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Exemptions for HDT


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EDIT: Never mind...ask Dave Dixon or FL-JOE...they have all the answers

~It's my tolerance to idiots that needs work.~

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Clear as mud.  I particularly like all the verbiage wasted on vehicles with a combined gcvw of 10001# or less.  Unless somebody literally loads the horse in the bed of their 1/2 ton truck or van, there is no conceivable tow vehicle / horse trailer combo of less that 10K gcvw.  gotta love the 'gummint

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On 8/20/2018 at 7:45 PM, Wrknrvr said:

 Just curious if this should be in the resource guide.




 or maybe not.


 I was looking this ubject up for our insurance renewal.



   Safe Travels,.    Vern


12 hours ago, Moresmoke said:

Good to see them issue guidance on the subject.  Now hopefully they will expand to things other than horses, but the same rules still apply.

Just keep in mind some states have their own interpretation.


15 hours ago, Big5er said:

EDIT: Never mind...ask Dave Dixon or FL-JOE...they have all the answers

So.......Dolly-the-painthorse is being towed in the horse module in the back of the 30 ft / 10k toy hauler.........so we have to stop at the fruit inspection station at the Kalifornia border just West of Parker Az.....

Very nattly dressed new recruit inspector walks over to my window and says ......."$ir...DO NOT shut down the engine... stay in the vehicle.....what do you intend to do with the hay bales on the truck bed? "

I smile and say....."I, intend to feed the hay to the horse in the back of the trailer that you are towing...."

The Young inspector smile starts to fade somewhat.....and he says...."$ir....so....you are telling me that you have a horse in the back of.....your ....uuh...RV trailer?"

I respond....."yes,,,,, Inspector there is a horse in the RV ......."

Now the inspector has no smile at all.... And he mutters......"$ir ....uuh.... standby...."

Soon a senior inspector arrives and they huddle and then the junior is being lectured hard by his boss-lady-inspector.....next the Junior inspector walks over and says ......"$ir please give me your horse health inspection papers"

I get a sinking feeling since I had cleaned out the truck cab and put the horse health certificate'$ in one of a half dozen large storage tubs in the trailer and it would likely take a hour at least to find them....

I tell the inspect...... "Well it's been about twenty years at least since anyone ask for the horse papers but we do have current papers but they are somewhere in the big storage containers and it will take a lot of time to find the papers.... sorry.....my mistake..... sir"

Now......about six older inspectors are milling around in front of the Dollytrolley and they look NOT happy at all....

Turns out that the Dollytrolley weed burner exhaust is feeding directly into the intake of the inspection station air conditioning system and the fumes have driven the unhappy inspectors out into the hot sun....gulp....

So now the UNHAPPY-lady-inspector marches over to my window and says ...."$IR.....where is your destination in Kalifornia?".......I smile and respond..."mam....uuuh ...well.... actually we are planning to unload the horse at friends in Las Vegas NEVADA.....NOT Kalifornia".....

The VERY UNHAPPY-LADY-inspector grits her teeth and says......"$ir ..... will you promise to drive DIRECTLY to Las Vegas from here?.... WILL YOU PROMISE???"

I smile and say....."YES MAM...I PROMISE!!"

She grits her teeth hard and says..."$ir....move the vehicle..NOW...to Las Vegas!!" And then she stomped off...

I drove DIRECTLY to Las Vegas...

Horses are a royal pain in the kester and LEO'$ know a pain when they see one...

Horse regulations sometimes are "flexible"......

Drive on....(towing horses involves a lot of.....horse-pucky....)










97 Freightshaker Century Cummins M11-370 / 1350 /10 spd / 3:08 /tandem/ 20ft Garage/ 30 ft Curtis Dune toybox with a removable horse-haul-module to transport Dolly-The-Painthorse to horse camps and trail heads all over the Western U S

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How is your HDT registered? If it is an rv you can go through the car/rv lane. They get a confused look on their face whenever I do this. I love it. Of course having little vestock may preclude you using this lane. 

Ron C.

2013 Dynamax Trilogy 3850 D3

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