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2006 Southward with under 3,000 miles


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Tires are 9 years old and you know nothing their history so they should be replaced. In addition to what Ken said, both brake fluid should be replaced and the rubber bake hose to each wheel should be checked for cracking. With the fluids, that includes oil, transmission fluid, coolant, and check the differential. If it has leveling jacks, replace that fluid as well. Brake pads are probably good but the calipers could be rusted and hang up causing either failure or brake dragging. If it has a Workhorse chassis make sure that it has all of the recalls done as there were several. Check the roof as it probably has an EDPM roof and the caulking is probably dried out and needs to be replaced. Depending upon the chassis, it probably has at least some grease fittings that need to be serviced. It has to have sat, not running for most of it's life so be sure to give it a very long road test at highway speeds. It might have rust and deposits internally.

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Must have been stored inside since it looks brand new. My concern is seals, all rubber items. Anything else i should look at?

If it truly was stored inside make sure tires are aired correctly and no severe side wall cracking drain fuel and put in new fuel

Take her for a 50 or hundred mile trip and and see how it performs

If it really only has 3000 miles and stored inside like you think it may need nothing other than what I said

Plug into power and run roof ac to see how well they cool.Also The generater you may be ok but sometimes the carbs dry out so bad

they have be replaced so when u get new fuel see how gen set runs

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