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  1. Most of the weigh stations in SD are marked “RVs excluded”, although the fancy light up sign comes on. The weight station on I29 North of Sioux City does not have the exclusion sign, I’ve never pulled in though. For what it’s worth, my empty one ton triggers the SD signs. I highly doubt you will have any trouble with ND. The only two weigh stations used regularly are I94 west bound from Fargo, and I29 near Wahpeton. Most of their time is spent on mobile patrols. I would be more concerned about MN in this area, they are the anything 10000 lbs plus type. For what its worth, I have never pulled in with the RV and they have never responded.
  2. I suggested checking the trailer cord because sometimes you can narrow down which end of the circuit is not working.
  3. Black should be the marker, red the turn/stop. With the power coming from the LCM, you really need to have the bulb connected to get good readings. The power is switched by semi conductors, so you can get some weird readings with no load on the circuit. Have you checked for power on the trailer cord? The trailer lights are switched by a relay box under the hood by the steering shaft.
  4. What he said ^^^^ At least on my truck the LCM is very obnoxious and informative if something is not working right. And yes it should reset with a power off.
  5. Cleaning connections, especially grounds is not a bad thing. Now I am not saying this to cause extra headache, and my Volvo experience is limited, but from my experience with off highway equipment, com system errors are quite often a single controller going bad. Think of it this way, the canbus is very much like an old party line telephone. What happens is old lady Edna gets liquored up and is ranting gibberish into her phone. Nobody else can do anything on that line because she won’t cut them a break. Now every once in a while she makes a little bit of sense, but nothing useful in context.
  6. My small local bank was happy to write me a loan. Probably not quite the lowest interest rate, but reasonable. Just had to give the VP a tour after I was done setting it up…
  7. There are two types of fan drive. Clutch and viscous. The clutch style is on/off. The viscous style is variable speed. With a clutch fan, you WILL notice when the fan kicks in. The viscous you may not as it will slowly ramp up. It is not unusual for modern diesels to run as hot as 220-230F. Don’t overthink this, if it gets too hot, you will know. The dash will look like Christmas. Fluctuation of the temp is normal, especially when it is hot outside. The transmission temp and A/C also have control of the fan, so it is not just the engine in the mix. Last week, I was running in mid 90s temps and the fan was regularly cycling. Never paid attention to the temp, just let it do its thing.
  8. The Maxxforce engine that is in many of those cheap prostars nearly bankrupted Navistar, and it did bankrupt several fleets. If you can find a pro star with a Cummins, that would be an acceptable gamble.
  9. Bearing design limits.... I know a guy that made his money hauling potatoes, he never had a problem with bearings. He did go through quite a few axle housings though. So I would say there is a fair amount of safety factor in the bearing design.
  10. Moresmoke


    I have what looks to be the same tires as the Radar under a couple different names. They came with a set of rims I bought to switch away from X-ones. Traction is fine, haven’t had any issues, I don’t do hard core off road, but do see a fair amount of grass/soft ground uneven terrain. Fuel mileage did take a big hit from the Xones though. Some of it may be from being in places I can have a heavier foot, but I struggle to be much above 7 mpg with these tires.
  11. Don’t take the comments here too seriously. Some of the folks are kinda stick in the mud types. I went the Jackalopee route, but then did this to it. Earned a few disparaging comments at the time.
  12. I took it all out as it really didn’t serve any useful purpose, and I wanted the passengers to be able to see out. I did end up with a cubby across the back that makes a headrest for the seat. The kids have it packed with stuff.
  13. This is what the inside of your walls look like. You will need to do some rearranging of the ductwork and move the sleeper control panel on the other side. By the time you are done will likely need new wall panels also. I didn’t want to give up the bunk HVAC or storage, so I removed the flip up bed frame and put a sheet of plywood on top of the lower frame to mount a seat to. Also had to make a 4 inch riser in front of the seat to get the height right.
  14. Does your state issue specific plates for RVs or commercial vehicles? That would be the simplest divider. If not, it would probably have to revolve around the fact of titling as an RV. Possibly a permit of some sort after proof of title conversion.
  15. Keep in mind when adding a box behind the sleeper, most truck cabs are air ride. So you have a moving cab to deal with if you want a pass through.
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