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  1. Totally agree. I do have a real audio system at home, but that's for listening to my vinyl. I also have regular FM of course in my vehicles and home, but it's really horrible. Sounds like AM from the 70's; they even censor the music. Satellite radio is compressed, but I can live with that, if nothing else except for no commercials. I pay around $5.00 a month per subscription. Even compressed, it sounds pretty good. (If you want to hear some REALLY good music- check out the Outlaw Country station. Give it a few times listening, and you'll be pleasantly surprised...)
  2. Thanks for the info Kirk. That's pretty much it for me and the Escapees RV club; I will not be renewing. I have been vaccinated. Without getting political, I will not get herded into this "You gotta be/You better be" mentality. This is still America. Barely. And yes, I understand this is a choice, and it's the one I'm choosing.
  3. I'm not quite sure what you're asking or what you're looking for. But you can buy a SIRIUS/XM boom box off of Ebay for a fairly inexpensive price. We pay just over $5.00 a month for each device- 1 each in our 2 vehicles and 1 for a home unit. There is something for everybody on SIRIUS and most of their receivers have the capability of retro-play. If you know what I mean. Hope this helps a little...
  4. We will definitely try to look you up, and really appreciate the offer. Thanks so much for the info! Can't wait for the Escapade. And thank you, too, Kirk!
  5. We are heading to the Escapade in July and plan on heading north afterwords towards the Grand Tetons/Yellowstone with no reservations. We're looking for any info as to where we may be able to boondock for a few days before heading east. Any info will be greatly appreciated! Thank you!
  6. I just bought a new set of high-tech chains for my truck, but like most people, I'm never going to be in a situation where I might need chains for a trailer.
  7. First Escapade ever. Haven't been back to Rock Springs since the 70s when there were potholes all over town spewing smoke.
  8. Kirk- we're getting anxious out here! 😀 Any idea yet when registration is going to open? Thanks!
  9. Hello everybody. New to this forum and Escapees, trying to find out more details on the Escapade in Rock Springs. I see people are already registering, and I can't find where to do that! Any help will be appreciated! Thanks!
  10. Thanks everybody for the replies.
  11. New to the club and looking for details to plan our Jan. 2021 trip to Quartzite. We were wondering if the Escapees gather together to camp on the BLM land. Having never been there, we thought it would be fun (and wise) to camp with others who know the ropes. Any guidance, info., etc. will be greatly appreciated! Thank you.
  12. Thank you so much to everybody. I knew there would be a wealth of info here!
  13. Thanks everybody!. I appreciate all the replies.
  14. Looking for some experienced advice, and I'm pretty sure this is where to get it. Here's the scenario: there are 2 of us- my wife and myself- we have 43 gal. of fresh water, 76 gal. grey water capacity, and 38 gal. black water holding tanks. We drink bottled water. We can take GI showers every 2-3 days, we have 2 gennies for power when needed, plenty of gas for them, we don't watch much TV, maybe a movie once in a while, but we do have satellite. Don't use the micro, and do most of our cooking outdoors on camp stoves or BBQs. Fridge can run on propane; same with water heater. 2 20 gal. propane tanks. I don't think we want to stay out much more than a week. By then it will be laundry time, re-stock, etc. We won't go anywhere where the weather is extreme- hot or cold. But we've been through many storms and inclement weather, and that's not a concern. I think I have all the tools I will need; my toolbox is pretty full. Compressor, hoses, full set of tools. Tire repair stuff. I can't think of much more at the moment. Soooooo.....what do you guys think? Are we good for a week? We've camped all our lives, but never boondocked with a fiver. Thanks for any replies! (I also posted this on the FR forum) 2015 Forest River Rockwood Signature Series Ultra Lite 8289WS w/Diamond pkg.2014 RAM CTD 6.7 Tradesman 4WD Auto Crew Cab Long Bed Honda eu2000i generators
  15. ^^^ Wow, AW AL- there's your answer. Pretty much sums it up.
  16. Marc- we've spoken before via email. You go to all the places I want to go to! Lots of them I've been to in Utah years ago. I just wanted to tell you about our trip back in the 70s out to the west desert just like you guys went to! We went to Ibapah, if I remember correctly, and then just turned west and headed straight out into the desert. No road, no nothing. Three trucks- one with a camper to serve as our cookhouse, and two more just for us to ride in. We slept in sleeping bags. We went to Fish Springs, but I can't remember if that was before we headed into nowhere or after. I think before. Really, really appreciate your videos, and as I have said before, I will be looking you up when I return to Utah! Thanks again!
  17. Eegads man! They are trying to have a little fun here!
  18. Yeah Kirk. Everybody loves them. Except me. Personally, just a bunch of hype. Over-priced and not really any better than the cheapie that came with my RV. I'm seriously considering putting the old one back on.
  19. Twenty foot trailer? Pick any one you want. They're all good. Of course you're going to get biased opinions.
  20. I just replaced my tires on my RAM pickup. I have less than 11K miles on the truck. The stock tires were Firestone Transforce. Biggest pieces of crap ever made. Worse than China bombs. I believe they were some kind of highway tread and I just hated them. Already worn out. Back to Cooper tires. They are some kind of off-road type tire but not too aggressive. Good enough for the four-wheeling I do, but like I said, not too extreme. 10 ply sidewalls. Haven't really noticed any difference in the ride; seems to be okay and not noisy at all. 60lbs. in the front and 80lbs. in the back per my tire guy, with or without the RV hooked up.
  21. Wow. Haven't been to the Outpost since the 60's when I had an aunt that slung hash there. Really surprised to see it's still open.
  22. Strafford and Camping World- neither one is on Hwy. 60. They are on Interstate 44. And no. There is nothing interesting between Springfield and Sikeston.
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