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  1. If the D12 were built by Cummins or Detroit, it would have a reputation similar to the Series 60 Detroit. Volvo is just not a macho enough brand for some.
  2. Moresmoke


    If I were in your shoes, I would do the engine oil and fuel filters to start with. Coolant can be tested easily with test strips to figure out where it is at. The only reason I changed my coolant straight off was that it was only strong enough for -20F, and I had no idea what exactly was in it. So I just started fresh with ND appropriate mix. Generally transmission and rears are recommended at 500k. I would pull the plug on the rears and see what it looks like. So long as the oil is clear and not milkshake looking you can wait a bit if you want. The transmission has a little window for th
  3. Moresmoke


    Just for peace of mind I use a separate checking account. When I buy fuel, or know I am going to, I just use my bank app to move some money to that account. It usually takes TSD a day or two to debit the account.
  4. Moresmoke


    The discounts are small everywhere right now. The truck stop operators can offer discounts because they work the futures markets when buying fuel wholesale. With the rapid drop in fuel prices last spring, it became much harder to work the market. On the plus side fuel is still relatively cheap right now so we can live with a smaller discount. Hopefully some of these companies got cheap futures locked in when they had the chance. One discount card not yet mentioned is the Good Sam - Pilot/Flying J RV card. Not a huge discount, but something may be better than nothing.
  5. Moresmoke


    Similar to the others, depends where I am. I have the TSD card mentioned above, best part is it does not cost anything if you don’t use it. It is handy along interstates where the chain truck stops push up the prices. The discounts with the TSD card are currently less than they have been in the past, just another side effect of what is going on in the world. Small town rural truck stops have fair pricing most times, at least from what I have seen. One of the big benefits of having an HDT is the ability to shop fuel prices. Gas buddy, the TSD app, or other sources can give you pri
  6. Moresmoke

    Hitch question

    Your future gooseneck ball hitch would be best bolted to the frame and not the bed structure. I would just go ahead and figure out where the ball needs to be and get it over with.
  7. Moresmoke

    Dream Truck

    The 11 liter is anemic at best. I know. I have one. It works for me and I paid a little more than half of what they are asking for that one with less miles. You can get a cheaper out Volvo too, it all depends on the spec when it was built.
  8. Moresmoke

    Hitch question

    Some of the farmers around here use the adapter you show to pull gooseneck flats. The commercial hitch needs to be blocked or pinned so it does not flop front to back. And it sits higher than a gooseneck ball in a pickup so the trailer is either running uphill, or they need to adjust if switching between tow vehicles. To use that Anderson adapter you would need to take the Goosebox off correct? If that is the case you are going backwards to mount that directly on the commercial hitch with an adapter. If I were in you shoes, I would mount a gooseneck ball towards the back of the frame
  9. The air pressure is not the issue, the volume is the problem. Trucks aren’t plumbed to provide the volume of air a 3/4 impact will draw. Many of the newer trucks have compressors that can keep up, but you would have to be plumbed direct to the wet tank.
  10. Moresmoke

    Dream Truck

    Another one. That is probably going to be a pretty rare spec. When I was shopping a couple years ago, I did see a few batches of 6x2s run through one of the auctions. Brought too much coin for me to have any interest.
  11. Thanks, just trying to figure out how to get in-line pictures to work again.
  12. [img]https://i.ibb.co/gy6c5wX/E7625-A60-7-C99-4932-ABFD-44604166-C494.jpg[/img]
  13. [IMG]https://i.imgur.com/PIDPjZll.jpg[/IMG]
  14. Moresmoke

    Pic test

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