allow the renter to use the storage shed or casita if they are not storing personal belongings in it. It just depends on the lot and the owner. 

You were fortunate. We had a lot there for eight years and never heard of a renter using the casitas/sheds.  Oops... I just thought of the lots that are not owned by leaseholders but are leased to visitors for 6 or 12-month periods. Those do have a small shed that can be used because they are all empty.  Is that where you were staying?

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Yes. I was in the 300 row which is owned by the Co-Op and are long term rentals. The 700 row is similar. However I knew a few other renters who were able to use the storage sheds on their rental sites with the permission of the leaseholder who “owned” the lease on a site.  I do not know of any one being able to use a Casita however. 

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I think I have a LOT to learn about my options.


As I said initially I was not prepared fully and more or less forced into the full time life.


I'm having lots of fun and but worked more on the mechanics of the RV, towing etc and neglected the "where and when to go" options.


I was able to start 7 pieces and finish 2 yesterday and already sold them! Maybe backing off from my workaholic nature and just making less better pieces and marketing better will suffice...


Lots to learn! Glad I found y'all!



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