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  1. I am useing a "BlueFire for Trucks". I has a fully customizable dash and will delete codes. The software is a free download and the adapter is Around $100.00. ShortyO
  2. Rick called it a "nut". I called it a "bolt boss', the same thing. ShortyO
  3. The 453 has Only one bolt boss on both the front and back. ShortyO
  4. The 453 has Only one bolt boss on both the front and back. ShortyO
  5. I installed a "Blue Ox" base plate system on both our 451 & 453 Smarts to winch the car up with. Had a drawbar made to fit the tow eyes. ShortyO
  6. I would say"JUMP ON IT". With no more being imported, those available for our use will continue to be more scarce at any price. ShortyO
  7. Check the for sale posts. There is one that was just posted ShortyO
  8. Finaly in Chama, NM. Rio Chama RV Park. ShortyO
  9. Try a 50/50 mixture of ATF and Acetone. ShortyO
  10. Happy 4th to all of my RED NECK Conservative friends, and any of the rest of you which might disagree with me. HAPPY BIRTHDAY AMERICA. ShortyO
  11. On my GEN1 Volvo the left tank always takes more fuel than the right one. ShortyO
  12. I would look for exhaust leaks for the noise. As to the shake start with an inspection of the U-Joints, ShortyO
  13. geodog

    Hub Oil Change

    When replacing the brake shoes or a seal starts leaking ShortyO
  14. This appears to me to be a "Knockoff" of the ComfortRide hitch. ShortyO Buy an ET
  15. Try contacting Roadmaster. They now manufacture and sell the ComfortRide hitches. They might give better customer service than any retailer. ShortyO
  16. If the truck is registered as a motorhome in Texas American National can insure it. Not all agents will pursue the policy. ShortyO
  17. Skyline Ranch RV Resort in Bandera, Texas for 10 days, then back home. ShortyO
  18. install a Blu-Dot system on the trailer and your problems will be history Not a lot more money than a new electric controller. ShortyO
  19. i replaced the passenger seat in our Volvo with Knoedler Air Chief. My DW thinks it is WONDERFUL. I used SeatSpecilists. ShortyO
  20. geodog

    Dream Truck

    I would tend to think like Jim. 730, 13L, 12 speed I shift, 13K front axle, liftable tag ale and locker drive axle. I would look at 130" wheelbase. ShortyO
  21. Gut Up[ and replace the seat with Knoedler Air Chief seat. Your derriere will thank you. ShortyO
  22. I have had both good and bad experiences with Good Sam ERS. The worst was in Louisville, KY on Derby Day. The operator told me that they could find no one to help me until Monday. ShortyO
  23. AN overweight trailer can have five (5) effects: 1 Bent axle 2 Broken springs 3 Excessive wear on the sprong shackles 4 Broken spring hangers 5 Blown out tires My trailer was overloaded on one axle by less than 800 pounds and I experienced all five before installing heavier Mor-Ryde suspension. ShortyO
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