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Fun With the wife's Book club

Vegas Teacher

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So hello everybody and happy holidays

My wife is in a book club and she picked the last book they read, Hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy by Douglas Adams, Eoin Colfer.

Anyway each time they read a book they have a book club meeting to discuss the book. Each meeting is themed. So this time Pam decided she wanted to do something with a traveling theme that fit the book. She wanted to go eat at Petro Truck Stop out by Las Vegas Motor Speedway, she also asked if I could load her and the 6 ladies in the book club up in the Volvo 780 and I said sure. Pam got up on the upper bunk, 4 ladies sat at the workstation / eating area & benches and 1 lady sat up front with me in the passenger chair. I was a lot of fun driving them out to the Petro. First I went and got gas, the backed into a spot. I was bobtailing. They got to see one trucker back a 53 foot trailer in between two already parked Semi's it was impressive. 

We ate the Iron Skillet Buffet at the truck stop. I showed them where the showers were also. 

The ladies loved it. Then we drove home.

One question there is a movie theater at petro and on the sign it says no "lumpers or Swampers" allowed in to see the movie. What is a lumper or a swamper?

You guys told me to get the wife involved and she would love the semi, I have been doing just that and she is 100% on board, she is even planning trips for us now, she loves it! I am no longer on thin ice any more!!!!

Happy Holidays!!!!


Vegas Teacher - Cory Ossana

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8 hours ago, VegasFlyer said:

Maybe you could make a return trip to the truck stop if the club winds up reading a book about reptiles.....


Such a smart @$$ you make me laugh all of the time, thanks. I did tell them what Lot Lizards were. You should have seen the look on a guys face in a "Freight Shaker" when 6 ladies got out of my truck. I think he smiled and gave me a thumbs up as I walked by.

Also if anybody is in town and you go out to Las Vegas Motor Speedway I heard the light show is incredible, however I found out the hard way our trucks are not allowed. (The Petro is out at the track). It is 30.00 for a car load but the show is really pretty, you drive in around and on the track from what I understand.

Happy Holidays all!

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