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State and National Park Max RV/HDT height


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It's impossible to give you a blanket answer.  Each park is different. If it's in a forested area then you may have issues with trees.  National parks aren't good with tree trimming.  They have more important issues due to the crowds.  State parks might have more time for trimming.  Truthfully, we haven't seen HDTs in the parks.

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Many Class-A diesel pushers are as high as our HDTs and they generally fit. I've found if I call the actual campground I'm interested in and, speak with a Park Ranger or volunteer at that campground, they're VERY familiar with their campsites and can intelligently answer questions on height, length or other issues you may have. I forget which campground in the Great Smokey Mountain National Park I was interested in but, with one phone call, I learned that said campground had ~ six sites that would easily accommodate me. Just calling the NP general phone number might connect you to an employee who's NOT familiar with details of the various campgrounds that NP has and the particulars of those different campgrounds . 

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Every one is different.  I've had state parks where I had to drive down the middle of the road on the main road in and out to keep the trees off the trailer, and others with wide grass mowed by all the roads and no trees overhanging.  Agree with some above that the highly forested parks are much more lax with their tree trimming.  Google earth is your friend.

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We tended to camp in State parks...never had an issue.  As stated, a 13' high truck is only a couple inchs more than the 12'9" most bigger campers are.   Many times I had to carefully pull thru weaving between trees.  Little branches just brush past.

New England was the only place we had to really watch.  Had to be careful driving bobtail-- low signs, etc.   The only time it was impossible was after parking the camper at Acadia National Park and planning to drive around the park bobtail.  The overpasses in the park are only 10'6" -- a mid height probably would not have fit either.   Park the truck at the Park Office at take the shuttle bus.  

No camper at present.

Way too many farm machines to maintain.

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