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What do you keep in the back of your Tow Vehicle?


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A recent discussion got me thinking of what y'all think is important to keep with the TV (for those of you trailer pullers) at all times, vs keeping it in the trailer or not bringing it at all. I figured I'd share my "kit" just in case it gives other people helpful ideas, and also would love to fill in any gaps I'm missing! All of this fits up front within the 1st couple feet of the bed, so that I could still hitch up our old 5th wheel (though i currently have a TT toyhauler)


-2 removable Pingel type wheel chocks (for our motos when we carry them in the back of the truck).


-Costco heavy duty plastic cargo box. Looks like this, they sell it in store for 5.99-8.99 depending if there is a sale

*Harbor Freight 130pc Tool Kit (saved my butt when we broke our accy belt and i was able to replace it on the road)

*Craftsman 50 pc socket set (can't find the exact link but got it on sale for $30 or so. Added it to the list after the accy belt break incident)

*spare accy belt (tough to find for the version of truck, which has 2 alternator setup)

*tiedowns/straps/elastic bed net

*Viair 88p 12V compressor

*Harbor Freight snatch strap and two sets of D ring hardware

*Avalanche Shovel (came in handy when i accidentally got stuck in some mud while doing some light off roading)

*Bug spray

*Duct tape


*Extra doggy bowl

*Nerf football

*1L MSR fuel bottle with 92 octane gas


-Milk Crate

*Harbor Freight bottle jack

*qt of tranny fluid

*qt of engine oil

*bottle of distilled water

* 2 Harbor Freight jack stands

*2 wheel chocks


5 gallon fuel can of diesel (my truck only has a measly 26 gal tank built in)


2 sets of Lynx levelers

misc wood pieces


Bonus: things I keep in the truck cab

-road flares

-Fire extinguisher spray can like this

-baseball bat

-window cleaner and detailing wipes


-2 FSR radios


-first aid kit

-rain jacket

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The bed of my truck contains my motorized chair (with lift), my deck and steps, my wife's Mirage Kayak, generator, campfire (colder months), and a folding table and if possible our screened gazebo.


We pack linens and clothes in the TT to be able to do laundry every 10 days. Fishing gear is packed in the through and through depending on what we are fishing for. The rest stays home unless, like food, we go to the store when needed.

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I have never thought to categorize what was have back there perhaps we should.

Helen and I are long timers ..08 F-350 Ford,LB,CC,6.4L,4X4, Dually,4:10 diff dragging around a 2013 Montana 3402 Big Sky

SKP 100137. North Ridgeville, Ohio in the summer, sort of and where ever it is warm in the winter.

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Our '03 Sport Trac has a matching truck cap. Under the cap is a platform that is over a motorhome unmounted spare, with 75' macerater hose, 40' 50amp cord and a set of magnetic lights if needed for towing, inside the tire. Also underneath the platform is a 12v jump start/air compressor combo, tool box, 2 hitch draw bars and accessories. On top pf the platform, a Q100 Webber Grill, 10# propane tank, a Winegard Pathway X1 portable sat dish and in 4" fence post cut offs, umbrellas and a 5x8 tarp. Still leaves about 30" x 30" open to haul other stuff.

Teacher's Pet

'06 40' Phaeton QSH 350 Cat.

'04 R-Vision B+ Model 213, 6.0 Chevrolet.



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Reason I stated the truck bed, is because over time I identified things that I would use when travelling unhitched from the trailer (in daily life as well as exploring excursions) When having the space of a trailer my initial tendency was to put certain things in there, only to have "doh" moments when I needed the item in the truck. What I would love to have is modified bed sides that had storage inside of them, while still looking stock. I remember seeing something like that a while back, but can't find a link to that anymore. You could access the storage in the bed sides from the outside, but closed they looked totally normal.

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Good thread, thanks for starting this. We have the large plastic lockable box with the following:

10# Fire Extinguisher

Leveling blocks

20' chain

Various tie down stuff

1 Quart of; oil, distilled water, hydraulic fluid for 5ver leveling system, WD-40, 303,

Lowes 150 PSI twin tank hot dog compressor (Fairly small)

8'x10' tarp

Tool Kit and Tire Changing kit with torque wrench, and volt/ohm meter and spare electrical connectors

Roll of Eternabond tape plus duct tape, electrical tape

Fire wood and stuff if in an area where fires are permitted, Triangle stand for cast iron cooking pot

50' heavy duty extension cord and work light

Other stuff for specific trips.

Commercial set of warning triangles and flares if broke down on side of road.


In truck cab:

Most of the stuff Dartmouth01 posted

Roger and Barbara

On the pale blue planet, retired and happy.


2011 DRV MS 36RSSB3

2015 GMC Crew Cab Duramax DRW

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