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Bean Bag for Dash Cam


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Having fried my SD card in the dash cam which is suction cup mounted to the MH front window(at least that is what I assumed I did, can't format it) and possibly fried the dash cam(need to flash it with new firmware) I am thinking of a bean bag mount for the dash cam so I can remove it from the sun when parked. Has anyone done this? Does it work OK? Video still OK?

The bean bag I am looking into is:


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I use this "friction mount" with my phone, https://www.amazon.com/ChargerCity-NonSlip-Smartphone-Beanbag-Friction/dp/B014VWM1F4/ , and it might be overkill for a dash cam. 

I have also had to put in a new card to keep a dashcam working.  In my car the dashcam mounts to my windshield with 3M VHB double sided tape, it is a Spytec A119 with built in GPS.  The motorhome dashcam is a G1W and every once in a while the suction cup lets loose and it falls, normally when the humidity changes.

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I bought a bean bag similar to the one pictured and the plastic base where the suction cup would grab never held the GPS for long. I ended up making a U shaped clamping plate out of 1/16" thick aluminum and screwing it down into the plastic plate. This clamps the round base of the GPS suction device to the plastic plate. The screws are actually #6-32 screws that I drilled holes for and installed from the bottom (with nuts on top) so that they would not dig into the dash. The screws were wide head screws.  It has worked well through several GPS's (i.e. years) and does not move at all on the dash

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