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92 Volvo short wheelbase rv puller for sale


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Looks like a 10 speed. Can't see the front of the shifter knob to see if there is a splitter button or not. I would hate a syncro trans. Love the ability to float the gears. On our 10sp. You can get away with using 4 gears, 5 is normal bobtail, 6-7when towing.

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A local construction company had 2 of these era dump trucks with synchro trans - I moved one from this job site to over there to that job site an hour - nice to drive - same as a manual pick up. No double clutch needed in soft ground, uphill shifts, no "busy signal" as you just miss the float shift trying to show off at the lights :huh:

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Only reason I thought it might be the 16-speed is because the 12-speed has an H pattern with one leg missing. I've thought for a long time the synchro setup would be ideal for a newbie with no previous crash-box tranny experience (like me ?). It came with a power-assisted clutch too, if I'm not mistaken.

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I drove Toyhauler's truck with the synchronized Volvo transmission while I was working in his neck of the woods seven years ago. With the air-assisted clutch and the synchronizers it really is like driving a big pickup, but with a range selector button added.



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Not very clean with that low a miles?

Looks like it sat a long time with the windows down or something. Wheels don't match ether makes you how they maintained it.

I think the wheels do indeed match. Left steer is missing the stainless wheel cover.


Do you think the tires are original? One shot shows some wires hanging below the steering wheel. Not impressed.

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