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HeatShield sun shade


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I'm looking for a quality sun shade to put in my windshield while my truck bakes in the Arizona sun all winter.

I came across the HeatShield company who makes one for the Gen 2 VNL Volvo trucks. I corresponded with the factory and was told that model is about 29.25" tall by about 80" wide (tapering to narrower near the top).

I measured my Gen 1 windshield as about 27.25" tall by about 76" wide, tapering to about 74" wide near the top; adding an inch due to the curve of the glass, the proper width would appear to be about 77", tapering to 75" near the top.

Before I order the HeatShield to these dimensions, would someone having a Gen 2 Volvo please measure the straight-across width of your windshield (interior side), near the bottom and near the top? (IOW, don't try to make your tape measure follow the curve of the glass-- just measure straight across, to compare apples to apples)


I want to make sure they don't purposely make it oversize; plus I'm now curious whether the Gen 2 windshield is really that much bigger than the Gen 1!

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You're putting it outside, right? Inside, the heat is already thru the glass. I make these all the time for boats. Most of mine are 90% sun reduction mesh, so you can see out but not in. And incidentally, that's what I make my slide toppers out of. No pond, no flap, & that's no s*** !

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Cee Bailey make sun shades for aircraft and some cars. I had a set for a Toyota Sienna minivan I used to have and LOVED them! They're basically just the aluminum clad bubble wrap that can be bought in 25' rolls at Lowes / Home Depot. Cee Bailey had a nice fabric piping sewn onto the edges and included a nylon bag to hold the rolled up shades when they weren't being used. When I had a Mercedes-Benz Sprinter van, I easily made sun shades for the windshield from said roll of aluminum clad bubble wrap. I left the edges as they were. I used newspaper sheets to make a template of the windshield and then, after cutting to size, had to cut a notch for the rear view mirror. Not a snazzy as the Cee Bailey product but, a good deal less expensive. http://store.ceebaileys.com/category-s/777.htm

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