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Trucker Doesn’t Notice Dragging Two boulders

Vegas Teacher

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Story I read from Truckers Report this morning about a trucker who was dragging boulders under his truck - quick read only about 5 paragraphs


Today we finish up our final exams and end the first semester in Las Vegas or what is called CCSD or Clark County School District. So after our school day today 2 weeks of vacation until January 8th.

Happy Holidays,

Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana

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Gotta love the writers that embellish. those 'boulders' are not much more than fair sized rocks and chances are they are granite. A cubic foot of granite weighs about 168 pounds. If that 'boulder shown was 20 inches in diameter it would weigh approximately 407 pounds. For it to weigh 1000 pounds it would need to be about 28 inches in diameter.

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Cory   Hope that never happens to us. Hope everything is going great with you. We really enjoyed our visit in LV. Thanks for taking the time and visiting with us. We ended up being on the road for almost 8 weeks and enjoyed every minute of it. And you taking time from your busy schedule just to see us really made our trip that much better. So thanks again. Enjoy your time off before you have to go back to the salt mines!!    Pat



The Old Sailor

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On 12/24/2017 at 7:03 AM, WeBeFulltimers said:

Yes, this driver made a mistake but we should also consider that a commercial trailer with up to approximately 50,000 lbs of freight handles ENTIRELY different than a class 8 with only less than half that weight.

But even when grossing 80'000 lbs. I could tell when the tires went over a power cable laying across the road.:o Or hit a rabbit, so if he had been driving anytime at all. He should have felt the Hydrant he hit also.

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