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General Purpose Cleaners...........

Kirk W

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For quite some time now we have been using the cleaning product Reliable for most of our general cleaning needs, including washing the RV, cleaning floors, and a host of other things because we felt that it did a good job on all of them and it allowed us to carry only one general purpose cleaner. Problem is that we have just mixed up the last batch of concentrate and so in attempting to order more I find that the company still has the gallon jugs of concentrate for $25 which I'd pay, but I'm just not loyal enough to pay the additional $15 in shipping which was the lowest price shipping fee listed on their website.


This brings me to the question, what is your favorite cleaner and why? I am especially interested in a product that will clean most anything but harms nothing. Suggestions please............ -_-

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I like Awesome. It works, and price is good. I have even put some in my cash wash/wash misture sometimes. At first I found in dollar stores. Now I see it in Walmart and other stores sometimes. My other favorite is Simple Green. Not only does it work well, even for carpet spot cleaning, but it also smells fairly decent,

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We have been using Awesome also - does a great job - follow directions for dilution. Can be purchased at many dollar type stores. Spray bottles or larger refill bottles. We've cleaned a variety of things including the black streaks on the RV, leather chairs, patio furniture, awnings and have never had a problem.

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Just to throw out another option, I regularly use Meguiar's D101 ($27/gal + free shipping) in and outside of my rig's. I keep three separate spray bottles at different concentrations. Great on bugs, tires, leather, carpet, as well as shower stall and commode.. and on and on. It's not a disinfectant, but neither is Awesome or Simple Green. I've used both before and have no complaints and would use them again, but the Meguiar's does seem to handle tough outdoor/auto jobs a touch better.

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