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Tires, Freightliner and other Diesel RV's

Dale P

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Let’s play a little game. To play all you have to do is reply to this post and answer all the questions below.

The real reason, is many people in the past have requested information on tires for various Diesel Pushers. However, sometimes when a reply is submitted there is little or no information related to the purchase of the tires.

Note I am hoping to keep this related to rigs 40Ft and over please. If you wish to add other rigs, please include your make, model and length please.

Thank you very much for your support.



Load Range:

Place of Business:

City, State:

Date of Purchase:


Installation Cost:

Miles as of today:

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40 Ft or greater use 22.5 inch tires.

It is all about the information listed in the original post. I also added the option to post other related coaches as long as the make, model and size is added.


In doing it this way, I can create a data base for others to see what tires have been successful by their owners.

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yup, have a itasca horizon, 36d dp tires are 22.5

original one's (that were on it when i bought it, not new) were 275/80/22.5

the back 4 just replaced less than yr ago 295/80/22.5 altho they had to mount them deflated (for clearance reasons). $1500, got a deal at truck stop

front 2 replaced with 275/75/22.5 at local truck tire place for 800$.

This was in Ft Myers Florida area. mileage on them at moment is abt 150 miles. Only prob i have (minor one) is that if i do an air dump, have to put the level jacks down as coach would sit on tires. but the ride is awesome, an it seems an also i been told that because of size dif get more mpg.

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Some MH owners are unaware that truck tires will work just fine, are usually priced better, and are available almost anywhere.




But you do have to pay attention to load range, not just size. In our case, we need load range H and the easily available truck tires are load range G and those will be overloaded with our 13,200 front axle.

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