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  1. Moresmoke

    Frame Mod

    The top and bottom flanges of a beam (frame) are what give it strength. So unless that section of frame is there for nothing but looks, it is not a good idea to cut away the flanges. Heck, the manufacturer forbids the drilling of holes in the flanges too!
  2. And the frame half way rusted through from the winter road salt in Quebec.
  3. The D11 can’t tear itself up. I only own one because it was cheap. It works for what I need, but I wouldn’t buy a new one on purpose.
  4. The biggest seller for my wife on an HDT was the seat. An F350 rides like an F350. Her back did not like traveling long distances. Now with air ride seat in an air ride cab, she has no complaints. I did have to concede and agree to an auto shift. While I tolerate it, I also was not in love with the automatic in the Ford either. Yes she does drive too. I find that I am not as tired at the end of a travel day. Especially windy days. Living on the open prairie, you have to deal with wind, or stay home. Last trip, we were battling 45 mph head winds. Didn’t get very good fuel mileage, but
  5. Moresmoke

    ice and snow

    My uncle runs some trucks over the road out of the far NE US. A couple years ago they tried a few of the trailer skirts to see if there was any benefit. They didn’t find any worthwhile fuel savings, but did find a good ROI on maintenance. Their issues related to ice and snow pulling stuff apart under the trailers diminished greatly.
  6. With what you describe as the breakaway system, the wipers would still park reliably, just not at “home”. When you can’t get the wipers to stop at all, or just a very short window, it is electrical, typically in the motor as that is where the park switching usually is. Either way, beats my old Freightliner from years past. Air wipers with intermittent function. Some days they worked and some days they didn’t.
  7. Moresmoke

    Balancing tires

    One thing not mentioned here on tires. Truck tires have a tapered bead. Sometimes, when you install the tire, it does not push out evenly around the rim. If your tire has a raised ridge just outside the rim you can see the difference. After some time on the road, they will settle into the right spot. Higher pressure in the tire will help them seat properly, especially if you run lower pressures for reduced load most of the time. My little truck has 19.5 tires on it, also taper beads. The rims are cold galvanized coated. It is not a smooth surface. On those I have to air them to max pressu
  8. If your KW cab is rocking, don’t go knocking!
  9. If your deck lights are connected to the trailer circuit, the truck does not monitor the load and will not care. If the deck lights are hooked to the chassis circuits, the LCU may get unhappy. The dealer computer can fix that. (Note: connecting to the trailer circuit may affect shifting. The truck senses the trailer lights and starts to shift from 1st gear and doesn’t skip. This too can be changed.) If your bed is wider than the cab, you need amber light visible from the front and side on the front corners of 5he bed, and red visible from side and back at the rear. You can pretty well put
  10. Moresmoke

    ECM changes

    I added the premium shifter. Bought a used shifter, installed it and had the dealer do the software. General highway driving I never use it. Where the premium shifter shines is slower speeds. Pull in the yard and it wants to stay in 5th gear until you pile on the brakes enough to stop, then it shifts to neutral. I like to coast down to a crawl and then be able to power to my parking spot in 1st gear. Or if you are trying to drive up to something and not run into it. Truck tries to do everything in 3rd gear, hard to inch up to something in 3rd. Premium shifter solves these problems. I
  11. Moresmoke

    ECM changes

    I believe the “max speed limiter” is 87 mph. I had the dealer take off the 65 mph fleet limit when they programmed my truck for the premium shifter. I have since had it reset to 65+13 mph driver rewards to satisfy the Canadian rules, just to be safe.
  12. If that is what you want for a truck, then you better go buy it before someone else does. The only minus I see is it looks to have small fuel tanks. The Detroit is a very solid engine platform. As far as price is concerned, the only thing I can say is about $10k buys a truck that runs anymore. Something you want to drive will cost more. Cab and sleeper Petes (except a 377) always bring a premium over other brands. I have a Volvo, for my purposes I wanted an open cab, so a classic style sleeper was out. And I am cheap. So low cost Volvo it was. Myself, I would have gone with a manual
  13. Moresmoke


    From experience... A group 31 is roughly 1 gallon in size. So 4 gallons of fuel will get you 32 miles at 8mpg. 4 group 31 batteries will get you to the fuel pump if you are less than 100 ft away! And then it takes a lot of pumping that little pump to get the engine running again.
  14. Moresmoke


    They already have been in California. But RVs are exempt, so far. Even non emissions compliant heavy equipment is being phased out in CA. I go along with its great to have goals, but reality can be harsh. In some areas liquid fuel will remain a mainstay just due to lack of infrastructure. Long distances, cold weather, hot weather are not conducive to electric. As far as the transportation industry is concerned, first mile and last mile is easy on electric. It’s the long distance in between that is the problem. If you look at fleets that run team operations, their goal is to keep that
  15. The 18.7 CFM is from the compressor to the tanks at higher engine RPM. You will not have that much available from the trailer supply line. You will have enough for what you want to do. Those of us that have put in direct plumbing are using more air. I use mine to adjust the air pressure in rear tractor tires when I am at pulls. Takes a lot of volume.
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