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Truck winterizing


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Oh my. You have opened a box full of opinions. This has been discussed before.........................


I just park it, and put a trickle (smart) charger on it occasionally. As long as I remember to plug it in a couple of days ahead of starting it, I have no issues. I have several other pieces of farm equipment which get similarly neglected. One, I bought used in 1982, last put new batteries in in '06, no issues.


Could I get a couple more years out of my batteries by having a "tender" on full time? Probably. Is it worth the bother? Not in my mind, as I don't want extension cord running across the gravel lot. I may get a solar charger as they seem to be getting cheaper, and better.

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I always have the truck plugged in to the charger but being plugged in also means I have shore power so it keeps the fridge running too and any other 120v loads.


As for winter I don't do anything special really. I do try to remember to top off the tanks and dump a jug of PowerService in the tanks. The longest the truck has ever set without being started or moved is between 90~120 days. If I do start/move the truck I do try to make sure I will have it out long enough so that everything gets to operating temp and stays there for 45~60 minutes.

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On the farm we always changed the oil, checked the antifreeze, filled the fuel and put a trickle charger on. This was after we fixed any problems. Also any equipment left outside was greased. We didn't start the engines until needed the following year. If the tires lost air we would air them as needed. That worked well for us.


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Once winter hits or middle of November, we park the truck and most likely it will not move till a week before the ECR rally in April. Fuel tanks are pretty close to full and I add an antigell additive as it usually summer fuel in it.

We used to use a battery tender on it but it HSS not been able to keep the batteries top off all winter so we are trying a Intell RV converter with charge wizard I had laying around to see how it works this year. I also do not change my fuel filter and oil till spring so it is all fresh for the new season.


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Mine has a battery disconnect on it (DDEC2), so I usually just shut off the switch and forget about it until I need it. Usually throw in some Power Service in the fuel tanks too.


And take the food/bedding out in case mice get into it.

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