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Camp ground site size?

runaway parents

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30 minutes ago, runaway parents said:

So the problem with the big rigs is getting a site big enough to park it in .Well lets see would it be cost effective to purchase two small sites side buy side. Park truck in one, trailer in the other.

Are all sites priced the same regardless of size?

Smaller sites usually cheaper but not usually 1/2 the price of a big site so really not cost effective.  Second issue is most small sites are back in and all the sites around are the same so maneuvers may be difficult.

oops, Redcrzr and I replying at same time, but same points.

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11 minutes ago, redcrzr said:

Not cost effective & usually not practical.  If the site is too small for the 5th wheel & truck, it's probably too small to get into from the get go.  Over flow parking for the tow vehicle is an option if there is electric available to keep the batteries charged.


Solar will fix that

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Maybe we've been lucky, but we've always been able to find a spot.  Maybe not our first choice, but not a big deal either.

we're moving from Polk City, FL to Cedar Key.  By postponing our move one day, we're getting in where we want to be.  Not too bad for not having reservations in the high season.

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We have never had a problem yet but if we feel cramped on the site with everything I have no problem parking truck elsewhere if needed, now our stops are usually never longer then a week or two at one place and we have nothing extra in truck like a fridge or other things to drain the batteries.

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