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Park Attendants Needed...New Mexico


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Carol K

Bidding is how much you want paid Per Day to do the work specified.

You do need to get a DUNS number first but that is easy.

Eventually you will also need to get a CAGE number which is a little more difficult

but that is only filling out page after page of info online, this is how you would get paid,

tax info, address, etc.

Hope this helps.

There are agencies that can help you through the process but they get paid for their services.

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Most importantly be aware you will be a Gov Contractor, not an employee. You have to register as a government contractor and that listing with your address is made public.

Read the requirements very carefully, you are responsible for including anything and everything required to complete this contract, which at the Gov's option could be up to 5 yrs. The rate is fixed once submitted & anything you forget comes out of your pocket.

You must supply a personal Surety Bond, some sites also require liability insurance. an RV that meets the Gov specs, an additional vehicle, all fuel required, all office supplies, etc. You must have at least 2 employees to cover the times required (its a labor law violation if you try to work all the hours yourself). Security clearances are not required but you must do a background check on everyone you employ to assist. You are on call 24/7 during your work days. One of you must remain on site all day & all night.

Some of them are 7 days on (paid) and then 7 days off (unpaid).

Some of them have no days off and require you to hire employees to fillin when you want/need a day off.

etc etc

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The rate is fixed once submitted & anything you forget comes out of your pocket.

May I just take a bit of issue with the above. You will be a contractor for the COE. The COE is a part of the Department of the Army which is part of the Department of Defense. Therefore the Park Attendant contractor should be able to parlay the contract, via cost overruns, into at least tens of millions of $$. :angry::lol::ph34r::D

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Regardless of the negatives, this is a great job. The surety bond mentioned is reimbursed with the first paycheck. The employees mentioned are a husband and wife team. Biggest expense is the wear and tear of your vehicle, maybe 80 miles a week making rounds and the gas for that vehicle. We have enjoyed doing it the past two years and are looking forward to at least two more. This year on our 2 month mark we will go somewhere for the week off and also the 4 month mark. This will help with the "hitch itch", I already made reservations for the weeks off.

This summer job pays for our winter is Southern California. Life is Good.

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Since there are some newer participants on this thread, I wanted to make sure that everyone knows that the COE (and other agencies) also have volunteer positions that usually include an RV pad with hookups even though they are unpaid positions. Essentially no paperwork is required; if you don't need the money and are looking for a base from which to be able to explore a part of the US volunteer positions are great. Many US government volunteer positions are posted on http://volunteer.gov

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Great opportunities are out there, however, remember that you give up your freedom of choice, time location and your hours. You have to weight all of the responsibilities that comes with a volunteer job. Plus, the fact that you may be exposed to some people and language that may not be as NICE as you!


But it can be a lot of fun.


Safe Travels!

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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