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how to find the back up wire for jackalopee ?


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I am trying to find the wire that feeds the back up light on my 2012 Volvo, but everything going in to  the delphi connector is white with a yellow stripe. On the outbound side, there is gray, 2 red, a white with yellow and a white with brown?

Chris  :ph34r:.


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Be careful about tapping into the truck light feed, the light monitor may throw faults.

On the trailer output there are less issues.

We are doing the reverse for the new bed build to run additional turn and brake lights by tapping into the trailer feed.

Have you tried testing the wires with a multimeter to find the right wire?


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On the Gen I Volvo, the harness down the left side was truck specific and the harness down the right had had the trailer specific circuits.  Backup lights is a trailer thing.  

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Rewired few trucks recently after removing the bobtail frame brace with lights.


All had the Delphi 280 series connector from the front of the truck connecting to a Delphi plug and harness going to the brace lights. These were "re-created" and powered by a new harness going from the truck connector to the custom ET rear plate and additional lights in the mud flaps holders.

The Delphis have alpha marking for the pin locations which are as follows:

A locations  - Reverse light

B locations - Running lights

C locations - Left turn

D locations - Right turn

E locations - Ground

Delphi 280 series parts and pieces available from Waytek. There are lots of parts and pieces and Waytek has minimums hence my kit.


The easiest thing to do is to cut a wire going to A pin or socket do a nice waterproof wire splice into that wire and plug the new wire into the Jacklaopee reverse light tab.

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