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Manual operated clutch fan. .???


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.  I just wonder if a manual controlled clutch fan is a good idea. 


  As a quiet jake brake for when it is needed.


   Or for when it is needed to control temperature. Before the engine clutch fan operates and you start a incline that you really think it would help.


   I think I may have two more gas valves in my parts collection. Add a gauge and a switch with a lght to tell if all the air is exhausted.1bXt6eAl.jpg


  Sorta bored.  Sitting in the desert with time to think.,,,,


.   Vern

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You'll risk cracking an AC condenser and possible charge air cooler on the times that you do forget or are late in remembering.  Best to electrically wire a fan override switch to the ECU and set parameters to enable it.  Let it do the remembering and you do the want-to's.  It also has to act fast enough or it'll smoke the clutch.  Fan clutch warranty used to be dependent on the solenoid used, but I'm not sure if that is still an issue or not.

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Ya AC head needs to go into it.  Charge air temp needs to go into it too.  EGR valve command position or mass flow if EGR equipped.  Truck air pressure too.  They all go into the fan brain, but just the first two on a pre 03.

I suppose a guy could double check this with the original air line.  But I think a double check may be too slow and smoke the lining.  Probably needs to be a double check and a syncro valve?  But I'm telling ya, just wire it in like God intended.  Dunno Volvo but on mine the wires should already be in the dash.

Fan switch is still standard position, but with 12 rib kevlar serpentine belts and 2spd fans in the last few years it isn't as important as it once was.  Probably more than half option to delete the switch.

I use it when doing a parked regen, when pumping/sucking with the water truck, when going up a draw when I'm slower than my tailwind, when scratching to the top of a field road, on my way in before coming in to load on the go (shut it off one min early so it is guaranteed off when crossing the azz end of a combine), when tailgating with the dump (if I remember...it saves me the little hiccup lump in the middle), and at the low RPM point between the first shift at the base of a long grade.  Bottom of the grade one I really only do that with v-belt trucks, the rest I just let them do their thing unless they start to cycle.


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