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Internet Speed Test


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Looking for recommendations for testing internet speeds. My service was upgraded from "5mb/sec" to "40mb/sec" this week. Before upgrade I used Speedtest.net and bandwidthplace.com to test and go over several iterations:

Speedtest: 4.73-5.15 download; .64-.83 upload.

Bandwidth: 4.63-4.72download; .72 upload


After my upgrade I got:

Speedtest: 40.68-41.14 download; 20.44-20.47 upload

Bandwidth: 14.64-24.96 download; 17.15-18.86 upload


Can't account for the big difference between the two test sites after the upgrade. They do grab different servers. Speedtest almost always gets a Miami server while Bandwidth varies from Atlanta to D. C. to Quebec. Speedtest pings are under 20ms; Bandwidth varies from 44 to 150. The "speedometer" for both always starts low, soon jumps to about 75% and slowly works up to top speed, which is very close to the final number they render.


Provider is Century-Link in both cases. I have fiber to the outside wall of the house. Copper from there to the modem and wireless to my devices. To avoid resetting all my passwords I hardwired my PEPwave SOHO router to the CL modem/router.


Is there a better site for testing speed?


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i have used speedtest.net for yrs. pretty much the best one out there. i would NOT use one provided by carrier, (century link/comcast).


dif servers will produce slightly dif speeds. but with dsl. you don't always get same speed. an thats why in there ad its "UP TO" mbs. DSL is a shared line from main box, so more that go online speed is lowered. cable is (comcast) an you basicly get what you pay for pay for 25mbs you get 25mbs.

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Hey Wes, in ref to speedometer, that's what they all do. also depending on time of day, other user's on same line, (not in your household). slower speed.

along with wireless/hard wired connection.

just did mine an it was 27mbps download an 6mbps upload. but thats cable (comcast).

cable you pay more. 40 bucks a month for it.

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Just did a Network speed test using the Network speed test app in Windows 10. The results were:


Network delay: 63ms


Download speed: 65.49 mbps


Upload speed: 31.18 mbps


I am on cox using a Motorola SB 6180 cable modem hooked to a Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band Gigabit Router.



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I noticed the same difference on my home system.


I have 100Mbps service. Speeds on the test from 92 with speedtest.net down to the low 40's with some of the other speed tests. My service provider recommends using speedtest.


I would pick one and try to establish a baseline over time.


I did notice that when I had speed issues it was always me...rather than the provider. Router, malware, google double-click, etc etc. So keeping track of speed was good in confirming that I did really have a problem and was not thinking I had problems. I do have fiber not a copper connection.


BTW...I have started using speed of me since it does not require flash. I believe speednet is testing a non flash speed test.

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When using Speedtest.Net aka OOKLA you may need to change the default server it assigns you if your speeds appear to be low. They have a number of servers that are fine for under 30Mbps links, struggle on the 40s and flat fall over on anything in the 50s and above. Just use the settings menu to select another server as your preferred one and run the test again using the Preferred button instead of the Suggested one.

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