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Door Handle Volvo Fix


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My problem was that when attempting to open the passenger door the handle moved up but was not connected to the rod any longer.  For those that have this issue or run into the issue the fix will cost you $14.00 from Volvo.  My dealer sells about 100 of these plastic attachment parts per month.  When I went to the counter with my broken part the parts person did not even need to look up the part number he just laughed.

Since I have had the door panel off previously to replace the speakers that part went pretty fast.  My connecting rod also came off the top ball attachment.  This is well hiden behind the electric door opener.  Remove the rail screws (2) and the (3) screws that hold the opener and you have easy access.  Pray open the pin side of the plastic connector to remove and carefully do reverse on new one.  Snap together the plastic connector and put on at least one tie wrap, ok use two.  Volvo sells these for $5 each, no I did not purchase one.

Longer term fix which I will do on the drivers door when it fails or maybe do this summer.  Reinforce the plastic Volvo part with JB Weld epoxy.  These fail, so I am told when the handle is pulled on too hard over and over.  The heat and cold do not help this type of plastic either.  What can be really expensive is if both fail at the same time and you cannot get into your truck, don't let this happen.  Small picture attached.  New news to me could be old news to many of you.






Door.Handle.Fix sm.jpg

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