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Florida licensing idea???

Purple Tractor

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Are you relocating to Florida?     I have not read the state statute however, I think the issue is any trailer bearing ON the vehicle.    In other words, a tag trailer is OK, a 5th wheel OR gooseneck is not?


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Registering a HDT as a motorhome in Texas is easy.  Just fill out the form saying you made the necessary modification to make it a motorhome and it is done.  Registering my HDT as a MotorHome vs a Private Truck nearly cut my annual registration in half.

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I believe TN is making a BIG effort to attract retirees. I've been told that RV registration fees are capped at about $30 ~ $35 a year. Several HDT forum members reside in TN so, HDT registrations in TN are doable. I-40 runs pretty much through the middle of TN so, it's easy to get into and out of TN and travel to other parts of the country.

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If you are already registered as a MH in OR, I wonder if FL would need to do any kind of inspection or if it would just be a normal title transfer like any other motorhome coming to the state? Maybe FL inspects everything, I don't know? I know that doesn't technically make you meet their definition, but is it really a problem after the fact once it's registered as a MH in FL? 

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On 11/25/2018 at 2:10 PM, Purple Tractor said:

We're full timing, just looking at different domicle possibilities. DW loves Fl, kids and grands close by and we're looking at the health insurance stuff, we're not old enough for medicare for several more years...... can't wait to get out of Oregon.


Purp.......we were both born in Oregon and still spend enough in state to claim residency but also spend winter and much spring in warmer states......

Oregon is....well...... Oregon with all it's .....quirks but for RV licensing and operations it ain't too bad and costwise its about average......

I used to have a couple of joints in Florida and fly a lot out of Florida and it's ok some of the time but it's the pits when the weather is not ok.......

When people ask me about Oregon I grin and mutter......"well, Oregon has two seasons......Winter......and..... fire-season....but it's ok for RV operations (except NO  double-tow).....

Maybe Maintain Oregon residency but spend some Florida time??

Drive on......(Oregon residency.....don't breathe the smoke)

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