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Kidde Fire Extinguisher Check

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I have a standard Kidde fire extinguisher in our motorhome, model FA10G, and today noticed that the Fill Gauge was pointing to empty. I took it off the mount, and turned it upside down... and the gauge then returned to Full. And stayed.


Reading the instructions, it states the unit must be removed from service after 12 years. The unit is 10 years old.


I am wondering if I want to replace it a little early... Any thoughts?



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Definitely foam for an RV. Much more functional and easier cleanup.

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It's a personal call. Because the gauge might have had a little dry chemical buildup at the gauge, and it's reading a full charge now, doesn't mean it won't discharge properly if needed.


Dry chemical over foam? You bet!


I would jot it down as an upcoming replacement need as the budget allows, but wouldn't be terribly concerned about it failing and run right out for replacements.


Personally, I would, but that's more because I don't really have budget constrains and I'm more likely to forget if I put it off.

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I rarely see a lot about Mac the Fire Guy here any more but I'd take a look at his website for foam extinguishers. http://www.macthefireguy.com/store


I bought one of his 1.5 gallon SS400 units, and still have two big 10 pound CO2 extinguishers for my computer areas. But this is one of the things, like CO and propane alarms that we sometimes forget to maintain. Foam is best to put out a fire as it smothers it for a time enough for less chance of a restart.


A big advantage of the owner refillable foam larger units like the SS400 is the ease of filling and pressurizing as well as the ability to practice with it and not fill the area with toxic chemicals or release CO2 in the air unnecessarily. Getting the right refill water is the tricky part (electrical conductivity). So a few of the smaller ones make best sense for vehicles. I want one to fight our way out only and then fight the fire from outside if the fire cannot be contained by CO2.

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Mac did a presentation at a Life on Wheels seminar in Moscow Idaho a few years back. His foam product will stick to a vertical surface. Co2 and Halon are Ok for confined spaces like a boat engine room but not out in the open. With vibration either over the road on in a boat on the water, dry chem will cake at the lowest point of the extinguisher depending on how it is stored. If not loosened up, when it comes time to use it all you get could be the propellant and no dry chem.


Foam is the way to g o.

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