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What's Up with this Thread?


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The forum these days seems way less used than the old days.  I always wonder when U don't see posts from some folks like RV for way longer periods of time than used to be common.  At some of our ages we wonder if everything is alright. Even with younger friends stuff happens like last week when I lost a friend in a Motorcycle accident.

In that tone just for general information I am still here as far as I can tell.😊

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I noticed the same thing Dennis and BigJim but for quite a long time.   Not sure if I'm right but there seems to have been a direct correlation on all the general main RVing forums being less active or at least on range of Topic subjects for a few years now and an increase in folks personal blogs with folks following them.   Of course many of the latter ones are monetized and the most successful are written on daily or at least several times a week by the owners of.

Also over the years we've lost some wonderful contributors due to age, change of circumstances, some working on businesses, becoming caregivers and so on.  Stanley and a few others comes to mind. 

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Hey guys, thanks I'm flattered. Thanks for missing me. Pieere, I know you're there too.

I used to spend hours a day posting threats for Windows, Apple OS', and Linux, and answering computer questions as they came up.

I have lots of friends here, and a few grumps who wouldn't be happy if you hung them with a new rope. Normal life.

I am more active on Seeking Alpha, an investment website, and have been asked to become a contributor there to write articles there, as the staff liked my perspective, which like here on SKPs is focused on facts  not my ego.

I declined In volume here because I am busy enough posting there. I'm a "long" and the "shorts" there were spouting a lot of nonsense easily shown to be in error factually. Many folks have a problem with facts and can't distinguish their own from opinion, or don't want their readers to look behind their curtain.<grin>

I do check here once a week or so for questions but I no longer work up a problem duplication/re-creation here on my systems like I have in the past as it is way too time consuming for my current active lifestyle. Like Linda's email question about her GMail and Windows mail problem. I use Outlook for mail, and disable GMail on my Android phones as we use the default mail program on them, and rarely because we have top line All in One main PC systems at home, and two Surface Pro systems, a 3 Pro and a 4 Pro, as well as Our oldest systems, a Venue 11 Pro and  Voyo Mini PC for guests in the guest bedroom. As well as five Fire tablets from the three oldest full HDX's, one 8.9" two 7" HDX, an 8" 720p Fire, and the latest 10" full HD with Alexa.

We do not use our phones for emails or browsing. We have 200Mbps cable Internet and do our online email and browsing in the morning and later after the markets close. We stream 4k a lot. We are now looking for the perfect place to move without the heat and humidity here, and four seasons including snow and ice. We are both mid 60s and my back is almost good as new, my Significant Harassment of 46 years of wedded Briss, still climbs up and down ladders doing our own house trim and modifications I help with, and she helps with the yard work. Neither of us has any health issues. No high B/P, no high or low cholesterol, no handicaps except losing some endurance which all of us get with age.

So thanks for missing me guys.

We were moving to Colorado Springs but found out their water is contaminated with carcinogens not tested for in the past from military bases there. Mostly from Fire Fighting foam used on runways and aircraft,

So we stopped packing for now, as we are half packed with non daily use items and collectibles all in their boxes. We have to start all over again and want to stay closer to Denver as we have our only grandson and latest granddaughter there.

I'm now looking at cities with their own community Internet as a city utility to avoid the monopoly providers like here, Suddenlink, yuck! Great service speeds and uptime, but they've fiddled with access, and every six months have raised my bill from $60 unlimited to now $95! For Internet only, albeit unlimited with no caps.

So most of our time is researching smaller towns but big enough to be anonymous like a big city. Oh we have several close friends here we will miss. Canada is out as we aren't refugees and have not paid into their socialized medical coverage, like all first world countries have except US.

That not in any way because of wanting to give up our citizenship. Canada offers dual citizenship. Best of both.

So research and experimentation time is slim to none. But I do check in and will post if I see where I can be of help. Plenty of good folks here, with the usual ratio of grumps and self-proclaimed Kings of the hill, you find everywhere online, that can, and do help.

Like when I retired from the Air Force, it's like pulling my finger out of a bucket of water - after a time and a few ripples, there is no sign I have ever been there. 


http://www.rvroadie.com Email on the bottom of my website page.
Retired AF 1971-1998

When you see a worthy man, endeavor to emulate him. When you see an unworthy man, look inside yourself. - Confucius


“Those who can make you believe absurdities, can make you commit atrocities.” ... Voltaire

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