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  1. I am going out in space. The clunking may be a solenoid that connects 2, separate battery banks together. I would be tracing out cables and searching thru diagrams
  2. Checked there site: https://lionenergy.com/products/lion-safari-ut Now $1000, not a good deal
  3. Most of the batteries are come out of China. $699 is a good price. Friend purchased Qty 6 (same size) for $650 delivered to door in Fla.
  4. use the Tech - Button to check temperatures.
  5. If it is too cold outside the unit will not kick in the Heat Pump. What is your outside temperature ?
  6. It is possible a software change was completed for the Winegard ?
  7. Ok, I just read a Blog, stating that Winegard has introduce a Kit, to allow the use of a Hopper 3. The kit P/N RPSK01H includes the following items: Solo Node - Dish Network Hybrid Solo Hub P/N 203952: Short cable - 1.5 Ft LNB - Dish 1000.2 DISHPRO Hybrid (DPH) LNB: The only item of difference is the Solo Node. This implies that purchase the Kit, or buy individually, now we all can use a Hopper 3.
  8. 2 places I would post http://www.irv2.com/forums/f115/ http://www.monacoamerica.com/
  9. First, it does not take 50 years. We were offered a spot with 8 months. We choose to accept it, as long as our 40 Ft DP would fit. We learned that once we were a lease holder we could put our name on a relinquish lot list. This means, we were offered the lot first. Within 5 mths, we got the lot we wanted and relinquish, the first lot. You would be surprised how each SKP Co-oP facility works. It is not always first on the list. Second, on certain SKP's . people will put there name on, yet are not ready to become lease holders, so they decline, and are moved down the list. So, your statement " 50 years " is not based on fact. As I stated, you must read the requirements, and discuss with a board member on becoming a lease holder and HOW, that specific Co-oP works. By the way, the SKP, in Benson, has a hot list, you must call in on a Saturday to be on that days relinquish lot list.
  10. Let's set converters,, they put out 13.3 volts. this is a float stage for deep cell batteries. What is needed is 3 stages, Bulk rebuild battery back to 90%, (voltage low, high current) as the battery is charging the current drops and the voltage increases.When Voltage reaches the cutoff stage, usually around 14.3, it then transition to a absorption. This is a time event, based on the capacity of the deep cycles. After this tie event, it will then go into float stage. There is many posts on this subject: https://www.gonewiththewynns.com/RV-Smart-Converter-Charger search bar " converter Vs 3 stage charger " https://www.batterystuff.com/blog/3-stages-of-smart-chargers.html But we all have our opinion
  11. With a class C, I bet all you have is a Converter and not a 3 stage battery charger. Read up on both and you will see why a Converter is not a good battery charger. After every trip, you will need to remove and use a 3 stage charger on it.
  12. There are many DIY'er using the Chevy Volt battery. I suggest you search on the WWW. I have read up on using the CV as a battery system for Rv. many different ways. But Alas you have to search on the WWW. By the way, this include YouTube videos , showing how to reconfigure a 48 Volt pack to 12 Voth pack So, please really explain what you want and want to do. Otherwise my suggestion is the same. This is how I learned all about the CV battery system
  13. Just replace toilet, or sit. I am sure your spouse would like either option
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