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Regen Process

runaway parents

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So I understand the hole regen process on my 08 volvo780. I know it creates a lot of heat under the floor board on the passenger side of the truck.it burns the diesel particulates in the dpf filter. Turns it into ash and sends it out the tail pipe. Now the question I have is, When this ash leaves the tail pipe is it hot enough to start a brush fire or a forest fire for that mater. if the exhaust pipe is configured in the "weed burner" position.Currently my stack is still over the cab. Sometimes I take rig on logging roads. Are logging trucks required to have some sort of spark arrester equipment on there truck to run on forest service roads. Don't want to be presented with a bill to put out a fire. Any advice would be highly appreciated.

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I'd be talking to Volvo engineering to see if they offer an under-body exhaust for box trucks. There's a lot of slide rule time involved in modern exhaust, not just fitting all the parts in place, but ensuring temps are maintained in the crucial range. Any emissions inspection requirements need to be kept in mind, too.


As far as will the ash catch the road-side on fire? Too many variables to answer.

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The truck that shot sparks and burned down half of the Yakima area a few years ago was a CARB retrofit DPF and not OEM. They have since been recalled/sued/put out of existence. But still it is 1000 some degrees coming out of the DPF so a diffuser tailpipe is needed if changed to a horizontal exhaust. Especially on a 08-10 without an SCR can to absorb some heat. Also as said above know your truck, know it's cycle, and cancel a regen way before pulling off the pavement. Then get back out of there before it needs another.


I don't know volvos but do their vocational and on highway sleeper trucks share the same DPF setup and just change location/tailpipes? If converting exhaust it would probably be prudent to change to whatever their vocational trucks use if it is going to be put in a vocational situation.

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This is Volvo's recommendation "During active regeneration, the exhaust outlet temperature is extremely

high. So watch your location if regeneration is about to begin. If you are

entering a location where high exhaust temperatures might be unsafe - a

crowded work site, a fueling station or a tunnel, etc. - you should cancel

the regen."

I would say, if your traveling logging roads qualifies "unsafe".

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